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*scrolls down*

Arno> *mimicks Robert's gesture*
*keeps fingers crossed for your brother-in-law*


How come, I stumble across the most bizarre stuff on dA all the time?
"Dafuq?" :D

*smacks head* Oh, duh! How did I miss that point in my earlier reply?

Arno> I hope things go well for your brother-in-law! I'm assuming it's malignant then and not benign? I had a coworker at a previous job who had a brain tumor... But luckily it was on the exterior of their brain, and was easily removed surgically with no ill effect, aside from having to regrow their hair obviously! I hope it's something like that in this case... :<


Arno - Sending more healing energies your bro-in-laws' way. Give your sister a great big Southern American hug from me. By that, I mean squeeze her breathless whilst swinging her GENTLY (feet must leave the floor)(HERS, not yours).

Yes, babies and kids warp time. My theory has been proven.

All - Hail and well met. Again.

/stumbles off to rest


Wowie! A Maui! How is the Maui and her newest Minion? ;>

Arno> Nope. They can't take it back. Rules and laws and such BS. they don't know that the oil isn't contaminated, which means it has to be sent back to be reprocessed.. which means no cash back. :/

Also, when I bang MY head against a wall, the wall doesn't collapse.. alone with half the roof. *glares* *l*

And no! My birthday isn't divisible by 3! I was born on the 13th! So I'm PRIME! *nods* ;>

And, on an unrelated note... Might anyone want a bit of maple syrup? Because after handing some out to family and neighbors, I still have a bit left, and little to do with it. It's all natural and comes with a guarantee that there's an 80% chance that I didn't accidentally tap a hemlock tree! *nods*


I AM REMISS IN ALL MY DUTIES! Including replying to posts here. Shame on me! Did I miss the Easter Beedoo!? Tell me I didn't miss the Easter Beedoo! this year... I so want to know who that person -really- is.

Gedoena / Beedoo!> If I were to make a movie to wrap up my cancelled series (note to self: get television series, then get cancelled), I think I would pick the most important storyline and wrap that up. Though I was very disappointed that the Shepard never really got his backstory explained... But I understand. Also, Serenity is a contender for the "most unexpected death" award!

I remember back when the Gargoyles movie was a thing. I recall how some people wanted the movie to be about things like "It should follow up from Hunter's Moon and focus on Demona and MacBeth and also it needs to have the Illuminati in there." I wonder how well that movie would have done. *l*

(Still sad that we never got our movie...)

Robert> Like Beedoo! said, can you try getting the oil company to take it back? Also, could you stop banging your head against the wall? People complain when I do it, so I don't see why you should be allowed.

It's understandable that you didn't get round to cancelling your oil, what with all your family concerns, right?

Anyway, can't we just say that April is the month of cool people born on days that are multiples of three? Happy birthday. ;)

Darkone> Hi Darkone! *Stops* *Thinks* How's that pronounced anyway? Dar-kone? Dar-Ko-Nee? Darquone? ;)

Beedoo!> *Pokes around for hidden eggs and the like* *A chicken falls from his mane*

MAui> I think the time went to the baby. It's a scientific fact that around children time gets warped. This is why they seem to grow up so fast. Your life practically flashes before your eyes! :)

I look forward to your reply. I wonder what I wrote. *l*

Oh, in other news, everyone: my brother-in-law appears to have a brain-tumor. They will tell him the plan for treatment coming friday, but these are nervous times in the Netherlands, obviously. And hard on my sister and their children, obviously.

Arno - [<-- Comic #135: Arno and Beedoo! - Eat too much sushi]
Great black dragon

Happy easter everyone!
Also happy birthday to robby and onar!
Onar I realize I seriously owe you a email response. Where does the time go??
Much love to you all ;)


Happy Easter / Give-Candy-To-Good-Aethiest-Children Day everybody! I guess it's time to go hang with my Peeps.... Maybe bite some of their heads off and devour them too. *nods* ;>

Bobszy> Yeah, but I don't WANT oil heat anymore! I have natural gas available at the street, and it's cheaper and requires less maintanance. I wanted to switch last year, but never got around to it. Now I'm either stuck another year, wasting money with more xpensive oil.. Or switching over, and wasting money when I try to get RID of the damned oil in the tank!

Deeboo> Thankees! I also seem to recall something about Arno's birthday being in April as well (and thus ruining any claim that only cool people are born in april, alas!) So...

Arno> HAPPY (early/belated/right-on-time) Birthday!


*bounces through, hiding Meeps, live chickens, and meat products around the room* Happy Easter, everyone! Kristos Anestes!
The Easter Beedoo!

I wish everyone here a very happy Easter!
He is Risen!

Darkone> Frankly, I didn't get that one. *shrugs*

Duncan: Nice ;p Love the crane one *snickers*

*peaks and chews on the drapes*

The first strip is a good example how tiny typos can grow into serious trouble ;)

Duncan: LOL!

Canon... non-canon... explained the easy way.

any questions? ;D


Lunar Eclipse tonight. Enjoy the show.
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Rob> Any chance you can call the oil company now and have them siphon it back out? You might have to still pay delivery charges, but at least it'd be less.

And dangit, I was meaning to remember your birthday! I had it firmly fixed in my mind last month...
Happy belated/very merry unbirthday, in any case.