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Mark writes...

1. Do the League of Shadows masks with three dots on one side one on the other have any functions depending on what eye it is on? If not they still look really cool.
2. Is Ra's Al Ghul's name actually his or is it just a title?
3. Is League of Shadows also known as the League of Assassins on Earth 16?
4. When was the League of Shadows formed on Earth 16?

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M. writes...

Hi Greg! I've been loving s3 so far, especially "Exceptional Human Beings". I noticed that there's something off with Jade in that episode, but I guess I'll have to wait and see what's gonna happen in the second half of the season. Anyway, I just wanted to know:
1) After Jade helped Will to find Roy, and did other good things for her sister (like helping her with the intel) and him, Do you think Cheshire should be considered an anti-hero instead of villain?
2) Did she give Will the idea to start a company or help him in any way?

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Kid_Argentum writes...

Hey Greg! I was wondering what is up with Mento's accent/speech impediment? Is this just the way he talks or is there something else to it?

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Tom Reilly writes...

In nightmare monkey we saw a pic of Rita gar and Marie is there any chance we see an episode around that

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Now that Wally is gone (he better come back to be with Artemis and Brucely again) I can't help to think all these couples are getting what it should have been Spitfire's.
Superboy and Miss M get engaged, which is something Wally and Artemis would have stepped into at some point for sure.
Nightwing and Barbara (along with SB and Miss M) got a suggestive scene at home.
Black Lightning and Dr. Jace got an after sex scene.
What did Wally and Artemis got? He is missing somewhere (he isn't gone and certainly he is not dead) and Artemis looks lovingly and longingly at a picture of them and Brucely every morning :( I'm sad...
Is there any way for the league, the team or anyone to bring Wally back?
Are we gonna see Mary and Rudy West at all before Season 3 ends?
Is Artemis still in contact with Wally's parents? I like to think she is like a daughter or political daughter to them.
I miss Wally and I miss Artemis and Wally together so badly!!

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MahkentFan91 writes...

1- Did Artemis lose her virginity to Cameron?
2- Are Artemis and Cameron still friends?
3- If they aren't friends, at least are they on good terms, like Cam is with Superboy?
4- I imagine Cam loves being a villain, but do you think he has potential to redeem himself and be on the good guys side? Could he be an anti-hero type of character someday?
I hope Cameron assists one way or another to Conner and M'gann's wedding. I've always been a fan of the Icicle characters and I'd like to see Cam more. Thank you for having him on YJ along with Artemis!!

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Gardita4Ever writes...

I love the Gardita relationship!! Thank you so much for creating such nice couple between two incredibly loved characters! I love them very much! Please don't let anything bad happen to this couple. You already destroyed my biggest OTP (One True Pairing) Spitfire D> Don't let Gardita suffer please!!!
What's Perdita and Garfield's birthdays if you don't mind asking?
How long have been Gar and Perdita together?
I'm really hoping they'll get married one day.

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Erik F. writes...

Hello Greg!

01. How old is Silas Stone?
02. How old is Casey Klebba?
03. How old is Dale Gunn?
04. How old is Simon Stagg?
05. How old is Shade?

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Marvelman writes...

Hi Greg,

Having watched the first half of season 3, I can honestly say that the writing on Young Justice is as sharp as ever. As always, some episodes like "Evolution" and "Nightmare Monkeys" are better than others, but that's going to be true of any show.

However, I recently re-watched "Depths" from season 2, and I have to say that the quality of the animation on Outsiders is just not at the level of the animation on seasons one and two. What would account for this? Is your budget smaller? Did you switch animation houses? Or, do you not agree with the premise of my question?

Don't get me wrong. I think the animation is okay. It's just not as good as prior seasons.

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DNMZ writes...

Hi Greg I have two question that I hope haven't been asked before.
1: Am wondering while making Young Justice season 3 you ever think about Artemis and Dick hooking up ? Like a one night stand type thing.
2: Believe you said Artemis lost her virginity when she was around 14. Know how old any of the other characters we're when they lost theirs ?

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