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Jalen Tucker writes...

Hey Greg congrats on the show really love where it’s going and definitely praying for a season six and more because what you guys are doing, outside of it being an action pack drama you know with our favorite superheroes I really appreciate what you guys are doing as far as like you know the mental health aspect personally. Beast boy is a mirror to my lifestyle right now so thank you for that.

My question is how come we as young justice fans don’t have a Instagram page or a Twitter page. I only ask because I really think it would be helpful just to promote the show you know putting different scenes or snippets out I’m just because I know seeing is believing. And it’ll just be a better way to NoCap to my viewers you know the show is really good extremely good, and I feel like it deserves to be promoted right. If I could help I definitely would love to but outside of that I love the show and everything that you guys are doing with it.
I would also like to say I would love if the episodes could be a little bit longer ; )

Thank you hope you guys are all good.


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YJ Fan writes...

How old is Kara Zor - El ?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

Just so I can understand this correctly, the Emerald Eye of Ekron chooses its wielder based on that person's anger and desire for absolute power? If this is not correct, then factors determines how it specifically chooses its wielder?

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Jacob Jinnins writes...

Will Garfield return to Space Trek

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

By the time of this posting, I discovered that some scenes for the Season 4 finale "Death and Rebirth" were somehow leaked on YouTube. From my interpretation of the leaked scenes, everything appears to have ended on a good note for the heroes. In regards to the bad guys, I should have expected Vandal Savage to make such a sneaky move. The most shocking part was the Apokolips scene. Yes, I had suspected all along that Mary Bromfield was going to become a villain and one of the female Furies ever since the mid-Season 4 finale; since I figured her turn was a nod to what happened to her in Final Crisis. HOWEVER, I was shocked as hell that Kara Zor-El, daughter of Zor-El and Alura In-Ze, and paternal cousin of Kal-El, is also one of the Female Furies as well; which suggests that she never eventually made it to Earth like in the comics. As such, in regards to your decision to make Kara Zor-El a villain, was this a nod to the comic book storylines "Superman/Batman: Supergirl" (which first introduced Kara Zor-El; during which she was temporarily brainwashed) and "Superman: The Dark Side" (in which Kal-El landed on Apokolips instead of Earth)?

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Eric_Hogue writes...

In Catwoman: Hunted, was Dr. Tzin a shout-out to Dr. Zin from Johnny Quest?

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A Nony Mouse writes...

Why did Dr Fate rotating hosts cheese the Chaos Lords off so much?

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Anonymous writes...

I was so excited to see Supergirl and Black Mary revealed as two new Furies. Talk about a cliffhanger!!!!!!

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C.M.D. writes...

Hey can you chill with the neck snaps already? Apokolips War traumatized me enough, thank you.

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chloe writes...

Why did Garfield Logan not apologize to queen peridia and ask to restart their relationship in last episode of young justice season 4?

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