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YOLO writes...

What was the cut dialogue in "Endgame" between Artemis and Wally?

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Young Archer writes...

In season 1 episode 9 "Misplaced", Robin mentioned that everyone in the world 18 years or older, "including Red Arrow" had gone missing. And I believe Red Arrow was absent from this episode as well, in both dimensions. Now that we know Red Arrow was really only 3 years old at the time of this episode, where the heck was he? Did the distraction allow the light more time to place more programming into Red's head, or did he actually disappear and that was a big plot hole?

Sorry if this has been asked before. :|

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Fangirl writes...

Did Sportsmaster wanted kids? Was he happy when Artemis and Jade were born?

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Somebody writes...

1. Does Wally know about Lian?

2. Have Lian and Wally met?

3. How does he feels about her? Does he think of her like his niece?

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Robert Reid writes...

Dear Greg

Why do you always make your characters politically correct? I mean why does most of your characters have do be racially diverse? What are you trying to accomplish?

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Fangirl writes...

In episode "Denial" Kent Nelson tells Wally "Find your own little spitfire, one who won't let you get away with nothin'. For example, that--" but is cut off when Wally removes the Helmet.
1. So what was he going to say?

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Jack Carpenter writes...

In Spectacular 201, who were those... two... random guys with the tire iron on the bridge who tried to attack Mysterio? I didn't really think about it before, but in hindsight, they seem kind of random. Just... two guys, on a bridge, with a tire iron, and a loudmouth dude in a flashy costume shows up, if I recall hasn't actually done anything YET that they've seen, and they just decide to have a go at him.

I though maybe they were the security detail for the TriCorp shipment, but they have neither guard uniforms nor guns.

This is obviously a really tiny, unimportant thing, but... I don't know, it really stood out to me.

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Somebody writes...

Did Wally ever told Artemis that she is his little spitfire?

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Dillance writes...

Did Megan Morse every visit the orphan Garfield after his mon died but before Megan Morse finally become his guardian?

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Numchum writes...

In YJS2 Despero was going around trying to find a worthy fight, if he had come across Mongul first, instead of the team in S2E11, who would have won that fight in single combat?

And then same thing, if Mongul was trying to take over the universe then he eventually would have come across Darkseid. Who would win Darkseid vs mongul, in single combat, and then the War World vs The Planet Apokolips?

Just interested to know who you would have wrote to be the physically dominant one, in single combat, out of those 3.

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