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Anonymous writes...

In Young Justice #15 Ronal creates a fish when battling Ocean Master. During the battle his tattoos, or skin icons are visible. As shown here


Kaldur's tattoos, or skin icons are eels.

What type of tattoos, or skin icons does Ronal have?

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Presto writes...

1. Your decision behind leaving rebels? (May have been asked by the time this gets to you)

2.what are your future projects? (Also may have been asked)

3. I understand Black Canary is your favorite DC character. How do you feel about her portrayal in the CW show arrow?

4. How do you feel about the possibility of a live action young justice series?

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Just a Nerd writes...


Hello again, Mr. Weisman.

I recently re-read Spirits of Ash and Foam (all the while suggesting others read it) and I noticed something. In each of the stories when Guanayoa coerces the soldiers into killing each other, you included the line "Aycayia was one of only ten witnesses to the crime." I would assume that 8 of the 10 witnesses are Guanayoa herself, Acayia, and the latter's six sisters.

1. Is this assumption correct? (I don't know why it wouldn't be. But still.)
2. Would it be correct to assume that Opie the omniscient dog is the ninth witness?
3. Would Opie have witnessed this in canine, or from afar?
4. If Opie saw it in canine, would Maq have been the tenth witness along with him?
5. Or is this all one massive spoiler?

Thanks for your time.

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Food writes...

All these questions are related to food.

1. In comics it said that superman dosent require food as he can live off entirely on solar energy. Is this same case for Earth 16 Superman and to an extent Superboy?

2. Do Maritians need food? I'd imagine that on mars, their diets would probaley be different than humans, but do their shapeshifting powers allow to them compensate for lack of nutrition?

3. In the series, Wally's suit had a pocket where he kept emergency food. Now first I have to say that's a pretty clever way to deal with Wally's speedy metabolism weakness. I also assume that Flash and Impulse have a food rations on them as well in case of emergencies, so what exactly is the food they eat? I can't imagine it being anything gourmet or something that could easily get destroyed or cause a mess. I (personally) would probably think of it as similar to the rations they give in the military.

4. Do other heroes like Batman or Green arrow keep emergency food rations as well? I mean in most versions, Batman tends to keep himself pretty busy with both his hero and wayne industry work, so he dosnet get that much sleep. So I suppose if he's on some long mission, he probaley would need stop and eat something at one point. The thought occurs to me when I think of the Batman Arkham game series, where Batman is trapped inside Arkham Asylum for at least 10 hours and dosnet eat anything. Now obviously that's just a game dynamic so its not a big deal, but considering how well written Young Justice is I would wonder when and how the heros get a chance to eat and basically recover some energy.

5. I lied. This last question isn't about food. After the events of Misplaced, was the Zeta Tube computer updated to recognise Billy Baston?

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Dorphise Jean writes...

I'm starting a comic on my own with a superhero plot I want to know what does these comic publishing companies look for

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Jonny Modlin writes...

Gargoyles Season 2, Volume 2 general retail release on DVD is available in Walmart Stores and will be released everywhere in 2015. I want Gargoyles Clan Building and Bad Guys re-released in comic books and want Gargoyles Spin Off Comics released of Time Dancer, Pendragon, Dark Ages, Gargoyles 2198, The New Olympians, Heroes of Ulster. I finally have the retail releases of Gargoyles Season 1, Season 2 Volumes 1 and 2 and Gargoyles comics of Clan Building and Bad Guys both canon. Waiting for Disney to release Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles on DVD. Waiting for more Gargoyles spin off comics to be released are Time Dancer, Pendragon, Dark Ages, Gargoyles 2198, The New Olympians, Heroes of Ulster. Waiting for Gargoyles comic books to be re-released are Clan Building and Bad Guys. Thank you.

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Raphael writes...

5. It seems like you say books and TV sort of go atop everything else as far as entertainment goes. I'm sure it's been asked before, but I'm interested in what you're watching right now (or when I wrote this), specifically within the realm of animation. The animation I'm watching right now would be Korra, Gravity Falls, and, well Star Wars Rebels. Do you have any interest or attachment to any of these (aside from SWR of course)? I'm particularly interested in your thoughts on Avatar because I connected to it hugely when I must have been only seven or eight so I have a huge attachment to it. But I would be interested to hear about what TV you watch in general, at the time I wrote this, or when you answer this, whichever you want to answer. Perhaps just from recent months?

Thanks a bunch, I'm really interested to hear your responses to these questions.

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Raphael writes...

4. I was looking at the TV Tropes 'What Could Have Been' page after someone on Ask Greg mentioned it and I stumbled across this snippet about The Spectacular Spider-Man (SPOILERS for the end of second season pretty much go without saying after all of these years but whatever): "It was planned for a five-season run (ending with Peter's graduation from High School) - the timing of the Disney/Marvel buyout would have limited it to only three seasons, but because the show also switched networks, it only got two. And because of that, we wind up ending with the revelation that all of Peter's friends save Mary Jane are alienated from him, Harry hates Spider-Man, Gwen remains his girfriend after some emotional blackmail from Harry, and Peter didn't even stop the bad guy." Now I'm not interested if a longer run would have resulted in a happier ending because that seems like the kind of thing that you would interpret as SPOILERS. I know this is just a fan run site with no sources and It seems it makes a couple of assumptions right off the bat because it wasn't so much planned for a five-season run as much as there was a long term plan that could have spanned five seasons ideally. But I'm interested in if what it was saying about the switching of the networks limiting the show's run from three to two seasons holds any shred of truth.

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Raphael writes...

Hi Greg, I wrote many months ago about the correct episode order for Gargoyles. I actually live in Australia so getting Gargoyles Season 2 Vol. 2 is hard and because I know I won't be able to finish it, I haven't watched all of what I have of Gargoyles yet. That information wasn't really needed but I figured I would put it there as a precursor to saying I'm practically obsessive about The Spectacular Spider-Man, (as a Spider-Man fan like yourself, albeit a much narrower breadth of knowledge as I am only a teenager) love Young Justice, particularly the second season, and am enjoying Gargoyles (I think I'm only just past City of Stone, which was epic in the literal sense) and Star Wars Rebels, that twist in 'Rise of the Old Masters' in particular was really well crafted, which as I write this is six episodes or seven episodes in, I'm slightly behind.
Before I get started, I want to make it clear that whatever I say in my first question, I have no intention to argue with you about what you put in the show as others have been about Wally West at the time I write this. I actually have a few different questions on Young Justice, one on The Spectacular Spider-Man and one about you which are split up and these two paragraphs sort of serve as an introduction to all of it.
1. I'm fairly certain there's an undeniable change of pacing and generally a slight tinkering in the type of storytelling from the first season of Young Justice to the second. In the first season the episodes were relatively self contained episodes that contributed to larger character arcs but in the second season almost every episode, if not every episode, contributed to a constant driving narrative. I've noticed something like this in all of your shows, between their first and second seasons before they all were sadly cancelled. Gargoyles felt like its first season set up the character dynamics and world before the second season expanded its universe, probably due to such a large episode order. And The Spectacular Spider-Man felt like it just grew more confident and ambitious. If you don't think these assessments are correct I'd be very different to hear why your shows evolved. I believe Young Justice evolved the most though. Was that planned from the start or was the show readjusted due to what direction you and the rest thought the show could best move in? Or was it some external factor like a change in writing staff, or a smaller amount of episode? In conclusion, why was the show's overall pacing changed? And if you think I've answered my own question can you elaborate?
2. Was there any break in production? I know there wasn't much space between the airing of Young Justice's first season and its second, but did you have any break between seasons?
3. I'm not sure if this has been asked before, and it seems like a fairly obvious question so I apologize if it has been, but how far into production of season 2 of Young Justice, if at all, did you know it was your last season and how sure were you? When I say you I mean everyone who worked on the show.

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Graham Hume writes...

Are there any plans to release the episodes on region 2 DVD?

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