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Hayden Philyaw writes...

I have four questions.

1) If Batman is Tim Drake's Legal Guardian, does that mean Tim's real parents are dead?

2) Will we ever see Thymescira?

3) Has Cassie ever been to Thymescira?

4) Does Thymescira have mythological creatures? Like Griffins

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

#1. Did Alfred ever apologized to Bruce for not being a father figure to him as Bruce grew up, and did Bruce forgave Alfred for it?

#2. Since Alfred became a father figure to Dick Grayson, did he also do the same for Jason Todd and Tim Drake as well?

#3. Did Jason Todd and Tim Drake appreciate Alfred's fatherly-like love and support like Dick (presumably) did?

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Anonymous writes...

Is there a point when an Outsider is expected to “age out” of the Outsiders, since the goal of the Outsiders is to inspire meta-teens by showing the world public meta-teen superheroes? For example, Cyborg joins the Outsiders when he’s 18 and leaves to join the Justice League when he’s 19/20 years old. Virgil is around the same age and Jaime is already 21. Would they be expected to leave the Outsiders and join the JL soon since they’re already adults? Will Garfield be a 30 year old man leading a group of teens?

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John Paul Gontor writes...

How you plan or came up with ideas for your episodes?

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Sam writes...

I always had a question about the Grimorum Arcanorum. It's a book of spells but is the book itself magical? cant the spells be transferred to another book?

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Mark writes...

The plot of the Musicology 101 radio play had much in common with the then-unpublished Torch Songs comic.

Was Torch Songs already scripted and adapted into Musicology, or was Musicology adapted into Torch Songs?

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Mark writes...

At the wedding in Death and Rebirth, we hear Danny Chase speak. Previously he seemed dependent on a psychic link to speak, and could only "talk" in beeps in the real world.

Did Danny learn to project his thoughts? Or has he been fitted with a thought-to-speech device like Gar, the Brain, etc? Something else?

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Alex DeSantos writes...

Hi Greg,

You talked about how there's no viable way for Spectacular to come back due to Sony owning that version but not owning the right the TV Rights.

Sony however seems to have the right to make animated films (based on Into The Spider-Verse and the upcoming Across The Spider-Verse). And they still own the rights to the Spectacular version of the character. In theory, would Sony be legally allowed to put out an animated film in the Spectacular'universe?

I'm not asking if it's likely to happen, just if it's technically possible for them to do that.

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Sonickick writes...

Hi Greg and staff moderators!

I'm currently doing research on Young Justice Legacy for a video project I'm working on, and on the game's wikipedia page in the development section, this sentence was added sometime in 2014 after the game came out:

"Many of the initial delays resulted from production uncertainty. In its pre-production phase throughout late 2011 into late 2012, the development of the game shifted constantly between Little Orbit's in house development branch Game Machine, their contractor in Madrid Freedom Factory and a satellite Game Machine studio in Melbourne. Once initial quality issues and developer responsibilities settled, the game was able to be completed."

The sentence doesn't have a source or reference to it. Would you be able to verify any of this, like what time you and Brandon were initially approached by LittleOrbit/Warner Bros for the project, or was this possibly some misinformation that was just put on the page by a random editor?

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Suzie writes...

How long was Kru-El sentenced to the Phantom Zone?
how long was Non sentenced to the Phantom Zone?
how long was Jax-Ur sentenced to the Phantom Zone?

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