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Nolan Nimble writes...

Hey Mr. Weisman

I recall that you, once upon a time, collected Legion of Superheroes (LOSH) comic books and that you used to be a fan of the property. So, considering that you did work (Young Justice) in the same universe as the LOSH property, my question is this: do you, in your professional opinion, think that someone could effectively do a LOSH show that carried on indefinitely? (I know that there used to be such a show, but it was cancelled fairly early on and, ever since then, there has been much vitriol spewed out against the property. Even now, the critics are whining about how a LOSH movie, in the current DC comics cinematic universe could never work.) If you were ever given the chance, do you think that you would be willing to write for and/or spearhead such a show?

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Morin Maddox writes...

Hey, Mr. Weisman

I'm curious. When you were designing Young Justice, how was it that you came about deciding to introduce the idea of a five-year gap between seasons 1 and 2? Why did you decide to move ahead with that creative decision? Did it allow for more storytelling possibilities to be opened up (i.e. a situation in which, because the fans and viewers don't know what happened in a specific time period, you're able to tease and tell an infinite number of stories, at your own convenience, as you develop them and as they fit into what could have happened during that five-year gap)? or were you simply in a situation in which you needed specific characters to be at one age in season 1 and a different age in season 2 and just didn't have the amount of episodes to tell every single story in between? And why did you decide not to go into more detail (in the show or in the comics) about exactly what occurred during that five-year gap? Or would you have done so had you had more episodes and/or comic book issues?

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Kyle Kale writes...

Hey Mr. Weisman

Given your experiences in animated media, do you think that animated shows have it harder (in terms of having to prove themselves as viable for gaining additional seasons) than live-action shows? I ask because it seems to me that you have, alongside collaborators, spearheaded numerous projects (such as WITCH, Spec Spidey, Young Justice) that have, critically and in terms of viewership, been very successful (I can't speak for Spec Spidey or WITCH, but I know that Young Justice consistently maintained numbers that even some live-action shows do not get or maintain), yet they have all been cancelled for various reasons. Meanwhile, there is no shortage of live-action shows that have been looked upon with far less critical or viewer approval and have been renewed for more than three seasons (of 16 to 21 episodes). If your answer is 'yes,' do you think that one reason for this increased difficulty on the part of animated shows is that most of them are forced into, in addition to maintaining constant viewer numbers, maintaining a toy line?

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Lyman Lennox writes...

Hey Mr. Weisman

In your opinion, who would win in a no-Kryptonite fight between Captain Marvel and Superman? I've heard varying opinions and seen that no decisive answer was ever given in the comics, but I want to know what you think.

Who do you think would win in a fight between Captain Marvel and Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]?

What about between Superman and Green Lantern [Hal Jordan], again, considering that there is no Kryptonite?

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Kyle Kenyatta writes...

Hey Mr. Weisman

If I heard correctly, I understand that when you and your collaborators first broke the story for Young Justice, you had a "two-year" plan for the series, though you also had plans for as many as five seasons, in total. Considering that, I have two questions. First, did you ever expect to get a pickup for season 3? It seems to me that, if not, you went through an awful amount of trouble (I.e. Purposefully and masterfully introducing elements evocative of an eventual Apokolips storyline, among other things) to tease storylines that you were fairly certain would never be explored on the show. Of course, given your propensity for thorough world building, I could definitely see how you would make such a creative choice. Second, if you had gotten a season three pickup, would you have liked to continue the concurrent comic line (there were definitely more stories that could've been told in comic format, including what went on during the five year gap, how Ocean Master became disgraced, the Marvel family story that you had planned, etc.)?

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Jack Johnson writes...

Hey Mr. Weisman

I consider your and your collaborators' take on Young Justice to be a masterpiece, not just in terms of action but in terms of planning and structure. And that leads me to ask the question of how, exactly, did you go about mounting that type of beautifully complex operation? I mean how were you able to develop all of those intertwining stories for literally hundreds of characters and feed them all into the larger agenda? Did you start by breaking a general story for where you wanted the series to go and which characters you wanted to take it there? Or did you start with the main characters and work your way out from there?

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Anonymous writes...

To Mr. Greg Weisman,

Thank you for bringing Ahsoka Tano back in Star Wars Rebels! She has been deeply missed since her departure in Star Wars: Clone Wars Season Five. Here's to hoping to seeing more of her in action as well as anticipating what her reaction to Darth Vader might be. Also, let's hope that other past characters will pop up and surprise us!

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Ralph Williams writes...

Did M'gann know who was taking care of the orphan Garfield Logan and where Garfield living at before he start living at Mount Justice after his mom's death witch cause Garfield to be come a orphan?

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Taha writes...

Would you be open to writing an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man?

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ANONYMOUS writes...

Hey Greg,

Wondering how you broke into the comic book industry? I know you were an editor at DC at one time. What was that process like?

Thanks for your time!

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