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FallenLegend writes...

Hey there Greg. Just got some questions about the cosmic side of earth 16

1.- Why were the lords of Order and chaos so worried about Darkseid? I mean Child , while backed by the lords of order was unstoppable, so why would Darkside be a threat for then to listen to savage?

2.- Was the mind control method used by Granny Goodness in season 3 actually the real Anti-life equation?

Granny, and the light, assumed as much, but Darkside doesn't seem to act like it, given its supposed to be his ultimate triumph card.

3.-Are the "New Gods" in a lower hierarchy compared to the lords of Order and Chaos?

While less powerful, they are more connected to the source, aren't they?

Thanks greg!

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FallenLegend writes...

Hwy there Greg. Is just have Some superman questions

1.-Is kryptonite lethal to kryptonians even when they have no powers? Say if they are under the effects of a red sun or drained of their powers?

2.-How was Superman able to tank Ursa magic blast as the emerald empress,if he is vulnerable to magic? Shouldn' the blast had harmed him?

3.- Are there other variants of kryptonite besides green kryptonite, like green and gold?

4.- We know Superboy inspired the legion. But what about Superman. Is he still remembered In the future? In other versions there was even a superman museum

5.-The article Zod read in the fortress of solitude described Superman as "Earth's greatest hero"

While this was certainly only Lois opinion, is this a general or popular opinion belief among the heroes/ people of earth?

Thanks Greg!

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Paul writes...

1) So about Durla... To me, this is the most pressing question regarding whether the timeline has been restored or not.

(We know there's a 99.84% likelihood that the future is as it was before Lor-Zod went back in time, but obviously the other 0.16% accounts for the various changes that have occurred, such as the wedding being postponed, the Phantom Zone projector being destroyed in the 21st Century, and the Kryptonians all getting out of the Zone, amongst other things.)

My question is this: with Durla having been gifted to M'comm and the A'ashenn's as reward for his co-operation, does this mean that the future of Chameleon Boy's home world is being altered from what he would know from his own life? Is Durla's future now changing completely (thus potentially threatening the existence of Chameleon Boy's family line), or is it the case that M'comm and his people are actually the ancestors of Chameleon Boy's family? This may or may not be a spoiler request... I don't know whether it qualifies as one because it wasn't clear from the finale whether or not this might come up again. (I suppose it could come up if the Legionnaires get their own season... I don't know.)

2) Obviously the Eye of Ekron being out there in space in the 21st Century presents a potential problem for the timeline, in the event that it was likely meant to remain in Metron's vault for a while longer. (Maybe it was... maybe it wasn't... No way to know, I suppose.) My question is: are the heroes of both the 21st Century and the 31st Century now aware that they need to keep an eye out (haha) for the Eye of Ekron and try to discover its whereabouts? I'm not asking whether this is a priority for them -- just about whether they are aware that this is a rather important outstanding/unresolved issue.

3) Kind of moot but very important: did the gene-bomb that Desaad gave to M'comm detonate and kill off lots of Martians in the original timeline? I noticed that Lor-Zod alerted Conner to its presence. Had he done nothing, it would surely have exploded. Is this what happened in the original timeline, and if so, who died (if any) out of the name characters in Young Justice?

I think I'm pushing my luck a bit with these questions as they're quite lengthy and involved. I'm sorry if they're a bother for you. Thank you for taking the time to read them and please take care!

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Anonymous writes...

Is helga jace still under the control of the Anti-Life Equation?

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Anonymous writes...

I think I speak for everyone who saw the "Young Justice" Season 4 finale post-credits scene when I ask this important question: Has Kara Zor-El been brainwashed/manipulated, or has she joined the Female Furies of her own free will?

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BatFan2099 writes...

Who is A-33, the Bat-Family ally mentioned in "The Lady, or the Tigress?"

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

In the Earth-16 universe, is Krypton the fourth planet of the planetary system known as the Rao System? Are the names of the other planets called Boron (the first planet), Phalon (the second planet), Thalon (the third planet) and Haron (the fifth planet)?

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Paul writes...

Orion is A-52 and then we have two mystery A-designations before J'ann and M'att. Regarding these mystery designations (A-53 and A-54), do they belong to Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy? I ask because Phantom Girl was given a designation (A-51), so there is a precedent there for Legionnaires being given A-designations. And both Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy were present at the wedding (though of course they left before the ceremony started), so it's reasonable to think that they might have Zeta'd there.

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

In terms of percentage, how much of Superboy's burn wounds had healed by the first day after the heroes won the fight against the House of Zod and Miss Martian's brother? The reason I asked because it clearly took nearly two full days for Superboy to be 100% healed.

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Paul writes...

I loved "Death and Rebirth"!

Some questions:

1) When in Team Year Ten (in terms of which month) were the Justice League Reserves officially established? We know, of course, that Superman and Black Lightning were discussing candidates for the Reserves in August (as per the credits scene for episode 18), so I suppose the answer must be either August or September given the new designations that were heard at the wedding... Which month is it?

2) Does Windfall have designation D-15? I ask because it seems logical, given what we know. A total of 16 known characters have been (and/or still are) Outsiders, with only D-02, D-06, D-08 and D-15 still unknown. As I mentioned in another question, it seems likely that D-02 would be Wonder Girl, D-06 would be Geo-Force and D-08 would be Cyborg. Now that we know that Looker is D-16, that leads me to wonder if Windfall is D-15.

3) Did everyone who was visible on the screen when Superman and Black Lightning were discussing JL Reserves candidates ultimately accept the offer? I'm sure Mary Bromfield will get a NO SPOILERS, but maybe you could confirm the others (where applicable)...

4) It's interesting that Tempest is E-03. Are the JL Reserves designations ordered according to how long ago it was that the character first became active as a hero? If so, then perhaps E-01 is Zatara and E-02 is Red Arrow... but anyway, I won't get carried away in speculating which number applies to whom in this new category.

5) Finally, I noticed that Troia chose to sit alongside Garth at the wedding, even though she obviously could have sat with Cassie or anywhere else, really. They work together at the U.N., so I guess it's natural that they would be close, but I wonder if you could confirm whether this is the case, please? (Not asking you about anything too spoilery, like whether or not they are an item.)

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