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Anonymous writes...

In "Rock of Ages" the Stone of Destiny is seen talking to David Xanatos in Leith and King Arthur in the Lantern of the Abbey at the exact same time November 15, 1:06 PM GMT. Then on the next page, the time it's talking to Arthur changes to 1:07 AM GMT, twelve hours earlier. Was the first one a mistake or was it meant to drive home the point that the spirit of destiny can inhabit any vessel, even a supposedly fake one?

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Domenic writes...

In Gargoyles, did you have any other Disney characters make any cameos?

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Adrian writes...

which person you would like to talk too, for one day what would you talk about with that person?

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Wayne Smith, Jr. writes...

Hello, Greg, this is Wayne. One of your recent Facebook additions. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on what I should do. Back in 2010, I had written an adaptation script of Jem and the Holograms to present to Hasbro for a movie idea. I had called them and they had told me to get a lawyer and an agent and we would move forward with setting up meetings for possible production.

So I had done what they asked. I had acquired a lawyer and an agent and had them submit. While they were working on that, I was finishing up the script, copyrighted, did my own casting and found my production team.

I had been trying to acquire the rights from Hasbro, but for some reason they were stalling. Me being a fresh-faced writer, I guess they didn't trust their property in my hands.

Last March, Jon Chu, who I had asked to direct the film, has taken it upon himself to produce his own film with permission from Hasbro.

There was a pending investment of over 15 MIL for the project, upon acquiring the rights to JEM. There are stacks of letters of intent from both A-lister Actors as well as up-and-coming actors. We had already secured several merchandising deals and we were looking to raise more funds as the project took shape. We were also working with VH1-Save the Music and the Geena Davis Institute to raise more funds as well. Also spoke with Entertainment One for a possible distribution deal. We have an in-depth understanding of what needs to be done to accomplish both our goals and will do everything in our power to make this project as successful as possible. With the assistance of Ms. Drew Barrymore, Bill Condon and possibly Shonda Rhimes, Debra Martin Chase, Cyndi Lauper, (all whom I had been speaking with their management to secure them for the film) and the other quality talent that has already been secured, this project would have definitely taken the world by storm.

Sadly, around March 2014, I was given a cease order and they told me that I was no longer involved with the property. Also my lawyer and agent disappeared when they heard the news.

Now that it's 2015, Jon Chu's movie trailer and poster has come to light and the 3,000,000+ fans are angry at what he has done to the property. The fans of the 80's and 90's are so angry that they will not allow their children to watch.

What is the best plan of attack, because this is bad for Universal, and Hasbro Studios? My story was true to the original and had original cast members involved.

Also an important note: The recent release of the trailer has several lines from my script as well as the use of my actresses likenesses for their dolls.

My project was called Project: Synergy.


Their movie Jem and the Holograms The Movie.


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Anonymous writes...

1: Does Sinestro exist in the Young Justice continuity?

2: Follow-up: Does Sinestro wield his classic yellow power ring, either on his own or as the founder of the Sinestro Corps, in Young Justice circa seasons 1 and 2?

3: Follow-up to the follow-up: Why did the Guardians of the Galaxy not keep closer tabs on the people to whom they hand over the strongest weapon in the universe? Seems like that sort of thing would have solved a few problems during that five year time skip...

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Harlan of Ash and Foam writes...

I wondered this a while ago but only remembered to ask just now.

Being what seems like one of the few fans who enjoys both Gargoyles and Power Rangers (it's never seemed too contradictory to me to enjoy both a fun, Shakespearean adventure romp and a serialized MST3K movie), it's always felt rather bittersweet that one of my childhood loves contributed to the downfall of another. I can't blame your, heavily implied if not often directly stated, reservations about the show.

But I don't really want to confront you about that as much as I wanted to ask: given the history, it really stuck out to me that Aicaya was directly described in Spirits of Ash and Foam as a "Mighty Morphin' manatee." It's not jarring in the book's isolated context, but does seem odd coming from you. Not bad, exactly, quite the opposite: I thought it was amusing that Opie would adopt something like Power Rangers into his shorthand and was a really fun instance of characterization.

But because I feel like asking questions only I could reasonably care about,

1. Does Opie like Power Rangers, or was his word choice based more on the influence that might come from reading the thoughts of Rain, Charlie, et al.?

2. If he does, what about it do you think appealed to Opie?

3. Was Maq's Batman joke an intentional correlation to Opie's reference, them sharing some shared affection for superheroes as some characterization point, or were they both just coincidental larks?

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Anonymous writes...

Greg, The Spectacular Spider-Man focused on the Education of Peter Parker:
Season 1: Biology 101 (Vulture, Electro and Lizard), Economics 101 (Shocker, Sandman and Rhino), Chemistry 101 (Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus) and Psychology 101 (Chameleon, the Sinister Six and Venom)
Season 2: Engineering 101 (Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Sinister Six and Master Planner), Human Development 101 (Sandman and Venom), Criminology 101 (Doc Ock, Silvermane and Tombstone) and Drama 101 (Molten Man and Green Goblin)

What would seasons 3, 4 and 5 be like due to the fact that the show was producing 65 episodes?

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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg. First off, thanks for answering my Oberon and Dr. Fate question (And for using a superhero analogy, to).
I just had a few questions regarding magic in Young Justice (Sorry for any spoiler-questions):
1. Do supernatural creatures (Like vampires)exist, or is what we see what we get in regards to magical beings?
2. Do you regard Young Justice's magic as following the same "rules" as Gargoyles's, or did you right it differently?
3. Is magic known to the public or government, or is its knowledge restricted to practitioners and associates?
Thanks again!

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Anonymous Guy Plant Monster Thing!?! writes...

Heya, Greg! How's it going, man? I'm honestly curious. Anyways, after doing a bit of reading and research I've come to the realization that unless someone buys the animation rights of Spider-Man from Marvel and The Spectacular Spider-Man from Sony and fund the rest of the production themselves, a continuation isn't going to happen (Don't worry, man! I'll talk to all the eccentric billionaires I know!). Weird that Marvel isn't interested in you doing a comic continuation, though. Seeing how popular the show was in its original run. Oh well. Anyways, point is, through my research I came across something that this was originally planned to be a 5 season show. Is that true? If so, would you be unable to tell us what was originally planned to take place throughout the show? Like, a brief synopsis of seasons 3-5 or even just say what you envisioned the endgame for most of the main characters to be like? Like, I also see you fancy the Ultimate Spider-Man series (great taste, if I do say), so was SSM Pete going to end up like USM Peter? If you can't say, that's fine. I'm just curious. From one critical Spidey fan to another, Sincerely, Anonymous Plant Guy Monster Thing.

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Anonymous writes...

young justice got an award btw and a super good rating....
((you should probably make season 3))

Is Artemis going to be a villain in the future?

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