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Katie Cook> That is a compliment, I hope? Hi there! ;)

Duncan> I bet my day was more tiresome than yours. The monthly planning session with colleague "I work with idiots and so I must talk everyone down while being annoyed to the point of anger." Gr.

Luna Eclipse> ... Good thing we switched to electric tortches. ;)

I think it would be the first thing a dragon would disable, as soon as it got wet. *Pause* Maybe that's what happened to it. I've got to check the pipes for bite marks. ;)

Odd Sight> Don't be blue! :)

Robert> AAAH! AAAAARGH! AAAH! I DID DO THAT HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! AAAH! *Pause* Wait a minute... Cardboard wings? ... What?! ;)

KatioArno - [<-- Comic #139: Arno and Beedoo! - Went to CONvergence]
Great black dragon

Oh my god... I havent been in this chatroom since I was like 12... AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED
Katie Cook - [talkeetnatattoos at gmail dot com]

First a Beth sighting, then an Odd sighting, and a Wingless! Wow! ;>

And then it's followed by an Arno.. *grumbles* Well, I suppose it can't ALL be good... *snickers*

Arno> AHHH! *screams as Arno yanks off his wings and uses them to hide behind* My wings!! I NEED those! My suit doesn't sit right without wings in the wing holes! Give em BACK! *glowers at him*

Dunc> Ugh. Tell me about it. Been two loooong days at work. Blech.


A blue monday indeed and so was tuesday. At least for me at work.

Sheesh. *seriously stressed out*

A belated "Hi!" to Beth! Show up more often!


Arno> *lol* you'd think with you being a dragon and the other ways a fire can easily started that there'd already be a sprinkler system... *knocks over a torch off of it's holder on the wall*... maybe the settings were changed or something?...
Luna Eclipse


odd sight

Whoah! I see a conversation nearly broke out. We dodged a bullet there. We should install a sprinkler system or something. *l*

Beth Maza> CONvergence is pretty much what we wrote on our comic. I can't really explain it any better. Lots of geeks in one big hotel, I suppose. With panels and costumes and things. ;)

Sorry for vanishing. I'm out of practice saying that I have to go to bed, since most people take an hour to reply anyway now.

Odd Sight> It was blue monday, maybe? :)

Wingless> *And suddenly BRIGHT YELLOW* Argh! My eyes! *Hides them behind Robert's wings* *Only an hour after he ate that garlic shipment*

Arno - [<-- Comic #139: Arno and Beedoo! - Went to CONvergence]
Great black dragon

odd sight: Thought I'd come in and break up the color monotony.

Belated Hi to Beth. Been a long time. Hope all be well.

*pokes nose in*
Wow lots of light aqua colored people!

odd sight

Heya Beth!

I'm doing okay! Aside from being, you know, easily distracted and forgetting to check the chat room for half an hour that is... ;>

How goes things? :>


Haven't talked to you in ages. How are you?
Beth Maza

Hi Robert
Beth Maza

*peeks in* :>

What is CONvergence? And how cool is it that Greg Weissman was also there :)
Beth Maza

Hi there Arno - it's been a while :) How's married life? :)
Beth Maza

Beth Maza> Well, they show themselves more than you! Hi there! ;)
Arno - [<-- Comic #139: Arno and Beedoo! - Went to CONvergence]
Great black dragon

wow - major spammer fest here recently....
Beth Maza

*peeks in* Wonder if anyone around....
Beth Maza

I'm TRYING! But they don't actually have any brains, so it's not very effective damnit! *he pouts*