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Zeke writes...

Since Goliath and Demona are the same age roughly in 994 what would happen when Goliath became to old to lead the clan and stepped down? Wouldn't Demona also be too old?

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GoliathFan223 writes...

Hello, Weisman. Me again. Hope you're doing well and all of your projects are successful.

I was re-watching Gargoyles again and I was watching the "Hunter's Moon" three-parter and I was curious about something about Jason Canmore:

I noticed something in Part Two, when Robyn is talking to Jason and John about Demona being able to walk around in daylight and how the siblings were debating about whether she'd "share this sorcery with the others," and Jason says, "we'd never know" if she had.

My question is, did he suspect (albeit fleetingly) that Elisa might be a gargoyle in disguise (who was able to use magic to shape-shift at will) thanks to Demona or was he just overthinking the discussion, on top of suspecting that she was hiding something in general? That's the vibe I was getting from the exchange, at least.

Thank you for your time and for answering my question (:

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Windona writes...

Hey Mr. Weisman, a few random questions about Spectacular Spider-Man (even though it's been a while)

1) Did Gwen ever meet Harry's parents? (I ask because she has a way different reaction than Peter about them in Final Curtain, leading me to wonder)

2) I noticed when watching that Norman Osborn's treatment of Harry has multiple signs of emotional abuse (and of course, was revealed to have physically hurt his son in the s2 finale). Was this something intentional/clear, or just 'let's make Norman Osborn's relationship with his son like this' without thinking 'we want to make Norman explicitly emotionally abusive'?

I just want to say, thank you for creating a lot of wonderful characters, and doing them justice. Harry Osborn has always been one of my favorite, and I feel like not everyone appreciates the complexity of his characterization/does it well. (Though this is probably true of many characters that pass from writer to writer)

Also, since I know you like to include a level of real science (a level since sci-fi and fantasy inherently require breaks from science), 3) Did you ever read up on epi-genetics? It's really cool!

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Andres Escobar writes...

Simple question what are you currently working on as it is hard to follow sometimes and if you can talk or more specifically write about it what will you be working on that you know? Ohh and where can we watch it , or if read it when is it coming out or where can we find it I know you were writing a comic for Marvel I could never find it in several comic book stores.

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Letey writes...

Why was Jaime's cellphone volume all maxed out in Runaways?

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Harry writes...

Hey Greg! Huge gargoyles fan and I have a few quick questions about Coldfire and Angela
1. Would Angela ever ask her about Demona? Like how someone would ask a friend or sibling of the parent about the latters youth
2. Would they ever try to talk to Demona and try to help her?
3. How would Coldfire react to hearing about Demona betraying the clan?
4. Since Coldfire and Coldstone are machines (mostly in Coldstones case) could they potentially have an artificially created immortal life?

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Anonymous writes...

What spell did Zatara use in Failsafe?

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Sam writes...

Hey Greg! I saw that you had plans for Dracula in the Garg universe so I had some questions relating to him. I tried to avoid questions that could be consider spoilers
1. Would his story be a "Halloween special" so to speak or just a one off story?
2. How big a threat would be?
3. Would he follow the classic vampire rules or would you throw in your own twists and ideas?
The next Questions maybe considered spoilers so if they are feel free not to answer them
4. Would he have a connection to the Children of Oberon?
5. Would the illuminati be aware of him?
Thanks! Hope you have a good day!

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Rob writes...

Love your work! Just a few gargoyles questions
1. Would you ever consider a one shot story of what Macbeth and/or Demona did during WW2?
2. In "future tense" how did Xanatose get to the point that the US allowed him to break away NYC from the nation? Seems like the government could easily overpower him (even with his mutates, robots, and thailog troopers)
3. Does Goliath regret his first reaction to Thailog?
4. Since Fox and Alex are literal family to Titania, why would other Children of Oberon cause them trouble?
5. Is Dracula (and by extension weres and vampires) the result of Children of Oberon casting spells on mortals or the result of something else?

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Jon writes...

A few quick questions
1. What do Coldstone and Coldfire do during the day while the clan sleeps?
2. Would they respond to day time emergencies or would they avoid it due to the fear and hate gargoyles are getting as of the last issue of the comic
3. If the clan hadn't been destroyed in Scotland and they continued living in the castle would Goliath have still chosen Brooklyn as his second?
4. Would Coldfire and Angela ever try to have an "intervention" of sorts to try and bring Demona back to the light?
5. Does Avalon ever release people from its "quest" or does whoever ends up on one have a never ending amount of adventures until they either abandon it or give up

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