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Mry writes...

Hi there
How did miss martian grew 4 arms in order to help her in combat? As you already mentioned they cannot alter their mass so her muscle mass couldn't have change so how did she grew 4 more arms?
Is it safe to assume her arms were getting weaker as her muscles had to be separated between all of the arms?

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Anonymous writes...

I don't have a question I just wanted to say thank you for giving us paraplegic Barbara Gordon in your show even though she's not one of the main characters, Oracle's addtion and her value to the team means a lot. I love her bond with Cassandra as a sister and also her relationship with Dick how it evolved over time even after her accident it's refreshing and nice to see :)

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Anonymous writes...

Before Arion did the lords of order choose any other agent to fufill their will on earth?

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Anonymous writes...

Why did the chaos lords choose child to replace klarion?

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Alex (aka Aldrius) writes...

So I've fairly recently watched all of Hill Street Blues. Loved it. And it did really get me thinking a lot about the show, police justice and how Gargoyles was influenced by it.

Firstly, while searching for interviews and info on the series on YouTube, I found an old commercial for HSB which described Frank as "the Man in Charge". It made me laugh because it was so blatantly antithetical to who Frank is.

Frank is not in charge of anything. He's got a boss who is constantly on his case pushes him to keep up appearances all the while torpedoing him at basically every opportunity if it makes his job easier. Two lieutenants, one who wants to revolutionize the police force and change the way the whole city is run (i.e. "the bleeding heart liberal") -- the other a neo-fascist who wants to buy tanks and start wars on the street. (Incidentally I LOVE Howard Hunter, he is *hilarious* and super sympathetic despite this.) He has a girlfriend who is a public defender, so not only are her attitudes and sympathies just deeply anti-cop in pretty much every possible way, it's literally her *job* to oppose him to the best of her ability.

So in my mind, Frank is less the man in charge, and more so the great appeaser or compromiser. He has to balance all these forces in his life, while maintaining his authority and making sure it all doesn't implode in on itself. And he does it very well, largely because he is so extremely compassionate and *not* the "Man in Charge".

Which is largely, especially in the first season, how I think of Goliath. I rewatched the first season not *too* long ago, and one thing that struck me is how much I enjoyed one of Goliath and Elisa's first meetings where they discuss human justice. Something to the effect of Goliath questioning who decides what's just and Elisa tells him "[The people]" and Goliath says "the humans decide" and the conversation is never REALLY followed up on. Goliath's decision to become a modern-day superhero of sorts ends up being more based on just his search for a purpose, and just doing what *feels* right. But I suppose in my head I can pretend that Elisa and Goliath continued to have conversations about modern judicial practices off screen and Goliath liked what he was hearing (or I imagine he WOULD like it).

What interests me, though, is that this is *largely* what HSB is about. Both explicitly and implicitly. There are stories that discuss these issues and sometimes the characters just blatantly talk about them. And what's cool about HSB to me is how *highly* critical it is of the police, primarily as an institution. And how critical it is of the justice system.

This isn't *really* present in Gargoyles as much. The cops in the show are generally extremely fair people, and though there are the occasional token mention of the system being "flawed" this isn't really demonstrated. Which is totally fine, but it is sort of interesting to me.

Incidentally I think that element was somewhat lost after Steven Bochco left the show, and Dennis Franz became a lead. The show was still a great show, but man did it get silly.

Anyway, I don't know if I really came to a cohesive point there but I did wanna share my thoughts on the show and wanted to thank you again for (indirectly) recommending it.

Just a few questions:

1) I know Goliath is based on Frank Furillo but I got the vibe that there was a bit of Howard Hunter in Matt Bluestone? Particularly in the episode Legion, I think the RECAP robot might almost be straight out of that episode where Hunter brought a bomb disposal robot into the precinct.
I think Hudson might have a bit of Robert Prosky's physicality, Morgan a bit of Neal Washington's Zen mentality, Elisa has a bit of Lucy's street smart attitude but that's really about it.
2) Young Justice has those briefing scenes once in a while in it's first season, where Batman will sort of outline what the episode is going to be about. It reminds me a lot of the briefings in HSB. Honestly? I think it's SUPER smart. It's just a great way to outline the A, B and sometimes C plots of an episode without having to have awkward "Here we are at Brad Goodman's self-help seminar" dialogue. Was that perhaps an influence there?

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Alex (aka Aldrius) writes...

1. Are Dick and Barbara in an open relationship (if they're still in a relationship -- I guess, given Dick's track record)? Or was his and Zatanna's flirting just a bit of fun? Or am I mistaken entirely?

2. Were there any particular comics or books that inspired your take on Dick in Young Justice? I've always loved this version of the character it's probably my favourite. My favourite comic Dick Grayson has been Marv Wolfman's take on him, from what I've read.

3. I'm still pretty disappointed that one of the few gay male characters in the show (let's call him the fourth of his line) isn't allowed to be so explicitly. Am I over-reading into the pat that other circus performer gave Dick on the back or Dick perhaps a bit bicurious?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

My Previous Question: In the aftermath of "Dark Nights: Death Metal ," has the Young Justice animated universe been officially designated as Earth-16 again in the DC Multiverse, or is Earth-16 still that version that was seen in "The Multiversity: The Just?"

Your Response to My Question: No idea. I just know we're Earth-16 in the Earth-16 Universe.

My Response to Your Response: I find that very odd that you and DC Comics apparently do NOT communicate with each other when it comes to multiverse-related stuff and the changes that occur to the multiverse as a result of the aftermaths of major DC Comics events (like Flashpoint and Dark Nights: Death Metal, for example). I mean, communication between both sides IS important after all; otherwise, won't things end up becoming very confusing...? This was the reason why I had previously asked you before if DC Comics has officially re-designated the Young Justice animated universe as Earth-16; because I know you've put a lot of hard work into creating this version of the DC Universe, and it is far better than the version of Earth-16 seen in "The Multiversity: The Just," which only acknowledges Young Justice as a mere video game series.

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Alex (Aka Aldrius) writes...

So I had a couple of questions, did my best to skim the archives to make sure they weren't repeats, but there are 1460+ questions at this moment in time so this probably won't get through until 2025 or so. (As such, I will manifest it by saying: "congratulations on a fantastic season 5 of Young Justice!" and hopefully not jinx it)

I've TRIED to word these vaguely enough that I'm not just flat out asking you for spoilers, but... best laid plans and all that.

1) So we know Green Lantern: The Animated Series is "Canon adjacent". I assume what that means is that anything that doesn't directly contradict stuff that's happened in the Young Justice television series or any of the official tie-in media (Legacy, the Comic) happened. Or very, very similar things happen.

I'm sure you've mostly just left things ambiguous enough that you can really change your mind as the situation arises
and not trap yourself into say... the Star Sapphire-Carol lore that GL:TAS used if you want to take that in another direction.

But as it is, anything to do with Razer, Hal, Aya and Kilowog on the ship (i.e. largely the battle with the Red Lantern Corps, and then the Manhunters that followed happened) is all we know for sure happened and the only thing that definitively *did not* happen, is the stuff involving Guy Gardner and John Stewart since we know their origins already in YJ. It helps that Hal Jordan has basically only had a few cameos in Young Justice, so our imaginations can really put him wherever.

Am I on the right track there?

I'm gonna be a little bold, and these questions could be answered by the 4 remaining episodes in season 4 (asking this after the first "Nightwing episode" aired) but eh.

2) Was Sinestro a Green Lantern in team year 5?
3) When would the Red Lantern Corps invasion and Manhunter battles have taken place in relation to the events of Team Year 5? Roughly.
4) Were the Justice League and the Team aware of these events or were they so far removed from Earth that they only found out about them after the fact (if at all)?
5) Has the YJ version of Carol had a run-in with the Star Sapphires?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

In the comics, Alfred's full name is Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth. As such, is this also true in the Earth-16 universe?

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Matt Itelson writes...

How well known was Guardian before joining Cadmus?

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