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Hey everyone, don't worry, I've banned all those folks here trying to sell their wares. We don't want people selling ventilon or chocolate medals or something. Glad I got rid of the lot of them; we'll be a reputable place in now time. *Nods*

Renee> Hello! I didn't know elves likes chocolate. I thought it was poison. *Thinks* Or was that dogs? ;)

Eclipse> *Talks to the standee* So how have you been anyway? You pop in and out, but we never get to talk. At least you now finally stick around. *Talks and talks and talks* *Keeps talking even as the standee falls over*

Wingless> Lucky fruit flies getting fed all that lovely sweet stuff. And me too big for the hole.

MAui> "Tell me, professor, where did you come up with that theory?" "IN A RAGE!!!!" Raise your child right, and this can be his future!

Robert> You're drinking the whiskey wrong. Anyway, those do look nice, but where did you get the art? And have you figured out the shipping dilemma yet?

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*reminds Spike that there's a difference between "German food" and "Bavarian food"*

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Robert - the flies can come from anywhere. It's just the time of years for them. They like kitchen drains, fruit, pretty much anything you can and can't imagine. Best to keep trappin' them.

Spike - Heh.

*puts out sauerbraten, mashed potatoes, fried cabbage, and gravy out on the bar*

(My hubs starts begging for German food the minute Oktoberfest beer hits the shelves... sehr gut!)

Sunday Night Art Chat

Maui> Thankee! That's kinda my hope. Each chocolate takes a while to make, but I can individualize them a bit. So I figure they might be good for weddings and birthday parties and those sorts of things. And since I more or less created the method for making these myself, there aren't many tutorials to follow. ;>

And if I'm gonna be Martha Stewart, does this mean I need to spend some time in prison? O.o

Well, who else COULD he be addressing? And no worries, we'll have him doing maniacal laughter in no time! The high pitched voices of children can actually make it more terrifying! *nods vigorously* ;>

Renee> Heya Renee! LTNC! Erm, sure, I could make a ozen of them. I'm still experimenting, but with the cost of all the materials in stuff... *checks his spreadsheet* They're be about $2.50 each, given the "people I know" discount. ;> So, round it to $25? The big problem though is that the chocolates cost LESS than it costs to SHIP them. I haven't quite worked out THAT side of things. O.o

Refridgerated containers aren't cheap. And you need ice packs.. Or dry ice... though chocolate isn't supposed to be FROZEN supposedly. And you have to have it shipped overnight or two day shipping or the like, since ice packs don't last that long... I dunno where you life, so I can't say how much shipping would be.. But I put pretty high odds on the cost of shipping them being MORE than the cost of the chocolates. O.o

Feel free to e-mail me though if you like. Ooooh! You can be the first person to use the e-mail address I set up for this! It's CrazyChemistConfections AT!

Wingless> Thankees for the advice. I'm already using a similar trick though. ;> Pretty much you put out some apple vinegar in a cup, and add a DROP of liquid soap to it. The soap breaks up the surface tension of the water. When the little bugs land, they sink right to the bottom. ;>

Of course, they you end up with a cup full of disgusting vinegar and dead flies. O.o I just don't know where the damned things CAME from!


Hey Renee!

Ding, thanks for that... I've got a similar problem... need to delouse my plants, so I wonder if this will work...

Dammit, the season ender for Ninja Turtles was so freaking epic, but it puts my fic in such a bind! Ugh. I hate claiming AU from x point, but... shit. That's just a sack full of monkey wrenches...


and Hi Renee! *hugz*

Wobby: Recipe for getting rid of fruit flies. Take a small bowl put a little water in the bowl-then a little cider vinegar. Then put some plastic wrap over top and poke a small hole in the top. The fruit files get in-attracted by the vinegar-trapped by the plastic and drown in the water. We have the same issue and it works wonders for us.

OOoooooOOOOOoooh! A Renee-sighting!
What a rare visitor!


Robert> How much for a dozen of those Marine Corps chocolate pops? And can they be shipped refrigerated? ((That last word looks spelled wrong, but I don't care.)) And would it be possible to leave them medallion type instead of pops?

YEah... I think that's all.

All> HELLO!!


*Puts stand in back up. Walks out*
Luna Eclipse

*walks in. Puts the carboard 'stand in' behind the couch and looks around*


Luna Eclipse

wow robby those are amazing! a lot of ppl would love to get something like that done for weddings. did you follow a tutorial or something?

First maple chocolate favors...we are going to start calling you martha stewart!

Onar> Angry science does have a nice ring to it :)

Robby again> he cant talk yet...he does say "mama" but I'm not actually sure he is addressing ME, so... :)


Deeboo> It's actually a diagram for a Transmission Electron Microscope. ;> And it sorta needs to be white chocolate for contrast. I can use colored white chocolate mine you, but it's still white chocolate.

I agree that white chocolate is kinda blah though. So I make the medallions out of milk chocolate, then add a thin layer of white chocolate on top. tastes MUCH better that way. ;>


Wob> Those look pretty good! Especially the one with the blueprint or whatever that is..
Does it work on regular chocolate, or just white? (Personally, I think white chocolate is gross...)


Fruit flies! Fruit flies! I am BESET by fruit flies!! WHHHHHHY? I haven't even BOUGHT fruit in two weeks! O.o

Maui> Well, that IS a kindly offer. I haven't been to Canada since your wedding! Just to check... They HAVE rescinded that "shoot on Sight" order for me, right....?

Ahhhh, yes! I'll have the little tyke working on "My First Fission Device" in no time! *rubs his hands together gleefully* Can he cackle maniacally yet? Or at least gurgle menacingly? ;>

Arno> I shall take that as a compliment. I could use the morale boost. *l* Here's a few more pics of chocolates I've made...

And I decline to make any comments on the latter issue. *he nods and downs a glass of whiskey* *oddly enough, the liquid vanishes from the bottom upwards...* *l*


Robert> You know, I looked over Beedoo!'s shoulder when she clicked your link, so I replied to her, but not you. Here's what I said:

"Looks pretty good! ... Do you suppose that white stuff around the chocolate is the people buying it? 'Just stand here and hold the chocolate'?" ;)

Honestly, that's more impressive looking than I imagined. You decide whether that's a compliment or not. *l*

So... Did Beedoo! expose you to My Little Pony? ;)
(Boy, that sounds dirty when I say that out loud...)

Shaiya> Aww... I'm not lonely! I'm working on part 8 now, actually. In part because Beedoo! tells me to split into smaller chapters, but also because I wrote more. It's a lot of work!

Duncan> Haha, German humour. It's laughable. ;)

MAui> You want to teach Sammy Mad Science? Would that be like Angry Science, or Crazy Science? Because I think Angry Science would be awesome. *l*

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