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Paul writes...

Hi Greg, I know that one of your goals on The Spectacular Spider-Man was to increase the ethnic diversity in Spidey's cast of characters.

With that in mind, why did you change Rhino from (presumably) eastern-European (since his name in the comics was Aleksei Sytsevich) to American (or Irish-American, since his surname became O'Hirn)?

I felt like it went against what you were trying to accomplish by mixing things up with characters like Liz Allen and Ned Lee(ds).

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Yo writes...

Would deleted scenes from young justice ever be released?

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Anonymous writes...

In the Gargoyles universe weve head about Macbeth ad nausium...but close to nothing about Lady Macbeth, who, in my opionion (as at least in the begining of Shakespear's play) was FAR more interesting.
In your view, was she a witch?
I'm leaving the term "witch" up to your own interpitation, whatever that may be, and a simple "yes or no" will suffice.

Thank you.

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Rayven writes...

I'm not sure if this has been asked before or not but 1.what is it going to take for at least another season for young justice in comics? (I don't know if I asked that right but hopefully you understand )

Honestly, I hope you have another chance to have another season on TV ( I just really really love that version better but if comic is the only way.. Than I will buy every volume or at least try to). I just really really want to know what happens next (not a question just a statement ).

And with that being said .. 2.Why is so important that merchandise must be sold in order for you guys to have another season? Because I seen some other commits and they said y'all had good ratings but y'all just wasn't selling enough (I think). 3.What were y'all selling? I say that because I didn't even know y'all was selling anything. 4.Was it even advertise?

Also, I heard that there is a new president (or somthing like that) in Cartoon Network. 5.Do you think he would change it (I mean make another season for young justice ) if we call enough or something? Email?? Do anything??

I understand the show was canceled but that don't stop me form believing that there might be -even if there is a really small - chance that the show could one day come back.

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Padawanweaklove writes...

1) What could we do, fans, to give you a chance to work again on Young Justice serie ?
2) Were it possible for you to work on it even if you aren't paid for ?

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mitch writes...

Hey greg sorry for asking a silly question that has more than likely been answered but I searched for ages and couldnt find a definate answer but.....

Is there any possibility of a 3rd season of young jutice at all, on a side note it is alongside justice league:unlimited as the best dc shows I have seen. Thanks for taking time to read this

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BirdBoyB01 writes...

How did you feel when you first started working on young justice?
1.Did you feel any pressure? Or it did come naturally now that you were working again in dc ?
2. How did you start out in the whole business?

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Tyler writes...

How old are Wondergirl and Batgirl?

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Michael Portillo writes...

In the five year gap did Troia join the team? And if the future if we get a new Young Justice season sometime down the line could we get some Wondergirl Cassie Origin? Like with her mom Helena and how she joined the Wonder crew?

Also how did you get your start in animation? It's one of my interests in the future and I just want to know how you got started.

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Adam Mitchell writes...

If Young Justice gets a reboot in the future can we see Wondergirl and Superboy become an item because I think Miss Martian should be independent and I am so sick of her and Conner together.

Also do you watch Arrow?? Black Canary is in it!!

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