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Clark Cradic writes...

Wanted to let you know I'm pumped for Star Wars Rebels! :) Can't wait to see it! I know you and the rest of the cast and crew shan't disappoint.

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Jonathan writes...

This is the intern hopeful. I just realized. You'd need my email if I have shot at this.


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Jonathan writes...

I'm a fan of Greg's, but I am also a Southern California student. I was wondering if he would accept an intern? I know, it has nothing do with Gargoyles, but I have no other idea of how to get a hold of him.

(Oh, I actually searched the archive before I asked.)


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Dres speak writes...

Is there any chance that since you now work again for Disney through Star Wars franchise and Disney owns Marvel that Gargoyles can continue in the comic maybe that the first run can be omnibus and continued? That maybe hypothetical but any Gargoyle series can be picked up in comic books or any Disney Afternoon comic continued?Or Atleast with how busy you are if you even want to continue?

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GargFan writes...

I know you had spinoff plans for King Arthur & Griff, Dingo & the Redemption Squad, New Olympians, Brooklyns Timdancer adventures, etc, but, were there any plans for other Gargoyle characters like;
1-Cu Chullainn
2-the Golem
4-The Rainforest Gargoyle Clan
5-the Easter Island sentinel

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Kira writes...

I read the are Greg's answers etched in stone question in the FAQ and that got me thinking

#1 Are any answers absolutely set in stone
#2 Would you consider Retconing or Altering anything from the series (aside from the Goliath Chronicles)

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Daisy writes...

Where does Arsenal live at this point? Like who does he stay with? Green Arrow? Or is he completely on his own now?

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Algernon writes...

You've often said that a good villain should serve as a dark reflection/contrast to the hero. Is that one of the reasons you choose Vandal Savage as one of Young Justices's Big Bads? Pitting the young heroes of the DC Universe against a character who is literally the World's Oldest Supervillain?

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Kalev tait writes...

In creating a fully realised world, you seem to create fully believable characters for all of your reoccurring roles. While I assume you don't do the same for mooks, I'm wondering about minor characters who only appear once or twice and only have one or two lines? Do you always try to make everyone be able to justify their existence beyond the protagonists, or is it just for major characters?

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Animator Emily writes...

Hello Greg Weisman
I am a huge Gargoyles and animation fan my ultimate favorite episode is "The Price" so when I noticed you had some old scripts on here I got onto the page and couldn't stop reading. And although I feel the episode is perfect I saw some things in the old script where I was like: "Dang I wish we saw that". If I went into detail we'd be here forever even though there's no guarantee that you'll read this. :D
I guess my question is:
"What would you do differently if you could go back and work on Gargoyles again?"
I know a lot of people would've loved to have seen more of Lex. Maybe you could go back and somehow make it to where the Goliath Chronicles never came to be. Except in the Gargoyle Universe history cannot be changed even if you do it differently. Dang it... I know you despise it but did you ever watch those? I did because I thought it's Gargoyles!...I was wrong... I do however, like to watch some of the hilarious animation in some episodes. It's so bad it's funny.

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