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Steve writes...

In young justice universe did marie logan have sex with a man or get a sperm donation from sperm bank to have Garfield?

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Anonymous writes...

Is Disney ever going to do a W.I.T.C.H. Season 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7?

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Anonymous writes...

Why did you believe it was a good idea for tara set beside perditia at m'gann and conner's wedding after tara like the other outsiders did not get black canary to counil garield whe tara and other outsiders notice something was wrong with garfield wich lead to garfield breakup with perditia?

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Ahsoka writes...

Why did none of the outsiders not fill responsible for Garfield's breakup with Perdita after none of the outsiders got black canary to council Garfield after the outsiders realize that there was something wrong with Garfield?

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Anonymous writes...

Any chance you'll be doing a signing at SDCC this weekend?

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Anonymous writes...

Dear Mr Weisman 1. Does Mr Nassour work as a cab driver like his comic counterpart does and if yes how long has he been working as one as of season 4 of young justice? 2. what does Jane Nassour do for a living and does she wear a baseball cap or news girl cap from time to time? 3. looking back on the 3 long yarns about Vandal savage we herd in season 4 and the pattern in sead tales (Vandal has a kingdom, he is'nt content with what he has, Klarion shows up to cause chaos ect ect ) a thought crossed my mind Did Klarion have something to do with both Tiament and later Dark side and his minions coming to earth 16?

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Liz writes...

I know female gargoyles nurse the hatchlings like humans do with their babies, but would they have to have laid an egg in order to be able to do that?

Angela obviously hasn't at this point, and I think Brooklyn and Katana's egg will hatch before she lays her first. I'm not trying to be weird, but some creatures have allolactation, where mature females will produce milk when there are babies around to help with raising the offspring, even though they haven't reproduced themselves. Are gargoyles the same?

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K writes...

Why is there a dog-themed cover variant for every issue of the current Gargoyles comic run?

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Aaron writes...

Since themyscira and Atlantis both had their own UN representatives present at the UN meeting in young justice season 3, it made me wonder do atlantean and themysciran embassies exists in certain countries in the world of young justice?

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Elias A Dye writes...

Is the Red Hood Ninja secretly Jason Todd? C'mon, Season 5 ain't coming. Might as well tell us now.

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