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a Young Justice fan writes...

Hi Greg
here are my questions.
1. Have you heard of the petition here https://www.change.org/p/warner-brothers-and-cartoon-network-netflix-to-make-a-season-3-make-young-justice-season-3
2. If so do you think if enough people sign it you would be able to make season 3 of Young Justice
3. If you need funding for Young Justice why don't you start a indigogo campaign.

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An optimistic fan wanting to see YJ3 writes...

If you and DC received funds for a new season would you make a YJ season 3?? How much would the funds cost??

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Cali writes...

Was Garfield 12 or 13 when he a member of young justice team?

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Anonymous writes...

i just wanna say i'm sorry

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Seiei Logue writes...

I was wondering if you have ever thought about creating a Young Justice movie? Something that wraps up the characters nicely to answer all of the fans unanswered questions. Please, please, please think about it!!!

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John Constantine writes...

I apologize if you get a lot of similar questions like this one but as you are aware, Marvel and Sony reached a deal to bring back Spidey to the MCU. And considering Marvel and Netflix struck a deal for a while now by releasing fantastic shows like Daredevil.

- With that said, is it possible to do a season 3 of the Spectacular Spider-Man on Netflix to stream? Since Marvel and Sony struck a deal for the films, I don't see why they can't have two animated shows coexisting on two different networks. I can still totally be wrong. Are the rights still a mess?

Again, thank you for doing Spectacular Spider-Man. Your writing of Spidey was like Timm/Dini's Batman. Thank you.

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Taha writes...

1. Were there ever plans of bringing in John Constantine on YJ? Just a thought that crossed my mind, I always thought it would be fun for you to write him along with his dynamic with the Justice League (which we don't see that much in the comics).

2. A more hypothetical of a question, would you be open to writing live-action shows? The CW DC shows right now, at least the time period I'm sending you this are huge and they're really comic accurate and fun. Lots of things mirror your show, Young Justice. Would you be open to writing that as a guest?

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Domenic writes...

How long did it take to write and make an episode for Young Justice?

By the way, you are THE BEST writer on TV ever!!!

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Dan writes...

How would the quarrymen react to the New Olympians revealing themselves to the world? Would they stay focused on gargoyles only or would they hate anything non-human?

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