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Harold writes...

Would Garfield still breakup with Perdita if the trip to mars for miss martian and superboy wedding on mars when on as plan and no evil time traveler from the future came to kill conner and if so why?

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Yeoh Philippa writes...

Why did you not let Garfield and Perdita get back together as a couple after she rescue in issues 6 of young justice bock story targets because that most fans wanted to happen because the fans did believe it was wrong have Garfield lose Perdita in season 4 over depression made by Garfield blaming himself for conner's death on mars to only to show after Garfield breakup with Perdita that conner is still alive in the phantoms zone and get back together with miss martian and get married in the last episode of season 4?

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Anonymous00 writes...

Hello, Greg! Here to say, excellent work on Young Justice, Gargoyles, and other franchises you've worked on. A curious question regarding your continued work on Gargoyles (i.e. the Dynamite Comics continuation) does Demona remained unchanged(pre seasons 1-3, Puck's spell, Hunter's Moon, etc) before her upcoming return in issue 7?

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Anonymous writes...

what is the earthly name of M'comm M'orzz

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Chip writes...

Were there any video recordings or security feeds from the events of The Mirror showing humans as gargoyles, or did Puck transform those too?

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Bezos writes...

Greg why would you just let Garfield listen to Peridia and let Garfield do what she wanted him to do to get help in young justice phantoms episode 13 so they could stay together as couple and not breakup? Because that is what so many young justice fans wanted to happen.

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Sauron writes...

Why did miss martian choose to date superboy and in the end marry superboy when she knows she ages slower than her earth friends and because of that she could live for a long time after superboy dies?

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Haitham writes...

Did superman interduce superboy to superman's adopted human parents the Kents before or after queen bee kill marie logan?

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Polly Sturgeon writes...

Did Garfield ever visit the kent farm with conner and m'gann after beast boy learn superman was clark kent?

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Anonymous writes...

Just curious but did M'gann ever go with Conner to visit the Kents in Smallville or was it simply Kents only until she married into the family? I didn't see her in Conner's flashback, but it did include Wolf and Sphere.

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