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Seeker of Knowledge writes...

In an earlier post, you said you wanted the God of the gargoyle universe to be bigger than the God of Abraham. How is that possible? The very nature of the Judeo-Christian-Muslim teachings makes this impossible. And He is in no way limited to these three religions. If you examine other faiths, it is easy to see that even religions as distant from these three as American Indians have some similarities.

Greg responds...

I see similarities all over. ALL OVER.

These things aren't mutually exclusive, which I believe was my point.

But I've studied the bible, and I see CLEAR signs in it of a non-monotheistic god. He seems to be a geotheistic god, particularly in chapters of Genesis and Exodus. Not the only. Just "THE BEST" (or at least the toughest).

Personally, I'm a Jew who believes in God. But I can't limit my perception of him to the Torah. It just doesn't work for me. Having said that -- and before I get slammed for saying it -- let me state clearly that the above opinions are first and foremost, merely that -- OPINIONS. They are my highly personal opinions. I have no interest or desire in trying to get anyone (ANYONE) to see things my way -- anymore than I have any interest or desire for someone to attempt to convert me.

So take everything I say with a grain of salt. Or a pillar of it.

Response recorded on May 02, 2001

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