XXIX. "Gargoyles 2198"

1. What are the Results to the 2198 contest? or, Can I see the plan for "Gargoyles 2198?"

Click here to read the plan for "Gargoyles 2198."

2. What's the behind-the-scenes story on the "Gargoyles 2198" spin-off?

Greg's answer:

[...] after we finished the writing on the second season of Gargoyles, Gary Sperling and I began working on some potential spin-off shows for the series.

One of these was set in the future, the year 2158 to be specific. Originally, we called it "GARGOYLES: FUTURE TENSE". But I later changed the name to "GARGOYLES 2158".

The series featured Goliath's grandson SAMSON, a largely-reformed DEMONA and a Time-Dancing BROOKLYN, among others.

CBS was interested in airing it, but before we could put a pitch together, the whole CBS Saturday Morning dept. was fired. And shortly thereafter Disney bought ABC, rendering any deal with CBS all but impossible. At about the same time there was a major regime change at Disney TV Animation as well. The new regime wasn't too interested in Gargoyles at all, at least not in making it a priority. ABC asked for a new version of the show. But no one wanted 2158.

Oh, well.

"Gargoyles 2158," of course, evolved into "Gargoyles 2198."

3. What changed between "Gargoyles 2158" and "Gargoyles 2198?"

For one, Samson (originally Goliath's grandson) was revised to be Goliath's great-grandson or great-great-grandson, and a new grandson named Lancelot took his original place. For two, most of 2198's supporting cast (besides Demona and a TimeDancing Brooklyn) wasn't around in 2158. Lastly, everything else was significantly more developed in 2198 than in the original- nearly every character and situation in 2198 was unique.

4. Will Macbeth appear in "Gargoyles 2198?"

Yes, probably around 2199.

5. Is the "Gargoyles 2198" spin-off's "Alexander Fox Xanatos IV" the same as the original Alexander Fox Xanatos?


6. In "Gargoyles 2198," would we have seen specific members of the Space-Spawn?


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