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Balrog writes...

How bad is the reputation of the Daily Tattler?
Yellow journalism low ?

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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg I am a really huge fan of the spectacular spider man I kown it canceled but the thing is you are the only person that allow me to like spider man you have to bring season 3 you made a promise to bring a lot more episode so please bring it back a lot of people love spider man and even if they don't. Please do it for me I love the season so much. Can you just please think about it. O and if you do bring it back can you have Gwen and Peter kiss a little bit longer and not interrupted just and idea OK thanks Greg Wise.

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Louissa writes...

I've asked a couple of questions here over the course of years, well I've lost track of some because I dont't check this site very often so ya know, but I just wanted to chime in and say that I discovered Young Justice when I was 14, so 5 years ago, and going through my first episode of depression. I'd always been a fan of dc comics and shows but watching yj, to me, was something completely different. For the first time i was able to actually connect with characters, to feel what they feel because I mean we were about the same age, and Artemis oh my god she means the world to me. Now, 3 years later, at 17 and a half i went through my worst episode ever, lost 5 kg in 4 days, lost sleep, lost myself and i just thought id give yj a try because maybe what worked once will work again and while it didnt take away the pain instantly it definitely helped me, it was like revisiting old friends in a time when i felt incredibly alone. The reason im writing this is the fact that i just cleared out my old laptop and found old fanfiction of young justice(i know you dont like hearing about it but 14 year old me was very fond of saying "Artemis glared art Wally") and i remembered that this site exists and all.
I guess..I just want to say thank you, because YJ got me through some rough times, really, and it helped me, in many ways, to find an identity and to accept myself, flaws and all, secrets and all. I just, I dont think I would have been the same without it, certainly not as wise. Thank you, I'm incredibly grateful for your work.
Also, thank you for the episode Coldhearted, it's definitely the best in the series and to be completely honest, that episode changed something in me, it really did.

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Mary C writes...

Hi Greg! I'm getting ready to buy my Long Beach Comic Con for September and it might have to be a one day pass. Do you know what days you'll be there? Hope to see you!

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BebeH writes...

Hi Greg,HUGE fan of your work,especially of shows like Young Justice and Gargoyles
My question is how painful are Karen's (bumblebee) stings? I ask this because many people seem to underestimate Karen's powers.
2.) Also how strong is she? from what I remember she was pretty strong on the Teen Titans show even in shrunken form, did she posses the same strength in Young Justice?

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Zain writes...

Did You Produce Young Justice Season 3 Before it was canceled?🤔

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Anonymous 101 writes...

Throughout the series Demona's very upset with Elisa and her relationship with Goliath. How annoyed/angry would Demona be if Elisa Maza stayed as a Gargoyle during "The Mirror" scenario?

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Gargoyle-Nut writes...

In the 4 part episode "City of Stone" we see the back stories of Demona and MacBeth.

Question 1: Not wanting to spoil how the two ended up hating each other to those who don't know, what if that scenario never occured... meaning Demona and Macbeth stayed as friends and allies with each other and their foes, what impact would that have on the future?

Question 2: The Weird Sisters were involved in Demona and Macbeth's stories, would they even allow the above scenario happening?

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Ashley writes...

Do you think the show will ever come back?

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Kameron B. writes...

You wrote that in 2008 eggs will be stolen from the Manhattan clan.But artus is the only egg that has been laid in the clans rookery. Tachi hatched in 1997 so who else laid an egg.

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