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Anonymous writes...

Is the Crystal Cave that Merlin is trapped in the Cueva de los Cristales

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Anderson writes...

Did Beast Boy have his power before Lagoon Boy join the team and if so why was Garfield not permitted to join the team by the time Lagoon Boy join the team?

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Sera writes...

Did Garfield Logan have his power by the time Jason Todd died?

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J writes...

Wow..with all the hate about the way you portrayed Wally in the past couple of days...I'm wondering if it's the same person who keeps asking the same Beast Boy questions over and over under different names.

Does this person really think you are stupid enough to think he/she is so many different people?

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Anonymous writes...

s "We meditate on that glorious light of the divine Surya (Sun), may he, the lord of light, illuminate our minds". It is ordained that repeating this hymn again and again leads to salvation. One who desires to attain heaven should recite it a thousand times each day. A man of the upper caste, who daily repeats the Gayatri hymn 3000 times for one month, shall be freed from guilt, however great.

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Miles writes...

Did any of the characters on Young Justice genuinely respect Wally as a person? It just seemed like that even the characters that were supposed to care about him (Artemis and Dick) treated him like he was their own personal doormat that they could walk all over anytime they wanted. It's why their (and Bart's) reactions to his death felt incredibly contrived because they were never shown to think much of him while he was alive. The titles (Artemis' love interest/Dick's best friend/whatever to Bart) he supposedly held didn't seem to really match up with how they treated him.

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YoungJusticeFan writes...

Hi Greg! I was wondering is Black Beetle just strong ( Goes toe to toe with Mongul) or does the scarab grant him his strength? If the scarab does, then how strong is Blue Beetle? Also who is stronger, Black Beetle or Superman?

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Fallen writes...

I am really confused about season 3 and wally dyeing in Young Justice "EndGame", because there are all these rumors about him not dying, and his death didn't seem that heroic. So are they going to make a season 3 or are they making another video game?

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Anonymous writes...

Why did Bart claim to feel like a fraud at the end of 'ENDGAME'? The show made it clear that he was far more deserving of being Barry's sidekick and heir to the Flash mantle than Wally was. I mean, Wally's legacy is being the speedster who died because he was too slow to live. That just doesn't seem like something that should be glorified to me.

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Campbell writes...

Hey Greg,

From the responses youve given in the past as to why you named Brooklyn's son Nashville, I get the impression he wasnt named for the city like mant people assume.

Was he named after the USS Nashville, a Brooklyn Class light cruiser in service from 1938 to 1946?

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