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Grrrr! I can NOT figure out why this thing is eating my posts! It's not length, because even chopping it into smaller pieces isn't working right... I'm just spamming the room with blank posts! :/

Now, I'm not claiming that the Right wouldn't make as big a mess if the boot were on the other foot. What I'm saying is that the boot is currently on the LEFT foot. And it's looking far closer to Orwell's "A boot stomping on a human face, forever" than the right is. Give Conservatives a decade or two of control, and they might manage to be as bad.

Oh, and last but not least... It's not Donald Trump salivating at the thought of further disarming the American populace. You Europeans may have a hard time understanding this, but many of us Americans take our right to keep and bear arms VERY seriously. Because, at the end of the day, THAT is the big red "Emergency Reset" button on our beloved Republic. If you honestly believe that the government is going all 'Totalitarian Concentration Camp' on you then you are free to, no, ENCOURAGED to go pick up a shotgun or two and put them to good use when the jackbooted thugs break down your door. Hell, if things reach that point I will be more than happy to pass out a few noisemakers myself. A man only has two hands after all. And I have well more than two firearms.

So really, I don't need to HOPE that you're wrong. I KNOW that you're wrong. Because Americans have never really trusted our government in the first place. (Hence all the limits on its power in the Constitution.) And we trust it even less THESE Days. EVERYONE'S approval ratings are in the tank. Finally, Trump is not a King, and Conservatives are not his fanatical followers. By and large Trump's biggest selling point is the way the Left responds to him. Watching progressives froth at the mouth, melt down, and throw rationality to the wind is entertaining.





Liberals have spent the past 8 years strengthening the government and weaponizing every agency they can. Politicizing the IRS and FBI. Handing more power to unelected bureaucrats at the EPA. Encouraging speech codes and other anti free speech rules on college campuses. Picking winners and losers with sweetheart deals and subsidies. (One of my great fears is that Trump will continue that practice, just on the other side.)

It's not right wingers 'protesting' legitimate election results. Protesting and RIOTING. Conservatives don't SHOUT DOWN people presenting dissenting opinions at college campuses. Or foment violence at their opponents political rallies. It's not Conservatives passing out Brown shirts.

Now the Liberals and their media assistants are touting 'Fake News' as the next great threat to democracy. Because we should just trust the government to filter out all the 'lies' and tell us the 'truth.' *wink wink nudge nudge.*

And you're worried about TRUMP? Really??




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Duncan> Ah, the straight up comparison of your opponents to Hitler/ The Nazis. There's a reason Goodwin's law exists you know. To blatantly steal a quote "The dark night of Fascism is forever descending on the United States, yet always lands elsewhere."

Ah, Fascism. Originating from the word Fasces, meaning bundle of sticks. As in a bundle of sticks is stronger than a single twig, so long as they're all together. It's a form of nationalism and socialism, with increased government control of the economy and of society. It's a tyrannical form of government, with power focused at the top, with a single 'strong man' in charge to give the nation unity and direction. It encourages it's adherents to take direct action against opposition groups.

So, let's see how each side stacks up, shall we? I admit that Liberals are anything BUT Nationalistic. But if you replace Nationalism with the cause of 'Progressivism,' there's little difference.

The Left are strong supporters of Diversity! Diversity of race, color, religion, gender... But tolerate absolutely NO diversity in THOUGHT. Conservatives are insulted, slighted, discriminated against, and driven out wherever leftists get a toe hold. I suppose Conservatives MIGHT do the same thing, if the tables were turned. But honestly, they'd nowhere NEAR as good at it.

Liberals are constantly pushing for more rules and regulations. In short, more government involvement and control over industry. Conservatives (generally) oppose excessive intrusion into business. Trump has actually promised to slash regulations. (Let's see if he actually keeps that one. I'm not holding out much hope.)



I see the couch is still around to eat people.

Nice to see so many familiar faces. I can't believe it's been so long since I've chatted with any of you.

Anyway, straight to the point... Does anyone know how to get in contact with Jhessill?


Why sorry that I dare to claim I know more about ultra right-wing propaganda shit than you do. Say what you want but I say a right-wing bunch of racist is evil. Period.

People keep lamenting how on earth could the Germans ever allow the Nazis to come into power back in the 1930s.

It's exactly the same shit in Turkey these days and deny it all you want: It's starting out EXACTLY the same way in the US right now. Heck, Trump is even using the same slogan! "Mame America Great again"? Hitler also promised to make Germany great again.

Whatever. This is not the place. And I'm tired of it. You go and see what happens in the next four years. And seriously: I really, REALLY *hope* that I'm wrong!


Heya Cams!

Dunc> Alas, S8 seems intent on eating my posts if they are over some unknown length. *shakes a fist at the chat room* Damn you and your sound-bite oriented word limits!

And we're only really targeting black dragons named Arno. Come on, you know they deserve it! ;>

The people he's putting into power are EVIL and FIENDISH. Wow. That right there is exactly why the Liberals lost this last election. That's the difference between Liberals and Conservatives. Conservatives think Liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are EVIL. And people have gotten tired of being called evil because they're fed up of political correctness, or they disagree with government policies, or because they're to the right of Che Guevera.

And really, the man isn't even in OFFICE yet and people act like the world has ended. "Oh no! He's picking people to advise him who won't give him the advice WE would! He's a DICTATOR!" *eyerolls*

Though I'll agree with your "Just a different herd" sentiment. This whole Carrier thing irks me, because it's the same Crony Capitalism that the Democrats have been practicing: Picking winners and losers. That's not the government's job. And the fact that Trump might push things in a direction I approve of doesn't mean I approve of the methods. Still, Liberals calling him out for his behavior after the way the government bailed out the banks and GM (Government Motors) is UNBELIEVABLY hypocritical.

Oddly enough, the Media haven't been doing what's best for their ratings. They've been doing what best for the Democratic party, and tilting their coverage WAY to the left. Which is why they're mostly going out of business. I mean, the entire old world media economy is shrinking. Bu the slice of the pie held by CNN, MSNBC, and the NYT is shrinking even faster.

And yes, the cost of health care bothers me. The solution to high health care costs? Free market Capitalism, which has reduced the cost of most every commodity known to man. As opposed to the government, which invariably RAISES the cost of everything it touches. See college tuition for a stellar example.


OMG, Hi Everyone!

Ah, so the alt right are now even targeting black DRAGONS these days!? :P


On a serious note though:
I think Trump is incredibly DANGEROUS. Not just because of himself but even more so because of the people he is putting into power. The lot is evil and fiendish. The whole bunch of them will inevitably do a LOT of bad things.
I do get the giant middle finger thing. No shit, it probably was high time for it. But... seriously... TRUMP!?
Trump is as much involved in the establishment as Hillary is. Maybe even more. Just a different bunch of the herd. Gee whizz. Much better, eh?

Also, I'm not putting high hopes in the media. At all. They do whatever is best for their ratings. They don't give a shit about truth, let alone the common good.

And last but not least... "small number"? Look again. There are countless people out there working two or three jobs and STILL can't afford health care. If you don't find that at least somewhat disturbing, then it's best we stop discussing right this instant.


odd sight
still looking for a job



Duncan> Oh, come on. It's ALWAYS a choice between the lesser of two evils! Because in any election, you're choosing between two POLITICIANS! *l* The evil is IMPLIED! ;>

But really, both candidates were horrible, but the reason Trump won is because he's a giant middle finger to the entire establishment. Republicans included. It's not like the Republican establishment likes him either! Americans are fed up with their political class, and electing Trump is the clearest signal they could possibly send of that fact. (Now watch everyone manage to ignore it anyway...)

Besides, Trump's presidency won't be that bad. Mostly because he probably won't manage to actually DO much. After all, all of the Democrats hate his guts.. And so do HALF of the Republicans. Add in the fact that the media is going to be gunning for him, instead of COVERING for him (As they would do for any liberal, let alone Clinton) and the odds of him actually making major changes aren't great. Sad so say, gridlock is about the best I can hope for these days. I fully believe that the government that governs best governs least. And if nothing is getting done, at least those idiots in Washington aren't making things WORSE!

If you want a social society, if you want to help the poor and needy, then more power to you. Go ahead and do it. Find a bunch of like minded people and start an organization. I might even throw you a few bucks. But if you want to put a gun to my head, take my money by FORCE, and distribute it to those YOU consider "Needy," then we're going to have a problem. Charity is a personal and local CHOICE. Not something that should be enforced by the Government. And keeping it local will, hopefully, help to keep away some of the useless leeches who live off such programs. And there are plenty of those. Believe me, I'm (unfortunately) related to one of them.

I'm all for a support net, and a hand up. But I have no interest in building as hammock for the lazy, indolent, and incompetent to spent their lives laying about in while I'M working my butt off. There's a small number of truly helpless and needy people out there. But there's a far larger mass of people who need a good swift kick to the rear and to be told "If you wanna eat, you gotta work."


*sigh* I blame Arno! I bet it was his anti-spam filter or the like! *nods* It's censorship I say! But what can you expect from one of the "Elites." Heck, he's always calling himself "Great", isn't he? *snickers8 And what do you expect from a BLACK dragon? *snerk*

Not to mention the way he gets away with criminal activity! Like killing innocent chatters... such as myself. *nods* Good thing I got better!

Yes, Arno is clearly.. *snickers, but bites his lip* Clearly Evil.. Aw heck, I just can't say it with a straight face! *l* ;>

Guess I'll have to rewrite things... *Sigh*


Argh! What happened to my big, long, thought provoking comment? And why didn't I cut and paste it in case this happened? AHHHHH! O.o