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Odd> It's rather amazing how much we're told that we automatically believe. It's kinda rare that you actually find candy that tastes like the fruit they claim it to taste like; it's all just ethers that they use in them to get relatively close to the flavor their aiming for. The only thing I've had that actually tastes like the fruit it claims to be are Japanese gummis (found at Cosco World Market).

Yes, so much better than turtle flavored turtle. And on that note, why do "banana flavored" or "cherry flavored" candy exist? Those snozberries sure don't taste like snozberries if you know what I mean.
odd sight
The snozberries taste like snozberries!

Oddy> Grape turtle is best flavor turtle. ;D

Not Shirley-just call her Odd ;)

Daer>> no and don't call me Shirley ;)
odd sight

**wanders in floating several trays of goodies before her**
Hello all!! I've been baking!!
**trays are filled with brownies, cookies, cakes, and pies**
Pick a flavor, I've probably baked it. :P
**settles the trays on tables and walks back out**


Surely you jest?

odd> Of course we call you odd! ;)

I always liked Donatello because his color was purple and purple was my favorite color. Call me odd but if the shoe fits, wear it?
odd sight

*listening to U2 - "Joshua Tree"* (on vinyl @ 33 1/3 rpm)

Luna Eclipse

Luna Eclipse

L#2> night. Sleep well. :)
Luna Eclipse

*should probably go to bed*

*soars out*


Hey Luna

B!> Oh nevermind. 50 shades had the answer.
Luna Eclipse

B!> Which series is it based in?
Luna Eclipse

B!> Adult Ninja Turtles fanfic... oooo-kay!

*is SO not asking*


Hey all. Arno's pried the laptop away from me so HE can write for a change, so I figured I'd stop by.

This is what I've been up to for the past 6 months: Ninja Turtles fanfic. This is about the only place I haven't posted links, so in case anyone's interested, here you go:

Queen Takes Rook: Karai is out to restore her honor... Can she manage to do it without killing anyone like Leo asks?

50 Shades: When April gets turned into a turtle, it's Donnie's dream come true. But is there something wrong with her? (2 chapter teaser; full version is up on

I kind of recommend looking at both on, actually, since FFN destroyed my formatting...


*Drops in*

"Hey all! Just stopping by to say hi."

*Drops out*