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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

As of the time of this posting, I've just looked on the internet and learned of the six-issue series called "Young Justice: Targets." Not only has this series has been confirmed to take place after the fourth season, but preview images indicate that Superboy will come back home and Beast Boy will apparently be in better mental health by the time the fourth season ends. So why were these revelations spoiled so soon?

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Landon writes...

Hello Greg! I know you've been getting a lot of questions on-and-off about the subject of sexuality within Young Justice, so I understand if answering can be a bit cumbersome and/or repetitive. Feel free to ignore, should you wish!

1. For the character that you cannot reveal to be gay either on-screen or off-screen, are they theoretically out of the closet in-universe?
2. Do you consider a character's respective sexuality a spoiler? I ask because way back when, you've answered No Spoilers to some of these types of questions, but recently you've been far more forthcoming on this aspect (and for that, I do thank you!). The most recent being for Ed, who you revealed is gay. You've done the same for Kate Kane and Renee Montoya, but those two are naturally a given considering their sexuality in the comics. I guess this all boils down to whether you’d consider a normally heterosexual character being queer on Earth-16 a spoiler or not. For example, prior to Nautical Twilight, had someone asked, would you have revealed that La’gaan is bisexual?
3. To continue from my second question, in a somewhat recent ask, someone asked whether or not more recent changes to previously-straight characters in the mainstream comics (ex: Wonder Woman, Alan Scott, Tim Drake, Jon Kent) would affect their depictions moving forward on the show, and you said that a character like Alan Scott could theoretically be gay but have been in the closet and had heterosexual relationships given the era he grew up in. Can this be taken as confirmation that Alan Scott on Earth-16 is or was gay?
4. I suppose you could leave this open to our individual interpretations, but in the first episode of Phantoms, Harper was worried that Cullen might spill the beans on their new super-family with the Carrs and M’gann and Conner. Regarding his reply of being able to keep a secret, and her acceptance of this fact, I am curious if this was a nod to his sexuality? Given their backstory of being from an abusive home, I imagine Cullen never felt comfortable enough to come out with his father but his new life with the Carrs has granted him (and by extension, Harper) that freedom. So I guess this question is just one big preamble to: was that scene in reference to Cullen recently coming out, assuming his sexuality is unaltered from the comics?
5. Not a question (mostly because I fear my word vomit might have put me over the edge of the five question limit), but this is just me thanking you and Brandon and the YJ crew for choosing to depict the world like it really is. I know that many people unfortunately don’t like the stance you guys are taking on the subject (or that you’re addressing it at all), so I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart that I have never felt the happiness that I felt when watching this latest season before in any form of media, especially superhero media. Again, thank you.

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Prince Ritji writes...

how old is alex xanatos and what is he doing with his life?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

In the comics, Mera has a twin sister named Hila; who goes by the supervillain name, Siren. As such...

#1. Does Hila also exists in the Earth-16 universe?

#2. Would Hila's full name be Hila Nereus in the Earth-16 universe?

#3. What is the in-universe explanation for Hila's lack of any appearances thus far in the Earth-16 universe?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

Is Coral's baby a boy or a girl? Also, what is the child's name?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

In the Earth-16 universe, if a magic user (like Zatanna or Klarion, for example) were to say a backwards spell to either kill/murder someone or to cause themselves to commit suicide (with the latter assuming that it is being done out of grief that they cannot emotionally recover from), would such a spell actually work, or would it not; assuming such an act would be considered forbidden or something?

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Hi Greg,

Gotta say when it comes to Bonkers I really like and love the Miranda Wright era episodes more, and love Miranda' coolness towards his antics I really wished there was more of them during the time in the 90s, were more episodes planned for Miranda like say Bonkers teaching her more on toon antics?

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Masterdramon writes...

"Leviathan Wakes" was a magnificent conclusion to an already stellar arc, and a lot of that has to come down to Khary Payton's superb script. And I was all the more surprised to learn afterword that it was apparently his scriptwriting debut!

Just curious how that came about. I know he's been a collaborative partner in developing Kaldur's character over the years, but where did the idea for him penning a full script originate? Did Khary offer, did you and Brandon offer it to him, or somewhere in the middle?

Regardless, can't really argue the results. The final scene with Kaldur and Dinah is HAUNTING. Clearly, Khary was taking full advantage of knowing how he'd deliver those lines as he wrote them.

Hope he gets a lot more opportunities down the road! And as always, wishing the best to him, you, and the rest of the cast and crew!

Can't wait for the start of the Rocket arc in a couple days.

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Jade writes...

I love your work on Young Justice and Gargoyles, awesome shows! Question about YJ:
1. We've seen a lot of Lady Shiva. Will we get a chance to see her backstory?
2. Or see other characters that have trained with her (i.e. Richard Dragon, Bronze Tiger)?


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Spencer Cipriani writes...

Hello, I’ve always wondered what was gave you the idea for Aqualad’s water bearers?

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