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Got a question for fans of Gargoyles - a while back, I read (somewhere)an analysis of the Demona character. It was fairly sizeable, and delved into aspects such as why she used the password "Alone". I'd like to read it again, but as I said - it's been a while. Years in fact. I'm just seeing if anyone here would recall it.
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Spike - Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

There you are ... late for one and early on the other.





*harasses BrooklynX*

I hope everybody is having a good Christmas.

Oddsight > Warm winter boots are the best.

*boots arrive*
*puts boots on*
*is happy*

odd sight
*wearing boots*

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Happy Holidays!

robby>> The boots haven't arrived yet. Plus we don't have a tree. And she's going to visit her parents in Tennessee so she won't be here for x-mas.

Also, I ain't no mister, I'm a paperweight. *nods*

Also, don't feed the trolls, SM is baiting you. The couch likes spam, but it doesn't seem to go for trolls.

SM>> Be at ease my friend, you are positively hostile. Robby is harmless. Also, use that anger to write your congress person. Yelling at Rob can't change a darn thing with the government. As an adult, I expect you to know this. After you do that, organize other people of like mind and get them to write their congress persons too.

SM && Robby>> Please take it outside you two. That stuff belongs in twitter and facebook, not in S8 please.

All>> Anyway, the boot's look like they're nice and warm. And I love warmth! ^__^ Who else likes warm winter boots? Any one??

odd sight
*holds down paper*

Odd> Also, that's cheating. It's not Christmas yet! You go wrap those boots back up and put them back under the tree, mister! *nod nods* ;>

Wingless> And my color has always been Cyan! Always has, and always will me! Mine! My Cyan! My Preeecciiouussss...


Slayme> Wow. You people DO live in your own fascinating little bubble, don't you? And I'm not just talking about the fact that we clearly have different definitions of "destroying the country."

And I USED to find your behavior humorous. But it's been going on long enough now that it's started to become more disturbing than entertaining. It's like watching someone who just woke up stumble into walls before their first cup of coffee... It's good for a laugh at the beginning, but as they keep staggering about it stops being funny and enters the region of "Maybe there's something seriously wrong with this guy." And the absolute unhinged crazy from the Left has gone on long enough to reach that state.

You do realize that Trump himself doesn't have that many 'followers,' right? Most everyone I've spoken to recognizes the fact that he's an ENORMOUS A-hole. He doesn't 'bring out the worst' in his 'followers.' He's just a crystallizing point for all of the people who are fed up with liberal PC BS. And there are a LOT of those people. You just never noticed them because the lefty Media ignored them. Well, when it wasn't mocking, denigrating, and belittling them.

As for all your talk about 'fighting back?' IT demonstrates just how out of touch you are. The left has been 'fighting back' for the past few decades. Pushing it's agenda. Pushing political correctness. Pushing bigger and bigger government. Pushing more intrusive regulations. You've been pushing long enough and hard enough that people are finally getting fed up. Fed up with being called evil, or racist, or xenophobic, or a 'basked full of deplorables,' or everything under the sun if they disagree with the liberal agenda. This? This is the CONSERVATIVES finally fighting back instead of letting themselves be railroaded. This is, hopefully, the tipping point whereupon the pendulum begins to swing the other way, away from expanding government, socialism, and insanity.

And let's see.. It's not okay to treat women HOW exactly? Sure, Trump is a sleaze ball. But I don't quite see how the rest of the country is going to act like sleaze balls just because the president is one... I mean, it didn't happen when Bill Clinton was president, did it? How 'we all' treat black people? You'll have to tell me exactly how it is that we treat them... And also, explain to me how much life for the average black family has improved under Obama's enlightened leadership. Ignoring science and facts? THIS, from the party who's reaction to everything is based on emotion and feelings? Who want to ban 'offensive' speech or behavior they disagree with?

I'm a chemist and a chemical engineer. I work at a facility that designed nuclear power plants for the navy. Trust me, science and facts are VERY important to me, and part of my daily life. Which is why I am unimpressed by leftist's appeals to feelings and emotions rather than logic.

As for being a fan of Gargoyles... This may sound strange to you, but I actually try NOT to politicize every aspect and facet of my day to day life. The fact that you seem to think you need to know the politics of Frito Lays versus Wise before you decide which brand of potato chips to buy is... Well.. really REALLY disturbing. Because A) that can NOT be healthy. B) I do not want to live in a country that is that politicized and divided. And c), it reminds me far too much of Soviet Russia. Everyone scrambling to virtue signal and show that they're the BEST most right thinking little communist that the party has ever seen!

Finally, I understand your fears about a Trump presidency. I really, honestly do. Because I'm afraid of the exact same thing you are. We are both afraid that Trump is going to behave EXACTLY like Obama. You're afraid that the weaponized federal government that has been decades in the making, and honed to a razor's edge over the Obama era, is now going to be pointed at YOU. I'M afraid that Trump is going to utilize and continue to expand the Federal government... Which means four or eight years of things going the 'right' way... Until a Democrat wins, and everything reverses.. With each and every election becoming more and more contentious as the government's power becomes more and more influential. Our forefathers wrote the constitution to limit the power and authority of the Federal government for good reason.

You know, now that the shoe is on the other foot, do you think that maybe you Liberals will be willing to cross the aisle and agree with us conservatives that it's time to trim the size of the government, and reduce it's power and authority? So that FUTURE elections won't be quite so contentious, because there will be less authority at stake regardless of which side wins?


. . . so my girlfriend bought me some new boots today as an x-mas present ^__^
odd sight
I've got the best girlfriend this side of the verse

. . .


odd sight
Tired of looking for a new job.

@Robert - The fact that you like seeing the country destroyed - I think you called seeing your fellow Americans' distressed reactions as "humorous" or something similar - that right there - your heartless love of pain and hate - is why most people are very concerned about giving power to someone like Trump - who seems to bring out the worst in his followers - like you. Don't think we are going to let you normalize this psychopath - we're not. You're in for the fight of your life - you've never seen liberals truly fight back like you're about to see now. You people - and yes I do call yall you people - there is something fundamentally wrong with yall and it's time the rest of us stood up and let you know - it's not OK. It's not OK to treat women the way yall do. It's not OK to treat black people the way yall do. It's not OK to ignore science and facts the way yall do. We've had it with your right-wing nonsense - why do you think nobody will play at Trumps inauguration? Do you really not see serious warning signs that this is. not. normal? Spoiler - it is. On a side note - how are you even a fan of Gargoyles - pretty sure Greg Weisman is not only not a Trump supporter - most intelligent people aren't - there's another hint for ya. You can hate liberals all you want without being a Trump supporter you know? Then again hate and Trump do seem to go hand in hand. Anyone sick of all this politics talk? I know I am. But I was not about to let the ravings of Robert here go unanswered. My advice - put your faith in science and facts - they will never lead you wrong. Also - never trust a Republican. Best advice I can give to anyone in these.. troubling times. Bernie Sanders (hindsight is) 2020! Can't wait for Young Justice Season 3 though! Woohoo! lol - Lighten up Robert - and try to be nicer to people - I hope you see through Trump's voodoo at some point...
slayme - [slayme69 at yahoo dot com]

Robert: it's eating your posts because you're blue instead of your usual green. The room doesn't recognise you. :)

Grrrr! I can NOT figure out why this thing is eating my posts! It's not length, because even chopping it into smaller pieces isn't working right... I'm just spamming the room with blank posts! :/

Now, I'm not claiming that the Right wouldn't make as big a mess if the boot were on the other foot. What I'm saying is that the boot is currently on the LEFT foot. And it's looking far closer to Orwell's "A boot stomping on a human face, forever" than the right is. Give Conservatives a decade or two of control, and they might manage to be as bad.

Oh, and last but not least... It's not Donald Trump salivating at the thought of further disarming the American populace. You Europeans may have a hard time understanding this, but many of us Americans take our right to keep and bear arms VERY seriously. Because, at the end of the day, THAT is the big red "Emergency Reset" button on our beloved Republic. If you honestly believe that the government is going all 'Totalitarian Concentration Camp' on you then you are free to, no, ENCOURAGED to go pick up a shotgun or two and put them to good use when the jackbooted thugs break down your door. Hell, if things reach that point I will be more than happy to pass out a few noisemakers myself. A man only has two hands after all. And I have well more than two firearms.

So really, I don't need to HOPE that you're wrong. I KNOW that you're wrong. Because Americans have never really trusted our government in the first place. (Hence all the limits on its power in the Constitution.) And we trust it even less THESE Days. EVERYONE'S approval ratings are in the tank. Finally, Trump is not a King, and Conservatives are not his fanatical followers. By and large Trump's biggest selling point is the way the Left responds to him. Watching progressives froth at the mouth, melt down, and throw rationality to the wind is entertaining.