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Just a Nerd writes...

So I should have waited a bit longer to post that last question.

Also in Happy New Year, Mal tells Robin that all Team squads and Justice League units are in position.

1. We know the three Team squads that Nightwing assigned, but do you have an idea how the JL units might have been organized?

Thanks again.

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Just a Nerd writes...

Hey Greg.

I'm #StillBingingYJ. At the beginning of Happy New Year, Wonder Girl and Batgirl were within a few blocks of the UN building when Lobo attacked Secretary General Tseng.

1. Were they the only two members of Beta Squad at that time? Or did other Team members head back to the Cave? (Don't know why they would, but hey. No assumptions.)
2. Okay, one assumption: I assume they were on mission, not just hanging out in costume in New York. Is this assumption accurate?
3. If you don't mind giving out a slight spoiler... what was that mission?

Thank you for your time.

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ND writes...

Have you watched the 'Twilight' movies? Do you dislike them?

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Joseph Zeldman writes...

Hello! My crew and I are currently in production on a NON-FOR PROFIT short film based on Young Justice, with the working title 'Robin: Justice'. It's a story revolving around Dick Grayson after a mission gone horribly wrong, and in timeline takes place between Seasons 1 and 2. There are also minor appearances from characters such as Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy and Red Arrow. I am a 15 year old student film maker, and I will be directing, writing and producing, along with playing the main role as Robin. I have a dedicated almost 30 person crew, all around the same age range as I. I have put over 2 grande into this project and I am VERY passionate to produce the highest quality film I can. It will most likely be finished around Spring 2017, as we will be shooting all the footage this summer. My question to you is: Would you support this project, and do you think it has a potential to wake up the fanbase and show Netflix people are really passionate about this show?

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Charisma82 writes...

Hello. How soon do you usually post about a convention you will be attending? I keep up with your "Ramblings" section on Station 8 and usually don't see a post about your conventions until a few days to a week beforehand. It's hard for me to get to a convention when I only find out about it a week before it happens. Do you post information earlier than this on twitter or somewhere else (I do know you have a twitter, but I haven't seen earlier convention posts there unless I've been missing them)? I ask because I've always wanted to attend a Gargoyles panel, and have not yet had the opportunity. If I knew a month or more in advance you were going to for sure be at a convention I would do my best to be there for a panel. I know you usually go to the ConVergence convention now, but are there any other conventions you go to regularly? I know you are VERY busy man, and that this may be asking a lot, but if it is possible, could you, in the future, put up a list of which conventions you plan on attending on Station 8 near the beginning of the year, even if that list may change as time goes by? I hope my request isn't bothersome, and if I've been completely clueless to where you've been posting more updated convention info, please call me out on it and tell me where this information is.

Thank you for your time and help, and here's hoping you have a wonderful day too.


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Charisma82 writes...

I just re-read all of the Bad Guys comics, and as I read I kept wondering if there were secret clues or hints in the art or the way you worded the narrative and it got me thinking about a few questions:

1. a) In Gargoyles, is there a clue or hint you've dropped either in the show or in one of the comic books that you thought was clever/you really liked that no one has picked up on yet? (you don't have to say what it is/don't need to give spoilers).

1. b) Was it a clue or hint that you thought people would pick up on and they never did or is it one that would've become clear/made more sense as the show/comics went on?

2. Follow up: I remember reading that you said you dropped a hint/clue/big fact in the 2014 Radio Play at ConVergence that no one picked up on when you thought they would. Has anyone asked/talked to you about it yet or is everyone still in the dark to whatever it is you put in that radio play?

Thank you for your time and answers.


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Ali writes...

why did nightwing and zatanna breakup?
is there any chance for them to get back together?
thanks I hope you make season 3 youngjustice

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Mighty Icon writes...

Greetings Greg:

Long time DC, and specifically YJ fan here, with some comments and questions about the show. Not sure what you'll be able to answer, but here goes:

1) Was there ever any thoughts to putting the Marvel/Shazam family on the show?

2) Did we see the person Rocket was getting married to? Last romantic interest she expressed, with the kiss to Aqualad.

2) Is Wonder Girl stronger than Superboy in YJ?

3) Was Icon, Static, and Rocket the only Milestone characters that we would have seen on the show (kudos for including them, BTW)?

4) Any reason Cyborg was left out of the mix on the show?

5) I absolutely LOVED Icon's uniform for the show. What was the inspiration for it?

6) BTW, someone here asked what race Icon was: He was a Terminan, from the Cooperative.

7) Are White Martians not really all that strong? I can't remember M'Gann using super strength at any point, mostly relying on her TK.

8) Was Supergirl ever an option for the show?

9) And finally, has #BringbackYJ been gaining any ground? Or should we give up all hope?

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Young Justice Fan writes...

Is Young Justice coming back? There was a rumor that YJ was coming to Netflix is there any truth to that rumor?

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Roseeee writes...

How do you feel about fans becoming so passionate to the point of maybe even possessive of your work? The writers of Arrow are introducing the code name Artemis while toting the character as the same Artemis from Young Justice. She;s not, and is actually another character all together, but fans are spitting fire over it.

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