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Well, I hope Novi can get his interview one day.
Green Lantern's Nightlight

SAM> The "Make a REAL "Gargoyles" movie, Disney!" might be your best bet though I haven't been on it myself in a while.
I guard your death

Hi guys. Sorry it's been a while. I was wondering if there was an active Facebook fan group or anything that you may know about.
Samuel - [anglofhello at aol dot com]
Now, now... Language.

Algernon> Yup, second result on Google.
Greg Bishansky - [Sorrows to the Stones]

GNL> I imagine those contact details are on google somewhere.
I guard your death

Not to be critical (especially in light of new info), but Greg could've given some kind of address to this person, instead of just saying go to "Warner Bros. publicity." Not many people will automatically know where to go, leaving it a little unfair. http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=22077
Green Lantern's Nightlight

Ah. New information, and with new information comes new hype and new speculation!
Outsiders is a pretty appropriate title considering Batman's deployment of the team does feel like the old Outsider comics of old.
But to set that aside for now; I'm a little curious to see how this new platform plays out. This DC digital platform described as "immersive experience designed just for DC fans."
Personally I'm hoping that that means it easily accessible for new fans to come on board and for old fans to return. Honestly surprised it's not being released via Netflix.

Muscles fade and the mind dulls.But as long as the heart is willing, strength remains.

Ecstatic to finally be saying SIXTH in the name of...

Young Justice: Outsiders

Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
"If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me, one day I'll know...how far I'll go." - Moana Waialiki

Speaking of...


Scroll down

I guard your death

Fifth for Young Justice!


Brainiac - [OSUBrainiac at gmail dot com]
There is balance in all things. Live in symmetry with the world around you. If you must blow things up and steal from those around you, THAT'S WHAT RPGS ARE FOR!

Fourth for maybe just okay justice!
Muscles fade and the mind dulls.But as long as the heart is willing, strength remains.


Second for great justice!
I guard your death

Vinnie - [tpeano29 at hotmail dot com]