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I chat with him every now and then on the face book.
odd sight
*eating pizza*

Aww, Arno!

I miss chatting with him.


Aaand my emoji turned into a number. Thanks, smartphone.

Robert> Arno has a fb page, but he also did not want certain people to find it. So, he goes by Arno J. Cobbs. 😂

Hey Robert! Ever used Flickr? If all you're looking to do is share photos but prefer not to be bogged down with the social media aspect, Flickr is a great way to store, organize and present your collections of photographs. The service functions both as photo storage/light editing/organization and presentation, and you can control which photos can be seen by the public and which remain stored but private (if other friends are in the Flickr community, you can likewise manage the privacy controls over whom can see what).

There is a free account and a premium account - I got my premium account back in 2007 and pay every 2 years, so I'm not sure if rates have gone up. I've been extremely satisfied with the evolution of their program over the last decade.

If you're at all curious to the layout, look and feel of the place, I pasted a link to one of my albums I created for my Photo A Day 2016 project last year. If you have any questions about user experience feel free to hit me up at hillarystarpants at gmail dot com. Hope this helps!


Everyone's off swimming in the sea of life....

Hey guys! Shit, I haven't been here since the 90's. Anyone remember me? :P

Add me on Steam if you want, I linked it in the website field here. Does anyone still get on IRC? I went to #Gargoyles on Chatnet and it didn't even exist anymore, no K9 either. Where's everybody at?


This on one of my 3 am shift days too.

I'm *really* getting tired of Paul throwing things in the trash that do NOT belong to him. Kate (Ry's dog) managed to chew the zipper open on one of my new couch pillows. All it needed was to be sewn shut. I finally have some time today to do it and can't find the pillow anywhere.

I found it in the trash.
Where I had just emptied last night's chicken curry.



I'd be up for that!

Well, we could all set a date and time where we all come back and have a virtual dinner party, sans the dinner...
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*eating spaghetti* ^__^

I hope one day it picks up a little.

Very quiet in here these days. Still nice to see familiar faces hangin' around occasionally.
*dusts off the rafters*


Robert > or use a pseudo name so that only people you want can find you.

Robby>> Just make multiple facebook accounts. I have like 3 or 4.
odd sight

odd sight
so tired -__- zzz

whoah this blog is wonderful i like reading your articles.
Joseph - [smithk433 at gmail dot com]
whoah this blog is wonderful i like reading your articles.

Soooooooo... I recently spent two weeks in Hawaii, which was pretty awesome, even if I spent the first week in a conference for work. And I have TONS of pictures of varying levels of awesomeness! Now, I understand there is this 'Facebook' thing that young whipper snappers are using these days to share things such as this...

BUT... If I WERE to acquire one of these 'Facebook Pages,' it would mean a confluence of weirdos I know online, weirdos from work, and weirdos in my family. And those are three groups that do not overlap.

Whatever shall I do?? O.o


92>> . . . nope
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Is there any fiction which consists of more than, "AHEHMMHMM,cough, cough," Goliath and Elisa doin it?
Rambling92 - [WQhouselp56 at dayrep dot com]