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GoliathFan223 writes...

Hello, Mr. Weisman. Hope this post finds you happy and well. I love and admire all your work (Gargoyles was a huge part of my childhood and still inspires me to this day).

My question is related to Young Justice:

Would you or have you ever considered doing episode rambles on Young Justice one day?

Thank you for your time (:

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Charity writes...

May I say that your shows are amazing Mr. Greg :) My best friend got introduced to all of them :)
And my question is that in your book series would you like it to be something in the lines of a comic book?
Thanks again

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Anonymous writes...

Hi greg i love Young Justice and Young Justice invasion, and i would love it if I could send you a plan of a superhero and script (3 episodes) i created and if you could consider carrying on Young Justice and putting my ideas in them. I'll leave my email address below and hope you'll want to see my idea's. Thank you

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Thomas writes...

1: Do you think the crimes that Superheroes can avert (do you really want to be robbing a candy store in Metropolis these days?) are outweighed by the resulting damage of supervillians?

2: Do the Guardians know of the Justice League, and if so do they approve of them?

3: If the Spectacular Spiderman was in the YJ verse, do you think he might be a potential member of The Team at some point?

4: Would any of the Spec. Spiderman villains be potential light allies, or even members.

5: Does Nintendo exist in the YJ universe? If so, are any named characters fans of the company?

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Charlotte writes...

I have been a huge fan of Young Justice since I first saw it but I felt you left a huge blank not bringing out a season 3 so I wrote my own. Can I have your emial so I can send it to you?

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nanocon writes...

i have some gargoyels questions

1. in the beginning of the series when xanatos wanted to make more gargoyles why dident he use demona's dna since Sevarius wanted some gargoyle dna.

2. why dident demona try using that revivel spell she used on cold stone on other gargoyls

3.how did Sevarius survive that accident in loch ness

4. when Oberon used his sleep spell in the gathering part 2 was he un aware that all the car crashes would kill alot of humans or did his spell also prevent deaths resulting from the sleep

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Weisenthal writes...

If Miss Martian lives to be 141 earth years old will her face look just Marie Logan's face in episode Image?

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Felgrand writes...

1. Assuming you were able to, would you write an episode (or a comic issue) of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic if you were asked?

2. Would you also be a part of the creative team for the show if asked (again, assuming you were able to)? I'd like to think the show would be better with your input.

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Anonymous writes...

On Jan. 6th, 2014 you stated that originally you had planned to show a scene where we see a "BLANK" body-suit adapt to match the person it was replacing. But there just wasn't the page space when it came down to scripting the issue.

What episode did you intend this scene to be in?

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phil writes...

In numbers,please could you tell me,Barbara Gordon/batgirl, strength, powers,intelligence, and combat skills. thanks.

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