XV. World Tour Characters & International Clans

1. What was the inspiration for the New Olympians?

Jack Kirby's comic-book creations were strong influences, particularly the New Gods (DC Comics) and the Eternals (Marvel Comics). Kirby's Inhumans (also from Marvel Comics) also had some influence as well.

2. Was Cu Chulainn's "Hound of Ulster" a gargoyle beast?


3. What are the 14 gargoyle clans that would exist in "Gargoyles 2198?"

By 2198, there would be 12 clans:

2 more would be added during the course of the series: Greg later added these specifics for their locations (only for the clans in existence during the present day, however):
  1. The London Clan. London, England.
  2. The Ishimura Clan. Ishimura, Japan.
  3. The Mayan Clan. ChacIxChel, Guatemala.
  4. The Korea Clan. Pukhan, Korea.
  5. The Xanadu Clan. Xanadu, China.
  6. The Loch Ness Clan. Loch Ness, Scotland.
  7. The New Olympian Clan. Mount Thanatos, New Olympus.
  8. The Avalon Clan. Oberonís Palace, Avalon.
  9. The Manhattan Clan. New York, U.S.A.
  10. The Labyrinth Clan. New York, U.S.A.

4. Don't the Guatemalan clan get tired, considering they never sleep? Do the pendants affect their aging rate?

The magic in the pendants compensates for sleep, though they do occasionally take it off for some old-fashioned stone sleep. While the pendants are keeping them flesh by day, they age at the same rate as humans.

5. What happened to Jade and Turquesa?

After making sure their rain forest vegetation was fine, they returned home to Guatemala. Though Avalon probably sent them on a few adventures on the way, they would definitely be home by now.

6. Where did Yama's name come from?

Yama is the Japanese word for mountain. (His name has nothing to do with the Hindu god of death, also named Yama.)

7. Who is Sora?

The pink female gargoyle in the Ishimura clan, who had a few lines in "Bushido." She was Yama's mate, though she was from the next youngest generation from him, and would take Yama's betrayal of the clan- and subsequent banishment- especially hard. Her name, in Japanese, means "sky."

8. Where in Korea is the Korean clan located?

Greg's answer: The Korean Clan of Gargoyles is located in tunnels and caves that run through the mountains along the Pukhan River.

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