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Heh.... these shoes look so cool... *cackles*

Meanwhile, my son's birthday is on Thursday and I'm painting him Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon on a pair of shoes.

... what's sad is that I still have a Christmas wreath on the wall because it's too big to shove in a closet.

What calendar? The one that has all the pages just falling off it because "OMFG IT'S JULY ALREADY!!"?

*Pokes room for signs of life...or to update the calendar*

They called to say they'll call and let me know in a week or two... I'm not sure what that means, if anything that makes me more anxious. Lol.
odd sight
kind of an emotional mess right now

Good luck, Oddy!

I know, I haven't been in here in forever. Just ducking in while I'm on this comp.


Good luck Odd Sight

*keeping fingers crossed*

Just had a job interview, I think it went really well! I'm trying to not get my hopes up but I'm so happy it's making me sick! In a good way. Lots of things going through my head.
odd sight
As the chat turns

Mind, while I have the original pencils of the pic, I sold the original in an art show years ago and I lost the computer files in the crash I had a while back.

Not unless you count Pogo. *L* Generally, the threat of a lawyer does the trick.

Spike> Do you have a lawyer?

Strangely they seem to still want the art or a version thereof. I suspect they've done up labels and just want to have their legal ends tied up.

I thought hipsters bartered with old leather shoes and tortoise shell glasses.
... Aren't bit coins the official currency of the mushroom kingdom?

odd sight

Heh, more like Hipster money actually ;)

Mind, I did compare bitcoins to monopoly money.

Oh, I turned them down and they got a bit snippy with me. *rolls eyes*

*points* A massive wall of white! It must be those damne spammers again! ;>

Arno> I should mention that I tried some Dutch Licorice the other day. what is WITH you people and adding salt to everything?!? O.o And what was the name of those candies you brought to one of the Gathering many moons ago? I need to procure a bag of it to pass out to my coworkers. (Obviously I don't really like my coworkers much.) *l* ;>

Spike> I think Arno described it a bit more eloquently than I would have. I was just going to say it's funny magic internet money that only works as long as people believe it works. But that reasoning applies to paper money to, so eh. ;> As far as I can tell it's a payment method mostly favored by criminals and libertarians that's trying hard to go mainstream, and that the value of a bitcoin was bouncing around like CRAZY a few years ago. Like Arno, I tend to be a bit conservative when it comes to my finances. So while I might well accept a sack full of bitcoins, I wouldn't be hanging onto them very long before converting them back to USD. *shrugs*


Spike> Bitcoins are a crypto-currency. My colleague trades in them and used to generate them. I know that doesnt tell you anything at ALL, but I'll try to explain what I understand about it. I am verbose, so I apologize in advance.

First: philosophy! In order for something to be a currency it must follow a few characteristics. Relevant ones here are: it is rare to a point, it is difficult to duplicate, it is easy to handle. Sea shells work as currency, for instance, because they are limited in number, difficult to reproduce nd easy to handle. Grains of sand do not - they're not rare enough. Elephants don't fit in your wallet.

Bitcoins are a -digital- currency that nevertheless follow these rules. And I don't mean digital in the sense of your online bank accoutn. Bitcoins do NOT have a central authority like a bank or a government keeping track of who has what. This is achieved through very advanced mathematical and technical trickery. It seems that in every way, a bit-coin behaves like an ordinary coin: if you give it to someone, you don't have it anymore. If you lose it (i.e., the storage you kept it on), it's gone until you find it. If someone steals it out from under you by hacking into your system, it's now there's. And it's anonymous: no central authority keeps track of who has what bit-coin. Just like how no one knows who has what dollar bill. You can trade bit-coins for real money on trading sites, Buying them from or selling them to other people just like you would for any foreign currency. The largest of these used to be Mt. Gox - but robbers broke in and stole their bitcoins and then they went bankrupt. Some people say the owner stole them for himself - no one would know. Amazing, isn't it?

By this time you might boith be more educated and more confused at the same time, which would mirror my reaction to the whole thing. There is, however, some push to using bitcoins as an online currency. Some places accept them. They have advantages: no banks to deal with, speed, convenience (no bank account), anonymity (depends on who you are whether you find that an advantage or not. Criminals like it a lot. It's the online equivalent of a suitcase full of $100 bills.).

But they have disadvantages as well. The value of bitcoins are very much in the hands of speculative traders and goes up and down like an excited elevator. Not as much as in the past, it seems, but the value of your payment will fluctuate until you sell it, or use it elsewhere.

Accepting bitcoins is in a sense like accepting cash, credit cards, checks, or any other monetary instrument. It's a hassle you choose to deal with. You need a digital wallet of some kind, you need to learn how the bitcoin thing works, you need to trade your payment on the bitcoin market for dollars. You will have protection and lack thereof equal to accepting physical dollars by mail - minus the risks inherent to the physical transport of money (like getting lost in the email): They might never send you the money; the payment cannot be reverted like a credit card payment; you cannot track them if you decide they stiffed you.

Personally, since I am a conservative person, I would stay away from the whole thing until a time when it's actually a big thing that everybody else is doing. However, if you feel that little will be lost by trying (you're selling a license art that you already produced, so I doubt you stand to lose much) this is what they're asking you to get into.


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