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XXIV. Bringing Gargoyles Back

1. Is Gargoyles off the air?

No new episodes are being produced, but right now the series is being aired on Toon Disney in America.

2. Why was Gargoyles cancelled? Wasn't it fairly successful?

The short answer is that it didn't perform up to Disney's expectations. It did well enough, to the degree that it could be considered a hit (at least before The Goliath Chronicles). However, Disney really wanted it to outdo Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and it failed to succeed at that.

Greg also wrote a lengthy and informative post on this subject back in 1997. You can find it here.

3. How can we get Gargoyles back on the air?

For now, keep the flame alive. Get as many people as you can to watch the re-runs on Toon Disney, and come to the Gatherings. It wouldn't hurt to petition Disney either.

4. Would Disney ever consider selling the rights to Gargoyles?

No. They won't even let go of Clarabelle Cow. They don't want to take the risk that someone else could make a mint on their property and make them look bad.

5. If another company besides Disney bought the rights to Gargoyles, and they offered to let Greg work on it, would he accept?

Of course he would. But Disney will never sell the rights.

6. In what ways can we best get revenge on Disney over giving Gargoyles the axe?

Greg's answer:

I don't see the point in Disney-bashing. You're mad at the company that put Gargoyles on the air, because you believe they screwed it up down the line. Well, maybe they did, but it's not like they were trying to. I think they deserve some credit for doing the show in the first place. And if you ever want to see new episodes of the show again, I don't think that Disney-bashing is an effective way to make that happen.

7. How would Greg compensate for the gap between the end of the old Gargoyles series (more or less set at the time when it aired, 1994-1996) and any new modern-day series that appears?

Greg's answer:

Are we coming back as an hour show or a half-hour again? Are we coming back as a daily or weekly? As prime time or in kids?

[...] lets say we came back in 2002 as a kid's show. I'd probably just set things in 2002, and assume that most of my audience hasn't seen any of the old episodes. I would maintain continuity for my old audience, but I would clearly have to introduce the show and its characters anew. Some things would seem to pick up right where we left off. Others would be different, and we'd occasionally do flashback stories (both from the distant past and from the 1997-2002 gap) to bring both audiences up to speed.

8. If Gargoyles returned, would they be able to get the old voice actors back?

Greg's answer:

I would certainly hope we could get all of our old cast back (with the obvious exceptions of the late Roddy McDowell and Ed Gilbert).

9. If given complete freedom in a new Gargoyles series (such as one appearing on cable rather than in syndication), would Greg do a "more adult" version of the show?

Greg's answer:

[...] As to whether the show would get "more adult" if we had the non-broadcast freedom to be, the answer would generally be  "no". I think the show appeals to adults now, without adding gratuitous elements. I wouldn't shy away from doing a drug story if I had a good story to tell about drugs. Adding curse words and nudity for their own sake doesn't interest me. I like nudity as much as the next guy, but it would have to fit. We basically showed Fox nude at the end of "Eye of the Beholder", because it made sense that she'd have no clothes on after her transformation. But I'm not out to arouse anyone. As for murder, hey, been there, done that.

The show's the show. I'd love to have freedom from standards and practices, but I won't ignore my own standards.

On the other hand, the show might get more mature, in the sense that Goliath and Elisa's relationship would continue to mature. That doesn't mean we'd be showing them engaged in sex acts, but we'd deal maturely with inter-species romance. At least I'd hope so.

10. Does Greg think Gargoyles could work as a CGI series?

Gargoyles could work. "Gargoyles 2198" would be perfect for it.

11. What's this about a Gargoyles movie?

Ever since the end of Season 2, Touchstone Pictures has been trying to make a live-action Gargoyles movie. The gargoyles themselves would be achieved by a combination of prosthetics and CGI (computer graphics). Touchstone has given Greg and Michael Reaves the position of co-producers (which means very little, unfortunately). The company has gone through six different writers in trying to find the right script. The first was Dean Devlin (of Independence Day and the American Godzilla remake), whose script was less than satisfactory. The next few didn't pan out, but Touchstone had reportedly gotten a good script with the last known writer, in March 2001. However, this seems to have changed since. The film was originally slated to be released in Summer 1999, but even though this date was not met, it's a good sign for the movie that Touchstone is still trying. Some further details can be found at http://www.corona.bc.ca/films/details/gargoyles.html.

12. Will Gargoyles be released on DVD?

Yes. As Greg announced at the Gathering 2002, Disney DVD informed him just that week that they will release a Gargoyles DVD in 2003. If it sells well, they will release another; if the second sells well, the whole series might be released. Commentary tracks are among the items that Disney DVD wants to include. It is uncertain what episodes will be on the single confirmed DVD, but odds are fairly good that it will be the "Awakening" five-parter.

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