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Stephan Bowen writes...

Let me start out by saying that I have enjoyed your work on Young Justice and Spectacular Spider-man and anything that I have seen of your work. But my question may be a bit long and/or complicated (probably). So I have watched Spectacular Spider-man for as long as I can remember and enjoy it for what it is, but the way it ended has always made me want more. I have thoroughly looked at the guidelines for the question I am about to ask and couldn't find anything, but I would like permission to make a comic series (if I do) of Spectacular Spider-man. I wouldn't want money for it as for me it would be a hobby, if I were to make it I wouldn't want to harm the fame and attraction that it has gotten in recent years. From what I have heard you say in your Spectacular spider-casts and your interviews that I can source back to you, I have written down in notes and will try to follow as best as I could (at least in a stort standpoint). I'm not trying to disrespect you in any way, in fact it is quite the opposite actually. In essence if there were a season 3 and however far along I am in this (if I go through with it) I wouldn't expect you to (no other way to word this) be inspired by me (I guess) let alone read any of the comic(s). But I would love an answer, if you feel uncomfortable answering here you can email me (stephan.bowen13@gmail.com); in no way is this an endorsement, but I am young (19 yrs old) and am known to make decisions based on an idea

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A Fan writes...

Hi Greg,
Since it's cancelation, you've shared a lot about what was planned for Spectacular Spider-Man. I was doing a rewatch of the series the other day and finally noticed Flash's sister during the hospital scene. I'm curious as to whether there was going to be some grand overarching narrative with her in later seasons, or if she was just in the scene to serve as window dressing?

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Drew writes...

Hello, I have a "Goliath Chronicles" question. I know you're not fond of them, but this has been bugging me for quite a while now.
Why did the higher ups at Disney feel the need to just fire everyone who had been working on the show up to that point when it went Network? I can understand they needed you guys to tone it down because Network shows have tighter constraints than Syndication, but I don't see what they had to gain by ditching a preexisting crew and then having to go to the trouble of hiring a whole new one.
Were you ever given so much as an excuse for that by them?

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anonymous writes...

Do you think there is more hope of Spectacular Spiderman coming back after Tom Holland saved Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He convinced Disney and Sony to negotiate over the rights for a 2nd time after Spiderman was temporarily off of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the 1st negotiation. I think Spectacular Spiderman can come back if you help Disney, Marvel, and Sony negotiate over Spiderman TV rights again. If they see the success of the series you've worked in like Young Justice maybe through a portfolio or something, they could give it another shot. Tom Holland showed me that rights issues can be solved if we take action though that might've been because of the big bucks of the movies. Times are different now, maybe if you can help propose those companies to make a deal over the TV rights, they can accept it because it can be financially better for both companies to run something like that. Times are different with revivals nowadays like with Young Justice, companies care a lot about money so maybe you and other people can convince that it will financially benefit both companies. I really believe one day, the series will be revived.

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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg! Sorry if English is bad, I'm not fluent!

Well, my question is about magic. Why is Jace Beleren so hypocritical? Why can he forgive Vraska so quickly, but not Liliana?

By God, even the slightest contact with Liliana makes him cry about how she deceived and betrayed him. Ah, but it doesn't matter that Vraska did the same thing, after all, he's in love! So cute, isn't it ?!

Oh, please! Very hypocritical! All his crying would be easily silenced if Liliana said she really loved him, but how proud is she to do that? Well, a lot! And that's why Jace is this troubled man!

I can't take it anymore, please arrange things between them in the next books! How can Jace judge Liliana so much when he forgives Vraska? How can he judge her so much when he agrees with this gigantic lie at the end of the Sparks War? Please make him put himself in Liliana's shoes for a moment!

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Wei writes...

Thank you for your time and all the great series over the years.

Like other Spider-Man fans I feel it's unfortunate that it's unlikely for Spectacular Spider-Man to return due to legalities (would love to be proven wrong though).

However would you be willing to helm a new animated Spider-Man series for Marvel?

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Chet Tharpe writes...

In young justice outsiders episode NIGHTMARRE MONKEYS Why did EMT Casey Brinke not recognize Garfield Logan from the events of young justice comic TORCH SONGS part 2 ?

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Phil writes...

I absolutely loved season 3 of Young Justice and can't wait for more! Thank you for all the work you've done!

If Vandal Savage was born/empowered in the Gargoyles Universe, who would he recruit to join The Light?

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Anonymous writes...

Hi, Greg Weisman! I was rewatching Spectacular Spider-Man, great show, and I was rewatching Intervention specifically. One thing that caught my eyes was the manager, Sullivan Edwards I believe, and I tried looking for a comic book or movie counterpart for him since in Amazing Fantasy #15 the manager is called Maxwell Shiffman. I found a Mr. Sullivan from Spider-Man 1, and a famous promoter in real life named Edward Sullivan, was the manager based on the SM1 character as a homage to the latter? Thanks!

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FallenLegend writes...

I got a question about Lex Luthor, with the "fake news" thing he said it's obvious you guys wanted to throw jabs at Donald Trump, which is cool and all, but I'm a little worried this means you will downgrade Lex Luthor.

I mean I liked how he was this menacing villain in season 1 and 2, and even inherited the Xanatos "revenge is a sucker's game" thing.

But I remember In a panel you did with Marina Sirtis you said that you hoped your villains were smarter than Donald Trump

And now... he is acting like him in many ways. The "sad" commment, the social media obsessiom, the "fake news thing", being less competent this season.

So my question is, are you going to keep him as this incredibly intelligent mastermind? or is he going to be downdraded to a discount Donald Trump?

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