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Chip writes...

What kind of beverage does Arthur usually order from the Nightstone's Coffee franchise? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Chip writes...

Please bear with me...My question involves math. I will try to bullet-point and simplify it as best I can, if I can. I was thinking about gargoyle-beasts and their breeding cycles in relation to the cycles of the winged-gargoyle species.

1) You have stated in the past that beasts have four heats, and are capable of contributing an egg to the rookery following their own hatching, is this correct?

2) Assuming that question 1 is correct, a beast who hatched in '58 would be able to lay an egg in '68, whereas a winged-gargoyle from '58 would not be able to lay an egg until '08. Afterwards, that same female can lay an egg in '28, and '48. The beast from the same generation, however, can lay eggs in '68, '88, '08, and '28. At which point, they become too old to lay eggs. You have stated that beasts get the additional heat because they can mature faster. The question I ask is...Why is it not two additional heats? A female gargoyle from '58 can't lay until '08, but a female beast can lay after just 10 years. Why does the beast not get a final heat in the same year that a winged gargoyle from the same clutch does?

3) I'm sorry if my math or question is confusing. I was just hoping for clarity on this matter. If you don't feel like figuring out the math on this subject, I'll just default to my final, and most frequently asked question...

4) When did the London Clan's beast population go extinct?

Thank you for taking the time and effort to answer these questions. We really appreciate it, and you. #WeLiveAgain

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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg Weisman there was always something that kinda bugged me when I rewatched the show. In season one Robin didn't use stealth tech which made sense because he was trained in stealth. You also mentioned Jason probably didn't in one post and i don't remember what you said about Batgirl but my question is simply this.
A. In True Colors is their a in universe reason for Robin to use stealth tech if he is already trained in stealth. Thanks man for your future reply and congrats on Season Three. :)

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El Papagayo writes...

What martial arts does Batman know? (Not just how many, but if possible which specific ones) What about Nightwing, Robin (Tim) and Batgirl?
Also, while rewatching YJ, I realized that Mr. Twister was the first Teen Titans villain. Was that intentional?
Lastly, I just want to say that I liked how YJ incorporated pre-Crisis homages while also modernizing the DC universe creating something both amazing and unique. Thanks for answering!

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Jack Carpenter writes...

Hey, Greg, huge fan here, and congratulations on YJ's renewal, I'm so looking forward to 3! I feel good knowing that I did my part; you see, in addition to doing a couple rewatches of the show, after I heard your plea to binge YJ on Netflix, I started leaving it running on my account while I was sleeping to rack up extra views every night. I hope that helped.

Anyway, two questions about your comic-adapted shows:

1: In Spectacular, does Toomes' tech-flight harness have a magnetic basis like the harness in the comics?

2: In YJ, how did Artemis pay for equipment like trick arrows and such when she first set out on her own, before the League found out about her?

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Yojimbo writes...

On Young Justice, Batman was the leader of the Justice League in Team Year Zero (or YJ season 1).

1) Was the first episode of season 1 Batman's first day of his tenure as leader of the Justice League in Team Year Zero?

2) Who were the leaders of the Justice League during the time skip between season 1 and season 2/Invasion besides Captain Atom in Team Year Five (or in other words, who was the leader of the Justice League in Team Year One, Two, Three, and Four)?

3) Who were the leaders of the Justice League before the formation of the Team (or in other words - Team Year Minus One, Minus Two, Minus Three, Minus Four, Minus Five, and Minus Six)?

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Dragomir writes...

Hi Greg, in season two of Young Justice we got to see the return of Red Volcano (which was awesome, he's one of my fave villains on the show), & I know Lex was involved in his return, but how so? As much as I'd like to think the original Red Volcano had returned somehow, I assume the one we saw in season two was a copy since the first was melted in season one. How did Lex duplicate/revive Red Volcano? I don't doubt Lex is smart enough to build something like Volcano but given how identical this new Volcano was to Morrow's creation I have to wonder if Lex somehow got his hands on Morrow's blueprints/data for Volcano or if he convinced Morrow (who was bedridden last we saw him), or his assistant Brom to recreate the android for him. Thanks for your time & any answers you can provide, congrats on the revival of Young Justice! Can't keep a good show down! :D

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Dragomir writes...

Hi Greg, may I ask for the identities of the alien warriors Kylstar kidnapped to join his crew? I recognize Maxima, Draaga,& Vartox, but the others are a mystery to me, & knowing how well you & your team have incorporated even the most obscure of heroes and villains into Young Justice, I have a feeling none of the alien characters Kylstar recruited are merely nameless background characters.

P,S, love Draaga's redesign, much more alien than before, the chin tusks are a nice touch.

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Just Some Guy writes...

Hi Greg,
I have some questions regarding Young Justice.
1) I heard you changed your position on the speedforce. Just to be clear, does it actually exist in the Young Justice universe?
2) Why did you choose the same voice actor that did Robin's voice in season 1 (Jesse Mccartney) to do Nightwing's voice?

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ClarkeC writes...

Hey Mr.Weisman, managed to check out Starbrand and Nightmask and it was pretty good to no one's surprise. Also congrats on a season 3 of Young Justice. I just have two questions regarding that show.
1. You mentioned that there was both a timeline(that only you and Brandon are privy to) and a series bible(with details like Vandal Savage being Attila
the Hun supposedly). In the context of Young Justice, is their a difference or are they more or less the same.
2. You mentioned on this site that you used post cards and a giant billboards with different cards with different colors to establish certain dialogue or plot points. Do you also use them for events off screen such during the time skip or prior to the series?
Thanks in advance for time.

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