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Nina writes...

Hey Greg, a question about the London Clan...

If the gargoyles raise their young communally, who names them? You've stated that Lunette's name is a sort of amalgamation of the names of her parents. But under the system of communal nurturing, gargoyles are not aware of their biological parents, correct? So who named Lunette (or any of the other gargoyles, for that matter)? It would be a pretty strange coincidence for her to have been given a name that so closely resembles those of her mother and father if no one is aware of her parentage.

Greg responds...

I 'stated' that? I mean it's obvious, but I don't recall stating it.

Lunette was NOT named by the clan as an amalgamation of Leo and Una. (She WAS named by me that way.) But Lunette as a name has a long Arthurian history.

If that's too big of a coincidence for you, so be it.

Response recorded on December 07, 2009

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