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I wonder if Demona ever even met any gargoyles between 1057 and 1994. Most of the clans had probably been slaughtered by this point, and the surviving clans were doing all they could to stay hidden - so hidden that even Demona would have had a difficult time finding any.

I doubt that Demona could have secured control of the clan if she'd killed Goliath; in its eyes, she was a traitor who'd acted against them three times since their awakening, and killing their leader wouldn't have helped. There'd have been a leader vacuum, all right, with no successor yet named, but I doubt our gargs would have even considered giving the job to Demona. She probably believed they would, but Demona's always been good at self-deception.

Todd Jensen
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GXB> Well this was still post-Temptation, add Goliath's death and Brooklyn would be dead set on having ANYTHING to do with Demona, so he's the big point of resistance. Even before "Upgrade", Lex and Broadway seemed to follow his lead in most situations. So even without Goliath I can't quite picture it

And even if she had somehow managed it... this is still Demona. She'd probably have ended up getting them all killed sooner or later.

Though it does raise some interesting questions. Did Demona ever lead or at least try to wrest control of a clan between 1057 and 994? With her immortality and skills, it wouldn't be hard to hook up with a clan and spend a decade or two working her way up the ranks, assuming she had the patience for it.

What recourse do gargoyles have for dealing with abusive or incompetent leaders? Can the Second challenge a corrupt Leader? Can the clan revolt en masse? Or do just they quietly resign themselves because "it is the Gargoyle Way"?


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And I bring a discussion topic. Let's say, hypothetically that Demona succeeded in assassinating Goliath during "Long Way to Morning". Would she have been successful at taking control of the clan? I'm not saying they would have welcomed her with open arms, I'm sure there would have been resistance. But at the time, there was still no second-in-command. They've only been awake in 20th century Manhattan for maybe three months; and as far as they know they are alone in a dire situation.

Would Brooklyn have stepped up sooner? Would she have beaten all of them into submission? This was a year before "Upgrade" and before "Kingdom". They weren't even protecting the city yet, just trying to survive.

Elisa is the wild card in this, but I don't think it would take long for Demona to learn she's still alive (she found out two episodes later anyway).

I don't know, what do you all think?

Greg Bishansky

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