XXXI. Gargoyles Merchandise & Media

1. Where can I get Gargoyles videos, episodes, files, pictures, and merchandise?

Greg doesn't know. Further, he's not a clearinghouse for that kind of stuff. has Gargoyles videos for sale (which are the entire first season run). As for other episodes, files, and such, your best bet would be contacting other fans and asking them about it- the Station 8 Gargoyles Comment Room ( would be a good place to start. You could also try eBay or other Internet auction sites, which tend to have Gargoyles stuff (and lots of other items) up for bidding.

2. Where can I get a soundtrack for Gargoyles?

Up until recently, nowhere, since Disney wasn't interested in releasing it. However, at the Gathering 2001, an extremely limited number of soundtrack CDs (5 total) were donated to the charity auction by Carl Johnson (the series' music composer). These CDs contain the complete (slightly extended) intro themes for Gargoyles and The Goliath Chronicles, as well as one track containing a large amount of the series' music and another with the Panther Queen fable's music from "Mark of the Panther." Whether more copies of this CD (or CDs with other music from the series) will be available at subsequent Gatherings is unknown at this time.

3. What did Greg think of the Gargoyles action figures?

Greg's answer:

I liked them generally. They weren't perfect, but it's hard to describe to you how cool it feels to see your own characters as action figures.
--Brooklyn was a bit of a letdown. He was supposed to have a special feature inside his jaw, which is why his head and neck are so distorted. But that special feature was too expensive, so all we get is a bad sculpt.
--Broadway looks cool to me with no neck, reminds me of something I once saw in Disney's Haunted Mansion.
--Lex's wings aren't quite right, but if you pose him correctly it's hard to notice.
--I think one of the Goliath's is great.
--And another one made a great Thailog once I applied liquid paper to his hair.
--Demona's great.
--And my wife turned a second Demona into an Angela that's pretty O.K.
--Macbeth's skin color is odd, but otherwise he's pretty cool.
--I'm fine with the Steel Clan Robot.
--And Xanatos, once they got the color of his armor right.
--Elisa's a little pale, and she's wearing the wrong clothes of course, but I can generally live with that. We kept her too often in the same clothes anyway. Some of my favorite episodes are the ones where we varied her wardrobe.
--Hudson works too.
--And I just LOVE Bronx.
--Coldstone is very cool and thematic -- i.e., the screen with the multiple personalities is an interesting addition.
--But all those umpteen variations on the characters were tiresome. I wish they had just made a greater variety of characters.

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