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Cody writes...

Hello Greg! I've been a huge Gargoyles fan since I was a kid! It was always my favorite animated series growing up. I've heard rumors of a live action Gargoyles movie set to release in 2017. Can you confirm or deny these rumors? As brilliant of a story as it is, I'm honestly surprised it hasn't made the big screen at any point in the last 20 years. Thank you for your time.

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

1. What is your opinion on the DC Universe Original Animated Movie, Justice League: Gods and Monsters?

2. Have you ever considered doing a DC Universe Original Animated Movie of your own?

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therewithasmile writes...

Hi there, big fan of your show. I'd been hearing so much praise but I was never big on the superhero scene. Finally got roped in when my boyfriend sat me down to watch it, and I marathoned it in two nights. Fantastic work and completely enthralling.
Before I ask my questions I must add in that I am big on the shipping side of things, so I have "shipping goggles" on, so to speak. I really like Conner and M'gann's relationship: it's grown to something wonderfully complex in season 2, and a pretty realistic one at that. I'm interested in knowing your thoughts on creating this relationship, both as a study and as a learning experience as someone who aspires to be a writer one day. And so here are my questions.
1. As I noticed, their relationship always seemed pretty integral to the plot (as opposed to, say, Wally and Artemis) both in season 1, and definitely in season 2. Was the show conceived to portray such a relationship, or did it grow to fruition after deciding on their character arcs?
2. In that same vein, was the subplot of season 2 concerning M'gann and her continuous (ab)use of her powers there from the beginning of development and, by extension, act as a means to develop their relationship?
3. Was it always planned for M'gann and Conner to split? What I mean is, as soon as you knew you were getting a second season, were they already doomed to fail?
4. At the end of the events in episode 11, if it weren't for Conner being there would M'gann be compromised and still be frozen in the ice?
5. I know Superboy and Wondergirl are a couple in the comicverse. As Cassie is obviously an item with Tim, it may be moot now. But during development, was it ever considered that Conner and Cassie would follow their comicbook selves and move toward a relationship?
Thank you again, for both creating the show and entertaining my heavy "shipping" questions. I'm always interested to hear what you think / your process was when developing this relationship.

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Aaron writes...

I have a few questions regarding Spectacular Spider-Man.

1. Having recently read the "Sinister Spider-Man" run of the Dark Reign arc, I was wondering if Peter had kept/reclaimed the Venom symbiote, how bad/villainous/evil would he have gotten?

2. Black Cat seemed to have a thing for Symbiote Spider-Man. If he'd joined the dark side, could they have become a team and/or a couple?

3. If Black Cat encountered Venom, would she recognize the symbiote as being Spidey's black suit, and what would her reaction to Venom be?

4. Does SHIELD exist in the world of Spectacular Spider-Man, and do other heroes besides Spider-Man exist in that world or is it just Peter?

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Anonymous writes...

In "Misplaced" the being called Sabbac was mentioned. Was this Timothy Karnes (or Barnes) or Ishmael Gregor?

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Anonymous writes...

If a fan cannot suggest an idea to you on this website, should they instead communicate with you via e-mail instead?

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Geoff writes...

Why does it take three year after Marie Logan's death for Garfield Logan to get his power to change into animals?

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Raven Darkholme writes...

If Klarion thought to give a faction of his powers to a human would that human have powers like the Scarlet Witch or just very powerful magic in itself or jus t cause chaos

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Eddie writes...

Why was Garfield not permitted become a member of team until he was twelve years old?

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Kelly Brewster writes...

Did Garfield ever hug Martian Manhunter?

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