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King_Joey writes...

I have absolutely no problem with suspending my disbelief in a TV show. That is the reason I never thought about the Law of Conservation of Mass until Season 3 episode Nightmare Monkeys. But now that I know that is a thing in universe for Young Justice I have questions about it.

1. When the Beatle scarabs give there hosts armor, weapons, tools, wings, or produces anti-bodies, where does the extra mass come from? Especially for those GIANT plasma cannons Blue Beatle and Black Beatle product during there first fight?

2. When Bane uses Venom, I can see the liquid serum
converting into muscle mass. However when Baran Flinders transforms into Mammoth there is a small amount of liquid in the injector, yet he becomes... well, MAMMOTH. Where does that mass come from?

3. When Dr. Mark Desmond uses the Blockbuster formula to transform into Blockbuster where does that mass come from?

4. If Beast Boy's powers were given to him by a god, is he a metahuman or is he more like Captain Marvel? A human granted powers that magically break the laws of physics.

5. When The Atom or Bumblebee shrink are they losing mass, or are they shrinking the space between there subatomic particles? Because if that is the case that would explain why they can not reach the subatomic level.

Seriously, I am only asking because the show brought it up.

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Anonymous writes...

Batgirl said she wanted to save Orphan not the Joker does that mean the Team or rather the Bat-Family know about Cass and her treatment at the hands of Lady Shiva cause I think that's the only way that exchange makes sense, This is really confusing can you explain this part.

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Anonymous writes...

1. So can we get a confirmation on whether Vandal Q Savage is his full name also does the Q stand for Killjoy?
2. I really liked the whole thing with Joker you did here also it's kinda hilarious that he didn't know for 8 years, now for the timeline to make sense does this mean 8 years from when they were recruited or from the incident.
3. Jason name drop was nice to hear I wonder why you would name him this episode and that red hooded ninja we saw on infinity island definitely suspicious I wonder what could that be.
4. I am really hoping for Jason vs Freddie this season granted the actual movie was just okay, but I would love to have this certain character have camaraderie and not die alone hopefully this wasn't complete gibberish ah well I suppose I can't help it, anyways can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
4. I really like your rendition of the Killing Joke and boy it really was a Killing Joke. Is there any particular reason you guys changed the design for Joker and If so what were your influences, I really liked that you guys brought back Brent Spiner his Joker is one that I would love to hate.

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Goof writes...

When will we see more gargoyles stories and so on.

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Anonymous writes...

Why did M'gann wait about a month to go for M'comm? Did she wait for investigation results to be sure that M'comm was indeed the one who planted the bomb? Were M'gann and J'onn there to arrest M'comm?

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K1811 writes...

Hello, I was a big fan of your work on Spectacular Spider-Man.

1. Have you read some of the new Spider heroes like Miles Morales, Cindy Moon, Anya Corazon, etc. What is your opinion of them, and woulf you have used them if given the chance?

2. Who is your favorite girl to be paired with Peter Parker, or if you can't decide on one, who are your favorite romantic interests of Peter?

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Jonathan writes...

Not sure if you will answer me, but I have always being curious about something from Spectacular Spider-Man.

How old was Black Cat in the cartoon?

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DCFan1994 writes...

Hi, i have a few questions for Young Justice which has been very intriguing throughout all content of this show. A little mystery is a neat way to keep me interested.

1. With this season being Phantoms...is it possible that Lieutennant Marvel's "Authorized Ghost" of a brother could show up alongside the Lieutennant himself?
1a. Or did Freddy's rank change to being the new "Big Red Cheese" proper by now?
2. Who debuted first in the YJ JSA? Diana, Jay, Alan or the Hawks? It would be interesting to see a universe where Alan "can stand up to Parallax and live while retaining my sanity" Scott came first.
3. Given the spy genre...any chance Catwoman might go shopping for a red fedora with a golden stripe, red trenchcoat, golden turtleneck dress and red pumps to go with the catsuit? I mean she might have that outfit just to help Damian learn his geography in the future...or agitate Bruce...or both?

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Marvelman writes...

Does Cassandra Savage have any meta-human powers such as her father's healing factor, or is she a baseline human?

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Paul writes...

In the flashback in "The Lady, or the Tigress?" were Garth and Troia considering stepping up to fight the Joker during his attack on the U.N.?

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