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Young Justice fan #1 writes...

When did Beast Boy adopt Wingman?

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Vi writes...

Hello Greg, big fan of the show here and what you've been doing with Halo's character especially. But I admit, as a nonbinary person myself, it hurt to hear them be misgendered in YJ420. I did see and appreciate your twitter apology, but I wanted to ask if it was possible to re-record those lines with the proper pronouns? You may consider the damage already done, but it will not only improve rewatches of the show, but also save people from the misgendering if they discover the show later in its run. It's better late than never, and I've even heard it be done by other shows in the past (foreign dubs of The Owl House on Disney with their nonbinary character for instance, correcting the lines with neopronouns when the language didn't have a default gender neutral like we do). It would mean a lot if you could show us how important this is to you and to their character. I already watch the show with someone who misgenders Halo, and it's more difficult to correct him when the show itself still gets it wrong and makes him doubt whether their pronouns matter.

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Suzie writes...

Questions about the Zenith and Abyss episode

1. Why wasn't the Team more emotional after finally reuniting with Conner? For months they thought he was dead only to learn he's alive and after finally meeting him again, no one even cried?
2. How did the Team learn how to use telepathy in the Phantom Zone? They'd only been in there less than 2 days?
3. What happened to the Team's space belts they were wearing when they first entered the Phantom Zone?
4. Why didn't anyone think to prepare medical supplies for Conner? They knew he was injured and yet they didn't bring anything to help with his injuries?

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Susan Salvatore writes...

I keep hearing discrepancies on the scale of the Green Lantern Corps. I know the show itself is set in the Milky Way, but the range of the Corp’s jurisdiction is still confusing to me. Tomar-Re said they had an entire “galaxy” to police and that statement implies the Corps is limited to just one galaxy, but in the comics the Corps jurisdiction is universal hence the Guardians being called the Guardians of the Universe. My question is: which is the Corps jurisdiction? Just the Milky Way Galaxy, or the entire universe as a whole.

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Anonymous writes...

Dear Mr Wiesman 1. How old is Tomar Tu and how long has he been a Green Lantern? 2. Is Tomar Tu a scientist like his late father or does he just work as a Prison guard? (at lest for now anyway) 3. I noticed that Danny chase had a southern accent to his voice. What state, in the south, did he hail from and was he going to Markovia before his space trip began?

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Yojimbo writes...

1. In "Rescue and Search," at around the 7:18 mark there is security footage of Bart, Cham, and Imra shopping (the time stamp on the feed was 15:31:01:07) and at the 10:52 mark, the Watchtower footage of Bart swiping supplies at super speed (the time stamp on the feed was 01:32:10). What day did these two events take place on? August 27?

2. At the end of "Ego and Supergo," during the end credits, who said "About time!" and who said "Ha ha , very asterious!"?

3. At the start of "Zenith and Abyss," was that a Guardian of the Universe Kilowog was speaking to in the background while Tomar-Tu spoke with Lor-Zod?

4. Also at the start of "Zenith and Abyss," was the Green Lantern that flew across the room supposed to be Malet Dasim or was that Galet Dasim from the trial in Invasion on Rimbor?

5. In "Zenith and Abyss," Phantom Girl exclaims, "Thank Bgtzlqwar!" Is Bgtzlqwar an existing DC character or just something made up for the episode?

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Bobbi writes...

In season 2, Mganns telepathic range was mentioned a few times (during her kidnapping and searching the war world). By season 4, how far is her range? Miles?

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Lea writes...

In Young Justice, what happened to S'yraa S'mitt following her arrest

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henry writes...

How was it possible for Rocket to get a phone signal on her phone from earth when she was on the planet new genies in young justice season 4? How was beast boy able to get his dog wingman threw a zeta tube when garfield travel to therapy season with black canary with the outsiders in young justice season 4?

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Anonymous writes...

Would you consider Lois Lane, Jonny Kent and M'gann M'orzz members of the House of El since Jonny is Superman's son, Lois is Superman's wife and M'gann is Conner's fiancee/hopefully soon to be wife?!?!

Does Jonny Kent have a kryptonian name too? and is it Jon-El?

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