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Haing writes...

Do members of the team that know a martian has long lifespan expect Miss Martian will live a long time after they die?

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Barton writes...

When Jason Todd was on the team as was robin was Garfield trying to learn to control his change into animals power before can become a member of the team?

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B writes...

You've indicated that Nimue was the third daughter of Igraine and Gorlois, exchanged with the changeling Morgana. Does that make her magic (or that of stolen children in general, if you prefer) mortal sorcery by definition? Except mortal sorcery isn't allowed on Avalon, where stolen human children would logically be raised. Did she not know any magic before Merlin taught her (as in the legend) despite her upbringing by the Third Race, or is she (or stolen children in general, if you prefer) able to manipulate the energies of Avalon like the Magus learned to, thus technically staying within the prohibition?

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Blake writes...

Me and a friend of mine are making a show about war and we wanted to know if we should go with animation from star wars rebels or go with retro animation from the 90s.

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B writes...

If, as Goliath says, the Vikings called the Oberati "Dark Elves", then what about the Light Elves that are also present in Viking mythology? Were they more myth than fact, were they angels (like the ones in Jacob's vision in the issue "The Rock"), or are they also members of the Third Race but Goliath only chose to mention the Dark Elves for some reason? In Norse myth, Light Elves were like what we would think of as Tolkien Elves and Dark Elves were like Tolkien Dwarves.

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Asker writes...

Hello Greg! DC's Rebirth event recently brought back Kaldur'ahm/Jackson Hyde back into the main DC universe. He's also revealed to be attracted to men and he even has a boyfriend.

Considering your previous tweet about not assuming YJ Kaldur to be straight, does the recent DC reveal have any bearing on his animated counterpart's sexual or romantic orientation?

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Tasha writes...

Was Miss Martian born before Paula Crock was born?

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NoOneSpecial writes...

1) I noticed that in some scenes in Awakening, Goliath goes to sleep in his "thinker" pose, but most of the time in the rest of the series he's always in a gargoyle typical pose. Which does he prefer to do? Does it matter at all to him? I ask because I honestly like the thinker pose much better

2) Does the actual Thinker statue exist in-universe? It was built in 1880, so did the artist who made it, within the context of the show, draw inspiration from Goliath's pose? I mean if anyone saw Goliath, they'd probably think he the rip of it and not the other way around. Since it was a conscious choice on your part to have Goliath do that iconic pose for what would be his presumed eternal slumber, it might be kinda cool to think there was an unseen cause and effect going on within the show as a result of his pose.

3) So Lexington still hates the Pack, but he's come to forgive Fox, to some degree. How does he feel about Dingo deciding to become a hero again, assuming that Goliath or Elisa told him about their encounter with Dingo?

4) When exactly was the first time, Elisa and Xanatos crossed paths? Its left a little vague in my opinion of the two of them having any prior interaction before Awakening.

5) If gargoyles evolved from prehistoric reptilian creatures during the era of dinosaurs, why has no one found any evidence of their existence such as fossilized bones? I understand that Gargoyles hold wind ceremonies and all effectively destroy physical remains, but archaeologist have found remains of cave men, and other pre-evolved humans dating back hundreds of thousands of years, so why have they not found any evidence of an another unknown species that evolved throughout the millennium?

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Ted writes...

Did Miss Martian start taking care of Garfield before he become got his power and become a member the team ?

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Jackson writes...

I'm sure you're aware, but Marvel has been churning out plenty of content with the MCU.
1. Have you kept up with the movies and shows? Or do you not go out of your way to do so?
2. Whatever the previous answer is, would you say that it's too much content?
3. What are your thoughts on the franchise as a whole, especially as another interpretation of the Marvel Universe?
4. Do you think doing a direct adaptation of a comic book universe like with Young Justice has its advantages, or is this string of movies (and shows) the way to go?

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