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Gavin writes...

After Garfield's skin turn green and got the power to change into animals in 2012 why didn't miss martian offer Garfield the chance to join the team and go on team missions with miss martian and her team teammates when Garfield was living with Rita and if miss martian did offer it to after Garfield got his beast boy powers then why did Rita does not allow it or nor trust miss martian to keep Garfield safe with her on The Team missions?

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Literary writes...

Was beast boy the tagalong kid to The Team that miss martian and superboy was members of during the years between 2012-2014 before Rita die in 2015 in young justice timeline?

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Lee writes...

How many of conner's birthday parties was Garfield at when Garfield was living with Rita during the years after Marie logan died but before Rita died?

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Wanadi writes...

Why did you take away Garfield logan's last chance of happiest with was with Perdita after you have his mother Marie die and Rita die and many of Garfield's superhero friends die also as part of your young justice story?

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Big Catman writes...

In the dc comics superboy and miss martian didn't have romantic relationship but in your young justice universe Greg you have superboy and miss martian having a romantic relationship eventify miss martian and superboy to married so why did you want beast boy's romantic relationship with Perdita to end with a permit breakup causing young justice universe beast boy being single as an adult like his dc comic beast boy version is and not let beast boy and Perdita stay together to eventuality to get married as well?

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Kaneko writes...

Why should beast boy lead the outsiders as leader again like time travels from the future say he does despite not a single one of beast boy's outsider friends on earth would ask beast boy why beast boy was not going on outsider missions with the outsiders after beat boy return to earth from mars and before Perdita came to the Hub to see beast boy?

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Manjushri writes...

I know you have their dating relationship end with a breakup, but my question is Why Greg did you what Garfield and Perdita to fall in love and date as part of the plot of the story of young justice in the first place if you Weisman did not intend for them to get married?

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Martok writes...

Who was the person that sent the goggles to Perdita in young justice outsiders episode nightmare monkeys?

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Beschloss writes...

Why did you have as part of the young justice story to have Garfield Logan breakup with Perdida if you Greg believe that Garfield and Peridia were the right one for each other?

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Alonso writes...

Young justice season 4 was so good that young justice season 5 was cancelled.

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