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Yeah, life happened. Mostly trying not beat my head against the wall on a constant basis from some of the stupidity at work.

That, and currently trying to finish preparing to head out to AnthroCon. Fly up to Seattle tomorrow after work, meet up a friend, and then we fly out Wednesday. There is a chance I might be taking commissions from a few folks, which is a scary thought.


odd sight

REally hoping that Duncan was not at the movies.... *watching news about German shooter at movie theater*

(Ironic, because he was away last week at Twilight Camp. The boys and I found it very relaxing.)

My hubs is at the neighboring computer looking at old photos and telling me to look at them and all I want to do is read in peace.....

"Wish we could turn back time,
to the good old days
When our momma sang us to sleep
but now we're stressed out"

Who says I'm not up on new music ;)


*pops up behind the bar and makes a double gin tonic, extra lime*
Anybody want anything?

odd sight

*a piece of cake mysteriously vanishes into thin air*

*moments later, munching noises can be heard from among the rafters*


*Walks quietly inside to room feeling nostalgic* Hope everyone has been doing well *leaves a little cake for the chat and leaves just as quietly*
Takashi Yajima - [SVF-184 Jolly Rogers]

Reality continues to ruin my life!

/staggers in /falls into a corner and falls asleep

((Hello all.))


Alas, everyone got busy and life got in the way....

I miss the good old days with lots of regulars, lots of chatting, lots of RPGing and lots of mayhem.

Wish There was more traffic and folks around...

Spike>> Thats kind of funny. I really don't like lawyers, they try to manipulate people.
odd sight

Odd>> I've gotten into the jury pool a couple of times. Not a lot of fun -- especially when you've listed your occupation as 'freelance illustrator' and you suddenly find yourself in the front row. I expect that the defense lawyer thought 'artist = liberal.' *L*

The lawyer was asking everyone if they would have a problem with the defendant not testifying on his own behalf. Everyone said yes until they got to me. I said no, the lawyer blinked and asked why, and I answered, "If he's innocent until proven guilty, why won't he speak on his own behalf? What's he hiding?"

Everyone starting thinking after that. In the end, our entire jury pool was dismissed for being 'hostile.'



That's good. I've never been on a jury before but I assume it sucks up a lot of time.
odd sight

Err... w00t?

No jury duty -- yay!