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Wow. A Newbie and Hudson on the same page. Of course, that was 3 days ago. :(

Yikes! did we scare Hudson away. Hope not. All kidding aside, we do miss you, ya know.

Spike-You're still super Mom!
As for the Ebola. Hoping it doesn't get out of hand. Gotta wonder why people are travelling to the infected locations these days.


Yesterday the big news in Dallas was the cow loose at the state fair -- today it's all about Ebola.

Fun, fun.... not really.


*making a pot of beans for dinner*

... oh, no more than usual.

...and I killed the chat.
odd sight
What is Cicada3301? NSA Recruitment tool? The illuminati? Hudson?

Maybe Hudson has been hunting those dang noisy bugs, the hard to follow ones, Cicadas? And something about 3301? I hear you need to be good to find them. *kind of an outside joke, not funny though*
odd sight
*tinkers on evil artificial intelligence*

Happens to the best of us, spike :(

Hudson> have you shunned social media? Me and destiny were trying to find traces of you online and all I could find was a twitch account that's not much used. What happened to



Well, I'm bummed. Didn't even make booth fee at FenCon.


Hmmmm.. I've been assumming that that chinese anti-satelite missile test of a few years ago was actually a shoot down of Hudson's personal hacked internet connection satelite. And that he's been spending the last few years on a roaring rapage of revenge across Asia. *he shrugs* ;>

Hudson: Still 100% badass after all these years.

A Hudson-sighting!
And here I thought, he went underground for good (probably planning world domination or something).


Wow! Hudson is still out there lurking. Let fear reign ;)

Damn skippy.

Yup, that's the hudson we all know and fear all right.

And just in case there are any doubters or haters.

I also come in white and orange, but only when super fast cars are involved.


<-- The proof is in the caliber of the personality.

I heard that. :p

*peeks in* Ugh. My computer down here is dying. Typing on a cell phone is a pain!

A Hudson sighting? I don't believe it. Was he hanging out with bigfoot and riding the lock ness monster? *L*


Huh, I undershot my normal color selection...

Spike, your hair sounds awesome! Pics on FB?

Beth> Oh yes, they have lots of MLP-related cons... There's going to be one not far from us in the Netherlands in February that Arno and I are going to. Get to meet a friend from Pony Central... yay!