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Anonymous writes...

As I understand it on Earth-16, J'onn J'onzz was accidentally transported from Mars to Earth in 1955. Since he was stranded on Earth for decades, did his family and the rest of the Martian people initially assumed that J'onn was dead? If true, when did J'onn finally get into contact with his people to let them know that he was actually still alive?

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Todd Jensen writes...

A "Young Justice" question I've wondered about a bit and finally decided to submit. In "Secrets", you featured allusions to both "Beowulf" (the Sword of Beowulf, complete with Grendel's arm for its scabbard) and Cain and Abel (I recall one of the locations in the episode was called "Abel's House of Secrets" - which definitely matched Harm's great evil deed being murdering his sibling).

In the original poem "Beowulf", Grendel is described as one of the descendants of Cain (who was punished for his murder of Abel by having his children be monsters); did this inspire the allusions to both "Beowulf" and the Cain and Abel story in the same episode? Or is it just a (neat) coincidence?

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Todd Jensen writes...

Thanks for sharing with us that "Hercules" premise you wrote. I can see why it didn't get made; I can imagine someone in the Disney administration being a bit nervous about Biblical characters (the originals, rather than namesakes) - if from the Old Testament and not directly religious ones - though I recall an episode of "Pinky and the Brain" which also featured Samson and Delilah (complete with the "jawbone of an ass" incident). I got a smile at the original Goliath showing up in the story, too (a bit early from the point of view of Biblical chronology, but then, given that the "Hercules" animated series often had people from Greek mythology and classical Greece, such as Pericles and Herodotus, as contemporaries....).

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

#1. Apparently, some rude individual had posted a message to you asking you to delete all the questions that I have been anonymously giving to you. I honestly find that person to be utterly disrespectful simply because of the fact that they feel that I posted a lot of questions recently (as of the time of this posting). If you truly feel that I have pestering you with my questions, and if I've somehow gotten you angry, I apologize.

#2. In your responses to certain postings, you previously claim that you needed to do some research in order to be able to answer specific questions (such as the full names of the characters). Now, if I recall correctly, there is a source book called "The DC Comics Encyclopedia," and the first version of that book came out around 2004. Three updated versions of it came out in 2008 ("The DC Comics Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded"), 2016 ("The DC Comics Encyclopedia: All-New Edition"), and 2021 ("The DC Comics Encyclopedia: New Edition"). If I also recall correctly, I believe in the cases of all editions of "The DC Comics Encyclopedia," the publisher of these books is identified as Dorling Kindersley Limited (branded as DK). If could offer one important key piece of advice to you, it would be this: I would recommend you get all four editions of "The DC Comics Encyclopedia," and then keep getting new/updated editions of it whenever they come out. If you follow this advice, it might end up being quite helpful to you in the long run when trying to stay up-to-date with information regarding the DC Comics Universe.

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Anonymous writes...

Are Barbara and Dick still in a relationship as of season 4 of Young Justice?

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Suzie writes...

This has been bugging me for a while. When Conner's hair burnt off in the lava, I noticed it's roughly the same place where Phantom Girl placed her hand when she sent them both into the Phantom Zone in order to save his life. Did Conner's hair burn off because Phantom Girl placed her hand on that part of his head or was it really just the lava?

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Secret writes...

1. Previously you said Black Canary and Static have secret identities despite not wearing masks, with the reasoning being along the lines of “it’s like Clark Kent and Superman/we want them to look like their comics versions/you just sorta have to roll with it” (sorry if that misrepresents what you really said).

With some exceptions, like Jaime being outed by the Reach or Garfield being green, is this generally true for all the public heroes who don’t wear masks? For example, would the general public not realize that Ed and Cassie are El Dorado and Wonder Girl?

2. Additionally, do characters with publicly well known identities who don’t wear masks not have secret identities? For example, does the general public know that “Zatanna Zatara the stage magician” is the same person as “Zatanna” of the Justice League?

3. How do the public superheroes without secret identities deal with the fame?

4. Since the Light already knows who all the heroes are (even the ones on the Team) at this point, is the use of code names mostly out of habit/tradition or just to protect them from common criminals (or both)?

Thank you!

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Spectacular Spider-Fan writes...

Hi Greg,

Hey Gregâ€"hope this finds you well. Had a Gargoyles question and some Spec Spidey questions.

1. Now that Gargoyles is coming back in comic book form, do you have new ideas that you didn’t think of back when you were working on the SLG comics that you plan to incorporate into the new series? Not asking for what they are.

2. Why didn’t Curt Conners test the Lizard formula on a rabbit or mouse like in the comics and other versions? It just seems a bit out of character for Curt, as a scientist, not to test the formula on another animal and to use himself as the only Guinea pig?

3. Did Curt know that Electro juiced the Lizard serum? I know he eventually found out since he basically shot down Warren in season 2 when he recommended using electricity for mammalian DNA. If he did know, again I wonder why didn’t he especially test the serum.

Hope you are well. Recently introduced Gargoyles to my best friend after he loved Spectacular and he’s really into it. Deadly Force really impressed him. Cheers!

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Emma writes...

Hello so I love wyynde and kaldur they are such an amazing couple I love them more than anything they were there for me when I needed something to stay they gave me a reason I suffered through a lot of suicidal thoughts it was really bad but when I watched young justice and i saw wyynde and kaldur it made me feel so much better so if we get a new season of young justice do you think we would see more of them together

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@Anonymous needs to stop writes...

Seriously, would you consider deleting/ignoring these types of questions from @Anonymous? It’s ridiculous.

“1. Why does the Earth-16 version of Lois Lane retain her maiden name even after she married Clark Kent?
2. In regards to the Earth-16 version of Tim Drake, his first name is actually Timothy, and "Tim" is his nickname, correct?
3. Shouldn't Jonathan and Martha Kent technically be identified as Jonny Kent's paternal adoptive grandparents; since Jor-El and Lara El are Jonny Kent's paternal biological grandparents?
4. In regards to the Earth-16 version of Beast Boy, his nickname is "Gar," correct? Also, is his father's name Mark Logan?
5. In regards to the Earth-16 version of Cyborg, his nickname is "Vic," correct? Also, is his mother's name Elinore Stone?
6. In regards to the Earth-16 version of Black Lightning, his nickname is "Jeff," correct?”

I know none of these questions on the queue are “important” in the grand scheme of things, but there are so many questions from someone who doesn’t have the common sense to know what a grandfather is or that Vic is a nickname for Victor (even though it’s in the show). When there are a ton of other people waiting months for an answer and only a few questions are answered per week, it’s crazy to have so many questions asking “is X a cousin of Y? Does that mean Y is a cousin of X?”

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