XXVII. "Dark Ages"

1. How would Greg have dealt with the lack of names for the gargoyles in the "Dark Ages" spin-off?

Greg's answer:

It depends what you mean. Internally, we would have done what we did with Othello, Desdemona and Iago. That is, we would have given them designations in the script, so the artists and animators, etc, knew who we were talking about. In the show itself, we would have avoided using those names. The gargoyles would refer to each other by relationship, just as they did in our very first episode. At least, that was the plan. I had a back-up plan if that just didn't seem to be working, which entailed Prince Malcolm giving each of his gargoyle warriors a Biblical or Mythological name. They never would use those names with each other, but the humans could use them and the audience could too.

2. What relationship would Demona and Desdemona have in the "Dark Ages" spin-off?

They'd be like sisters. (Rookery sisters, of course.)

3. Who would be some of the antagonists in the "Dark Ages" spin-off?

The Archmage. Iago. The Illuminati.

4. Who's Robbie?

Robbie is the real name of the man who later became Castle Wyvern's Captain of the Guard.

5. Who's Hippolyta?

She was Broadway's biological sister. Hippolyta was deceased by the present day, but may have died before the Wyvern massacre. She would appear in the proposed "Dark Ages" spin-off.

6. What is "Once Upon A Time There Were Three Brothers?"

A short multi-part story Greg wrote as a lead-in to "Dark Ages." It has yet to be completed, but you can read the story so far here.

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