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Willard writes...

Why was Garfield the team's tagalong kid for years after Queen Bee kill Marie? Garfield had his ability to change into animals before Lagoon Boy join the team.

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Anonymous writes...

Hello Mr Weisman, I am a huge fan of your work. I was just wondering if there was any possible way we will ever see a young justice season 3? I sure hope so, now seems like the time to make it happen, with all of the superhero stuff coming out

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Anonymous writes...

Are people turned to stone still conscious?
If Xanatos had used the cauldron of life , would he have remained fully conscious but unable to move or speak for all eternity?

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ZoomZoomBoom writes...

Hey Greg, I am a big fan of Young Justice, but I have a question.

1) Did you ever plan to have Jason become 'Red Hood'? Particularly in Season 3 if it had happened?

2) Were you going to include Professor Zoom as a member of The Light considering his attachment to Flash, or were you going to include Inertia from the comics?

If you answer this, thank you for answering. I am a big fan, and it's a shame the show was cancelled for something as stupid as toy sales.

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miten dana writes...

will spectacular spiderman ever come back

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Kelly Drew writes...

How many miles a person have to be away where superman and superboy cannot hear with their super hearing in the earth 16 universe?

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Corey writes...

Hello Greg,

My question deals with the mutability of time in the Gargoyles universe. The archives and TV series indictate that time loops are part of the timestream, there are no alternate timelines, and history cannot be changed (If I am missing anything or am being inaccurate, feel free to chastise me accordingly). However, I also remember you saying that the younger Demona could have acted differently then her future self, as could the non-Enhanced Archmage.

So then my question is if history is immutable due to the free actions of the characters or the mechanics of the universe (for want of a better term)? As you said in a previous post, freewill does not give you the ability to do whatever you want in any situation but that a character can strive for greater goals and independence (Please forgive my paraphrasing and or if I misunderstood). Characters like Demona, Xanatos, and the Archmage, knew (to varying extents) their future and (directly or indirectly) chose to act in such a way as to bring these outcomes about. If that is the case then, in theory, history could have been changed but, as it never was, it never can be. However, if reality is such that certain things must always happen as they are crucial to the integrity of the timestream, then freewill is illusory. Every action one takes will always lead them to an outcome they only believed they chose as they could not chose any other option. However, the former interpretation makes it so that, ironically, predestination is the product of life choices of living beings. If I am misunderstanding or letting my own opinions skew facts I apologize and thank you for your time.

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Chris bourke writes...

1.Hey Greg I have to wonder why did you decided to have the trio drift apart I mean it seemed unnecessary they were friends for so long and then Broadway gains a girl friend Lex for some reason starts hanging with that baby and that left Brooklyn alone till his time dancer adventures.
2. I also have to ask why pair Angela with Broadway and not Brooklyn.
3. And why have Lex form a tight bond with baby Alex.

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sakura writes...

i looked at genomorphs and after seeing M'gann true form I just have this on my mind.

1: Are genomorph made with White Martian DNA? Because they look a lot like M'gann.

2: Is Superboy a genomorph since he was created in Cadmus?

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Sammy writes...

I really want to know some things about M'gann, I don't think I am asking for spoiler, just want to know that the characters think, mostly M'gann, she is my favorite.

1: M'gann knows ripping the bad guys mind was bad?

2: M'gann is more aggressive when before because a lot of people important to her die and the bad guys mostly killed them?

3: Do white martians think differently from Green Martians? Or are they more aggressive?

4: Do M'gann regretted messing with Connor (or is Conner?)'s head because she didn't wanted to hurt him, but she was afraid he was going to leave her?

Some are about Nightwing...

5: Why didn't Nightwing tell M'gann about Artemis being alive? M'gann is a very good actress, she could have helped a lot... and there was the problem with destroyed Kaldur's mind,

6: Did Nightwing even though of M'gann reading Kaldur's mind and discovering the secret or he really though hiding things from a Martian that can read minds was a good idea? Principally one that was K.O.ing or putting in coma the bad guys to get information? For someone that intelligent he didn't calculated the things logically...

Blowing the mountain was very sad... there was a lot of important stuff there, like Beastboy's photo of his mom... I don't blame M'gann for abusing her powers to get information, if I had so many friends dying I could be too worried for them and could make sure the rest of my friends couldn't get hurt again. But I don't really knows if M'gann did that for the sames reasons I could...

7: Did she abused her powers with that on mind? To make sure no one else she knows was hurt or got killed by a bad guy again?

I defended her from someone who was saying that her was exactly like the Justice Lords, because they really don't care for everyone and yeah... She was innocent, but losing someone she knows and no one blamed the one who did it. Like Queen Bee killing Beastboy's mom, she is still free and I doubt someone is going to arrest her for a long time. I also love the show, it is very fun to watch it, there are some hilarious moments and I love all the characters...(but Queen Bee and Lex Luthor, I hate them, causing them to be perfect villains, most of the villains don't manipulate with a smile and pretty words, I wanted to see their masks fall apart in public, that could be epic) they are very cool, I just love M'gann true form, she is cute... Does she get a tail after some time? That could be very cool.

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