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Lcs writes...

What requirements do you have to meet to make a season 3 of Young Justice.
And also, if you did, would you change casting and set it forward in the future?

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Becca writes...

1. Is Nguyen Lian's middle name or is it a part of her last name? (Nguyen-Harper).
2. Does Jade ever go by Jade Harper?

As always, thank you for doing this!

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Mr Steel writes...

Hey Greg! I'm a huge fan of your work and hope to see what you'll do in the future
Here's my question: If you were given the chance to revamp or handle writing an anime which one would it be?

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BlackRaptor1 writes...

Dear Greg, I wonder in this time period, what would the Manhatten Clan, think about the Rise of ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq, and how they brutally kill people.

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Allie writes...

1. Can Jaime's scarab translate non-verbal languages, like American Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language, etc?
2. And what about village sign languages, like Inuit and Hausa sign language?
3. Can the scarab translate ancient and dead languages too?
Thanks for answering!

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JEK writes...

I know you've said on multiple occasions that your favorite stand-alone episode of "Gargoyles" is "The Mirror" and that you are also fond of the multi-parters. Was there a particular multi-parter arc that you have as a favorite or are they all about even? Thanks in advance.

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Adam Arlington writes...

I've been wondering for some time: how do yo feel about the new direction that DC Animated Movies have taken (that is, releasing two movies a year that are a part of a shared continuity and releasing one that isn't)? I know that your style of storytelling seems to be telling incredibly intricately done and well-researched, linear stories. And I also know that, given your status as a hungry writer and sometimes employee of DC Animation, even if you didn't care for the new movies, you'd probably be obligated to find at least something positive to say about them. But I'm speaking from more of a storytelling perspective (i.e. execution of ideas) versus whether or not you like the movies, in and of themselves.

In general, I tend to think that they've released some good offerings, with some (Justice League: War, Batman vs. Robin, Batman: Bad Blood), of course, being better than others (Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Son of Batman). I also, however, think that the crew behind those movies often fall prey to two problems.

The first problem is the short runtime. I feel like many of those movies start out with or build up to excellent premises or ideas, but because they're only 72 minutes long, an amazing plot will be shoehorned to conclusion in ten to fifteen minutes and the resolution will feel rushed or forced. Characters, both on the side of good and evil, will make major, nonsensical, life altering or, indeed, life ending decisions with next to zero provocation, next to zero buildup, next to zero forethought, and, thus, next to zero payoff in terms of emotional reactions from the audience.

The second problem is that, in my estimation, the producers and writers don't seem to be crafting a linear narrative or working from a single, coherent production bible. The goal seems to be more about putting out two movies while only having a broad idea of what they should include, with no real fine-tuning. I think that that's a problem when addressing what's supposed to be a single continuity of films and it leads to unnecessary and (eventually) gaping plot holes, etc. I digress. I understand that Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, etc. supposedly doesn't like linear stories, right now. (Even Paul Dini once said something to that effect, arguing that executives feel that linear stories draw in too many girl viewers, versus boys who will purchase toys.) So, perhaps, that's why even with in-continuity movies, there isn't a heavy amount of connective tissue.

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Shakir Anthony writes...

Can we please get a season 3 of young justice or at least a movie with apocalypse

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Sarah writes...

Hello Greg,
I hope you're doing well. So the thing is, I wanted to ask you why it wouldn't be possible to renew W.I.T.C.H. for a third season? I know you've probably been asked this a lot of times but it's important. People LOVED the show, I love the show, we all love it. It was one of the best shows ever and I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to watch it while I was young.

Today, cartoon isn't as it was back in the days. It has taken a horrible turn (none of yours of course) and it needs a great show to save it. W.I.T.C.H. can save it just as long as it doesn't turn out too childish. People loved the kind of teenage-ish vibe it gave them, from Cornelia's fashion statements to Irma's humor...It was brilliant and it deserves to be revived.

Please at least just consider it or even give it a thought, go watch a few episodes of the old seasons, you'll definitely get teary.

-From a fan, Sarah

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Matt writes...

Hey Mr Greg, just recently discovered gargoyles, great show.

Ok pointless question, but how do you think the Manhattan Clan is doing now after living in, Well Manhattan for 22 years?

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