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Marvelman writes...

You indicated in a tweet that Thirteen is Asian. Is she part Asian like Artemis? I ask because her ethnicity is not obvious from her character design. Also, is Thirteen Asian in the comics, or was this a creative liberty you took?

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Marvelman writes...

It occurs to me that I repeated a question you had already answered. I asked why some villains work with the Light even though the Light may not be working towards their best interests. Your original response was something like: not everyone understands what the Light's motives are. Sorry for the repeated question.

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L writes...

I want to get the Audio Play of "Rain of the Ghosts"...but it's impossible to get if you don't own a credit card or are from outside of the US...is there a chance to sell it on Amazon? (it would solve your problem with low sale rates if it were just easier to buy it)

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Jack Carpenter writes...

What's the smartest observation that you've ever seen a fan make about one of your shows?

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Alex Van Voorhees writes...

what else lives in the Gargoyles Universe? are there trolls and if there are, are they Animals or Children of Oberon?

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boopbopbeep writes...

Out of curiosity: what do you think the members of the original team from Young Justice majored in, assuming they went to college. Like, what does Dick and/or Wally or Roy plan on majoring in/studying?

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Anonymous writes...

Just to start of, I wanted to say how much I LOVE your show. Very well written and creative. Keeps me on edge and yelling at my TV! I've never watched a show like yours. It legit, became my favorite show after watching the first episode! Although I watched and heard about it two months ago, Young Justice is a work of art.

Anyway, with that aside, here's my question:
Since Young Justice is going to premier on the new DC streaming site, how far are you going to go when it comes to sensitive topics? We know that human trafficking is a major button pusher but, are you going to go further in that? Like add some other minor sensitive topics? And, is there also going to be swearing, the mention of anything sexual, etc?

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Fan writes...

Can't wait for season 3 praying blue beetle and impulse ( Bart & Jamie get together ) will be epic more epic than korra & asami from legend of korra

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thegame writes...


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Dot. writes...

I want to start off by saying Im a big fan of your work and I cant wait for Season 3 of YJ!

One thing I've noticed in regards to Young Justice is that there aren't any new characters (characters that haven't already appeared in the comics). I can only think of two other DC tv shows off the top of my head that have introduced a new character. Batman Animated Series (If I remember correctly, Harley was introduced for that tv show) and The Batman (Because I know Cash and Krank weren't in the comics) So I know it isn't completely out of the ordinary for a tv show to introduce a new character. But as far as I know, Young Justice hasn't released a new character.

So here's my question. Are you guys just not allowed to introduce new characters, you guys decided to stay within the limits of the already set DC Universe, or both.
If I'm wrong and there has been a new character you guys introduced then which one (s) are they?

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