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Tannehill writes...

Why Greg did you want Garfield to fall in love Queen Perdita if you had no plans for them to get engage be married as adults?

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Family writes...

Is Steel a fan of Superman? It would seem so based on his red cape and S-shield.

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Matt Itelson writes...

Why did Ocean-Master want to rob Queen Mera of her powers?

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Biswabhusan writes...

Why did you have it as part of the plan of young justice timeline that Beast Boy and Queen Perdita's relationship would not be restored by the time of the 26 episode of the young justice season 4 or by the time of season 5 of young justice after Garfield's breakup with Perdita the 12 episode of young justice phantoms?

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Chokwe writes...

Why did you have Beast Boy die in young justice phantoms instead let someone save him from dying in young justice Phantoms?

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Mikey writes...

WHY did you have Garfield breakup with Perdita in season 4 of young justice for only to have Garfield to date Tara in young justice season 5 of young justice?

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Anonymous writes...

Why helga jace is obsessed with children and thinks every metahuman she creates is her child? What happened to her?

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Drake Palmer writes...

Why did Garfield Logan choose not to have a relationship with any girl and remain single in the young justice's fifth season after his breakup with Peridia in the fourth season of young justice?

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Anonymous writes...

Quick question: what year is Young Justice season 1 set in? Everywhere I look says 2010, but I saw a post here that said you never told anyone it was in 2010.

It’s okay if you can’t answer. I just wanted to thank you for helping make an amazing series. :)

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Nechama Rabin writes...

Why did Beast Boy choose to not to date girl and remain single during the time of season 5 of young justice?

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