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*Looks down and turns his head to follow Spike running past with a spatula and a vengeance* ... Erm... *Calls after* Violence is rarely the solution, right?! ;)

Odd Sight> *lol* Hmm... And STLL we get spam? I don't know what else we can do then. Sounds like you found a good friend, though. ;)

Arno - [<-- Arno & Beedoo! - Don't know what to expect]
Great black dragon

Actually... I knocked on a piece of wood that I found in a cemetery on Friday 13th at midnight. It was glowing and floating above a grave stone marked "here lies woody, the canned Spam".... it was moaning and saying something like "your very best Russian brides are looking for you loving.." and "please help, I am a Nigerian prince, give me you bank account and I'll send you money..."

It's my good luck charm ^_^

odd sight - [<<<---BEEEEEEES!!!!!!]
Bees! Bees are attacking!!!

*chases spam with giant spatula*

Odd Sight> Did you knock on the right kind of wood? I mean, the kind that isn't haunted? Or made entirely out of spam?

Yes, bees attacking the server! I don't know what that refers to, if anything, but that's what you get when you are a horrible no-good spammer! Or, you know, switching IP addresses...

Arno - [<-- Arno & Beedoo! - Don't know what to expect]
Great black dragon

Well... That's kind of funny in a not so funny sort of way...
I even knocked on wood.

odd sight
Knock on wood again

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So, I chat from my phone so my ip is always changing and every now and then, rather than posting, I get some strange message that the server is being attacked by bees. (Tommy Boy movie reference maybe?) And I have to push the submit button again.
odd sight
Knock on wood

You jinxed it, Odd Sight! The moment you say I am good about keeping the spam out, we get flooded. Sorry, we were underway and recuperating. Currently in Flagstaff, Arizona. I'll try to be more diligent.

This was one particularly persistant spammer, though!

Hudson> Gorebash did implement a system along the lines you were talking about. It's been years, so the details became a bit fuzzy, but there's an invisible field on the form that contains a value based on your IP address, and that needs to match with said IP address. The idea is that all posts that do not come through the form itself are automatically blocked. This worked wonderfully because, so the empirical evidence suggested at the time, this spamming happened in two fases. The first fase is a bot trawling the internet for forms to dump crap into and see what happens, and once it finds one it saves the form info somewhere, and then an army of bots from different IP addresses will just start posting spam without ever going through the form. This cut it down by some 90%.

He then banned all Chinese IP addresses. That was 90% of what remained.

Now we only get the occasional burst from a single or few IP addresses (like we just had happening). Presumably they go through the form, or they come from the same IP address as the 'trawler'. Those I ban. -Most- of the time this keeps it under control.

No more honeymoons for me, I guess...

Arno - [<-- Arno & Beedoo! - Don't know what to expect]
Great black dragon