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Jensen Young writes...

Did Garfield Logan become Miss Martian's adopted brother before or after he got his power to change into animals?

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Allen Tomsovic writes...

1a) Would The Eye of Odin have eventually killed Goliath? (It appeared to have been killing Fox.)

1b) (It seems that Avatars to Death Gods tend to die, like The Emir.) Would Jackal have eventually died as a result of being an Avatar?

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Anonymous writes...

Greg: Wanted to say thank you for shaping my childhood! I read Shakespeare and Malory directly because of Gargoyles! I'm grown now and I teach children. Thanks for your influence and your wonderful series! Please keep producing more Gargoyles stories!

1) Why didn't we see any New Olympians at The Gathering? (Oberon seemed intent to include Alex, another mixed-human fey.)

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Allen Tomsovic writes...

1) Is Peredur the son of Fleur and Mr. Duval? (I'm assuming Duval is really still Sir Percival.)

•You had only named Duval as The Illuminati's founder, not their leader.

•Also, it'd make sense that Peredur loves Fleur and Duval more than anyone.

Sidenote: Really interesting nomenclature that "Peredur Fab Ragnal" follows Ragnal's line, rather than the name of Sir Gawain.

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Hector writes...

Hi Greg,

How did you come to a decision for Kanan's(Caleb) master in the comic? I'm looking forward to see the character of Depa Billaba come to life. As it was somewhat obscure up until now.

I wish you much success.

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Karis writes...

Did Miss Martian look for Garfield to find where he was living at after his mom dead? Did Miss Martian feel Garfield was safe where he living at? Did she visit Garfield were was living at often? Did Garfield like were was live at before Miss Martian adopted Garfield? Why did Miss Marion adopt Garfield in the place?

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Fiorina writes...

Did Garfield met the two Marvels B14 and B16 when they were on the team? Does Garfield know Nightwing was the first Robin? After Marie's death did Garfield believe he wound never see or be with Miss Martian again?

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Rachel Will writes...

Did M'gann visit Garfield were he was staying at after his mom died before Garfield became her adopted brother and Garfield began living with M'gann?

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J$ writes...

I just wrapped up Spirits of Ash and Foam. I thought the first book was decent, but the second one was fantastic. By the end of the book, I felt as into the book as I did when I thought Goliath had just let Elisa fall to her death. It was a slow build, but well worth it.

When are you going to release the third book?

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Leoni writes...

Did Garfield see or met the second Robin?

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