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I can sic Hudson on 'em......

No one will ever find the bodies.
Virtual or otherwise.


I have the machine shop. :) And a welder. :)

Come on people!This is the 21st century! We can deal with this sort of thing!

With the improvement in miniaturized computer systems and GPS as well as the rise of drone technology, DIY cruise missiles are TOTALLY within the realm of possibility!

Arno, you're in charge of tracking down the spammer's IP to areal world address. And also some of the guidance programming.

I, OBVIOUSLY, will be in charge of payload. Dynomite is easy, but perhaps we want something with a ring based aromatic structive? Give me a bit of time and I'm sure I can manage TNT and pehaps RDX!

Now we'll just need someone to built the jet engine, and someone good at avionics! Who here has experience welding, and perhaps a machine shop?

And once we know where the spammers originate from, we just have to find a chatter who lives within a few hundred miles of their building to act as the launch facility! Us garg fans are spread out over a significant portion of the earth...

Come on people! We can do this! Get to work now, chop chop! ;>


*Sighs* They do know how to be persistent...