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Marie writes...

In many retellings of how Jason Todd died, his mom Sheila Haywood often gets left out. Do you know why this is?
I feel like a lot of nuance in Jason's character and murder is lost when Sheila is removed from the narrative. Him dying while trying to save the mom that betrayed him added so much depth and sadness to his character that I feel is lost when she isn't a part of the story.
I'm not asking if she exists on Earth-16 or was there when Joker killed Jason because I know that would probably be a spoiler (though I am curious how YJ will handle Red Hood!) I just want to know if you know the reason Sheila is barely in any adaptions of Jason's murder? Is it just to make the story less complicated?
I just find it frustrating when writers and fans alike blame Jason for his own murder by saying he was too reckless and angry and didn't follow orders when he actually died a hero trying to save someone.

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ChalantLover writes...

It’s me again !!
I meant S4E22, sorry

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ChalantLover writes...

Hey Greg !
I just wanted to say thank you for those wholesome Chalant scenes in S2E22

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Steve Hockensmith writes...

Which Young Justice credits style do you prefer?

Just music
An animation loop with music
A mini story in the credits with no music

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Shaved balls Nick writes...

Hey, Greg. My friend A.H. with the screeners just gave me the titles and loglines of the final episodes:

"Ego et Superego"
"Zenith and Abyss"
"Over and Out"
"Death and Rebirth"

And I have some questions..... but the most important one: why aren't these titles unwords though?? What a missed opportunity.

Anyway, just dropping by to brag about my inside knowledge. lol

Invitation to Kneel Before Zod confirmed!!! Wish I had figured it out first. lol thinking is hard!! lol

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A Nony Mouse writes...

What is Doctor Fate’s Doctorate even in?

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YJ Baseball writes...

Greg, I have a very important question for you. Did the Metropolis Monarchs, indeed, run away with it in their game against the Gotham Knights? Or did the Knights slaughter the Monarchs?

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Mr. A writes...

Dear Greg,

I just started watching “Gargoyles” and I’m already hooked.
Have you ever considered reviving the show?
I know I’d like to see it air again.

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Paul writes...

1) Gretchen Goode's line in "Nightmare Monkeys" about "father and son" going through time and space has always been intriguing. Is Paul Sloane the biological father of Garfield Logan?

2) Regarding designations A-08 and A-09, are these characters that we have seen in the show, or are they characters that we have not seen yet (like A-06 Freddy Freeman)?

3) Wonder Woman seemed very unhappy with Batman in "Agendas" for making young Dick Grayson his sidekick as Robin. But then two years later, Troia (her little sister) joined the Team. Is there more to this apparent change of heart by Diana than what has been revealed so far? (I suppose this will get a NO SPOILERS...)

4) Lt. and Sgt. Marvel seem like odd additions to a covert team (certainly Sgt does anyway, since she's in a costume that isn't exactly subdued or subtle). Not asking for an in-universe explanation for why they joined the Team, but what was the rationale from yourself and Brandon Vietti? The obvious explanation would seem to be that as the Outsiders didn't exist at the time, the covert team was Lt. and Sgt.'s only option. But was this the reason that you both chose to go that route with those characters?

5) Would yourself and Brandon Vietti ever consider a backwards time skip or are you resolute about bringing the show forward in time for now? This is probably going to get another NO SPOILERS response, but what can I say, I'm curious as to what you might say to this.

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Paul writes...

Hi Greg!

1) Can you please confirm whether Mary Bromfield is a member of the Sentinels of Magic as of "Odyssey of Death!"? She wasn't standing alongside Khalid and Traci. I know that the ending of "Kaerb Ym Traeh!" strongly implied that she was leaving, so just making sure.

2) What made yourself and Brandon Vietti want to do a darker take on Mary Bromfield here? What sort of material influenced you both? I know that there is the Black Mary stuff in the comics around the time of Countdown and Final Crisis, but of course the character has had many more appearances in the comics, so I'm just curious.

3) Was the general idea/arc for season 4 (Superboy being sent to the Phantom Zone) planned by yourself and Brandon Vietti from early in development? I ask because you've said that you originally had a five season plan and that nothing in your plan has changed, so that would suggest that the premise of Phantoms was always part of your plan.

4) You have said that you will only reveal designations when they become fairly obvious and/or defunct. At least, I think that that is what you have said, although I am paraphrasing. With that in mind, are you able to confirm that Wonder Girl now has designation D-02, and that Geo-Force had D-06 and that Cyborg had D-08 (before he joined the Justice League)? We know that Beast Boy is D-01, that Blue Beetle is D-03, KF is D-04, Static is D-05 and El Dorado is D-07, so it seems logical that Cassie would be D-02 (having been a founding member of the Outsiders and longest active superhero of that group's founding unit after Garfield Logan), while Brion would be D-06 (as the "newest superhero" of the group's founding unit) and Vic would be D-08 (since we know from Tod Donner's broadcast in "Overwhelmed" that he joined before Superboy, Forager and Terra).

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