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In the early days this site did maintain a small, but handy resource of multimedia from the show. Most of it came from an earlier online archive that had been pulled from the internet. Since then many other web sites have come along offering better quality and quantity of Gargoyles multimedia.

Below is a list of external media resources followed by our own local media archive.

External Resources

Music by Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson, the composer of the music used in Gargoyles, has made his work on Gargoyles available through his website swanderfulmusic.com. This is the same work that was made available on some audio CDs Mr. Johnson donated to the 2001 Gathering for auction.

Gargoyles Imagery Resource
The best resource for excellent quality screencaps. Includes sections dedicated to animation errors and retakes. A great look at the animation of Gargoyles.

Gargoyles Fan Fiction
The Gargoyles Fan Website is host to the biggest and best collection of Gargoyles fan fiction. This is the place to go for stories set in the world of Gargoyles.

Local Archives

An archive of TV screencaps, promotional and miscellaneous images. The screencaps come from the now defunct rat.org archive, which was probably the first online archive of Gargoyles multimedia.

Audio Clips
Various clips from episodes of Gargoyles in WAV format. Also available are some MP3s of music from the show including the opening theme done in several different languages.

Gargoyles-themed wallpaper contributed by fans of the series.

The Gathering Experience
Videos, images, and con journals recording the experiences of the annual Gargoyles convention.

Search The Wiki

GargWiki.net has answers for all your Gargoyles questions.

Buy The DVDs

Gargoyles Season 1 DVD Cover

Features include episode commentaries by series co-creator Greg Weisman, interviews with the cast, and a documentary on the annual convention.

Season One : Season Two

Get The Comics

Gargoyles Comic Cover

Written by series co-creator Greg Weisman and published by SLG, the series picks up at after season two of the TV series. Contact your local comic shop or order online at slgcomic.com.

Own The Sculptures

Gargoyles Sculptures

Electric Tiki released a sculpture of Goliath in 2011. Bowen Designs also released Goliath sculpture in 2009.