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Elijah Palmer writes...

Is Miss Martian ticklish? or do Martians not understand the concept?

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Lucy writes...

1) you have said before that Klarion is ageless but you’ve said yourself he is physically 9? Which doesn’t make sense taking in comparison other 9 year olds in the series etc since in the first season he seems to look like a teen and always looks like that. I know it’s not exactly your expertise but in justice league action, when he turns the main characters into ten year olds and then reveals himself, he is about two times their size. Im not talking comics cuz it varies from one to another but he never looks the same in those.
2. Does teekl eat anything like an actual cat?

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Plume writes...

Hi, I had a couple questions about Dick's uncle, Rick Grayson. I was not sure if these are spoiler questions or not, so I'm sorry if they are.
1. Is Rick still alive as of the last episode of season 4?
2. Does Dick still visit/has he visited since the comic panel Rick was last shown in?

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necro mage writes...

are all of darkseid's inner circle(desaad, granny goodness, grayven, etc)equal in rank? Or are some higher ranked than other members?

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Anonymous writes...

Hello! In The Spectacular Spider-Man, we get to see a few shots of Flash's family while he's in the hospital; I was wondering if you had thought about what Flash's off-screen relationship with them is like during the show, or just in general? Particularly his dad and sister, since we never see them talk like we do his mom.

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Alpha Godzilla Buddies writes...

1. Does Mad Mod exist in the Young Justice universe. If so, has he encounter the original members of the Team?

2. Do Raven and Starfire exist in the Young Justice universe?

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Glacia Manheim writes...

What is Whisper A'Daire's REAL name? I saw in a comic strip that it said "Wenda Ader" Is this true?

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Matt Merante writes...

Did the comic book appearances of DCs Black Spider (70s appearance or 90s appearance) influence his use and portrayal on Young Justice?

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Jake Perkins writes...

If you ever do get ever more seasons of young just made, did you intended to get beast boy and Perdita back together as a couple at some point in future seasons of young justice after their breakup in season 4?

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Antiyonder writes...

A couple questions regarding Margot Yale in the televised version of The Journey.

1. Was is planned for Marina Sirtis to be voicing her in the episode at all or was she unavailable early on?

2. A review I read before on the episode got me curious. Was it more coincidence that you had a debate between Margot and Macbeth?

Or was it based on the fact that she and Demona had the same voice actress. Kind of a Demona VS Macbeth in a different way?

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