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Hello is there somebody who wants to sell the clan building vol. 2 for 120 $?
Goliath - [r dot kroha at gmx dot de]

Ding> Bah, humbug! We're not old, we just had longer experience at being young than others! :P

Mommy Spike be feeding her family well.

Now-how do we get adopted? ;)
Considering I turn the big 5-0 in less than a month I imagine I don't qualify anymore.



Chicken bondage is a thing when cooking in a rotisserie oven. *L* I stuff the cavity with a halved lemon and several garlic cloves, then tie the legs and wings down so they don't flop around.

Yummy chicken, tho.


Odd> That's probably a wise choice then. I rarely drink any alcohol. I fancy a small Whisky every now and then but that means ONE for the evening.

Spike> I didn't know that chicken bondage was a thing! XD :P


*untying her chicken in bondage*

*prepping a rub (garlic-salt-pepper-lemon zest) for rotisserie chicken.*

Hope everyone in the snow zone is warm and toasty.


Brooklex>> congrats!

BrooklynX>> that's awesome, they must have a lot of trust and faith in you!

Dunc>> I know nothing about whiskey, I try not to drink since some of my meds are a little hard on my liver. That and my endocrinologist told me to stop.

Spike>> I'm glad things worked out! :)

odd sight

Got 1 out of 16 books published still hoping they bring back the gatherings one can only hope right lol

"Hanging overhead on the rafters " booo👹

This is going to interesting year. The folks I minion for at cons have decided they want me to be an editor for a couple of their smaller publications.

Spike> Just one from my current assortment of 12 Scotch single malt Whiskys plus one Irish WhiskEy.



*looks at link*

Hmmm.... this looks like the sort of thing the hubs likes. He's fond of scotch.


Oh, managed to get through the day without killing anyone. I'm glad we live four hours away because my parents are the sort that would be in and out of our house all the time.

*wonders if Spike survived the day*

As for strong liquor, I'd rather suggest, you try a drop of this...


Spike> Well there is something very convincing about a closed front door and no answer to the doorbell.

*dreading the day*

(Parents announced they were coming for a visit -- no invitation, no listening when I explained that Tuesday Bill & Paul were working, Ry had a closing shift, Bill has scouts *after* work and I had four hours of scheduled classes at the store starting at 4pm.)

I may need hard liquor later.


Hippo gnu deer!