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Caleb Higgins writes...

On Garfield's the first day living at Mount Justice was Miss Martian in the form of a teenager like in season one or the form of a adult like in season two of Young Justice?

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Marvelman writes...

You stated here that the Wonder Twins would appear in season 3: http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=18430. Is this still the case?

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Gray Walker writes...

Another two Young Justice Question,
1.What made you decide to change Superboy's usual powerset of "tactile telekinesis" to the one he possessed in the show.
2. Miss Martian stated that her transformations could occur on the genetic level when she gave Garfield his blood transfusion. Can she imitate powers like this? For instance transforming into a kryptonian on a genetic level?
3.Why is Beast Boy green when the Martian who donated blood to him was a White Martian?

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Gray writes...

Good day Mr. Weisman,
Does the Velocity series of drugs (serums that provide super-speed to people with various, ussually severe side-effects) exist in the Young Justice Universe?

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Gray Walker writes...

Hello! Just a few questions regarding the Block Buster and it's successor Kobra-Venom in Young Justice
The Kobra-Venom was interesting in the fact that they used it on several species. Various animals, plants and humans. Are there organic species that it can't be used on, and are there different events dependent on species?
Does Block Buster still retain any of his previous intellect or has his transformation rendered him less intelligent?
Are Mammoth and Blockbuster capable of speech?
and finally
Are the areas exposed muscle on the Kobra-Venom subjects more vulnerable than the rest of their bodies?

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Emily writes...

Hello again Mr. Weisman, I Just Got and read the first 6 issues of the 'Gargoyles' Comics, and here's 1 of the Curious Questions I do have related to them, though it's More like a 3 in 1 question if you don't mind

Between "Invitation Only" and "Bash" Why Does Xanatos Invite Margot Yale and her Husband to his castle? Since He surely does know that She's the Assistant District Attorney and the Adviser to the gargoyle taskforce and is Clearly Against the Gargoyles, doesn't he think it would be too risky because of the Rumors circulating that he's "harboring" the gargoyles? And Does Margot only accept the invitation to Find Proof of the rumors?

I don't know if it's just me, but she certainly seems like the kind of dirty D.A who'd take advantage of her position by any means to get what she wants

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Seth writes...

You've stated that Quincy Hemings was born in 1900, but he was also on the White House staff since Theodore Roosevelt's administration. Was there a mistake made here or did Quincy get the job as a child? Or neither (somehow)?

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Jack Carpenter writes...

Some YJ and Spectacular Spider-Man questions:

1) How different would Season 1 have been if you had been allowed to use Donna Troy right off the bat?

2) When Artemis was just starting out and hadn't been found by the League yet, how did she pay for equipment like trick arrows?

3) Does Adrian Toomes' tech-flight harness have a magnetic basis like the one in the comics?

4) In "Beneath", Psimon's team consists of five villains, and includes Mammoth and Shimmer. Was this an intentional reference to those three's initial appearance in the comics?

5) What led to the decision to fuse Shocker and Montana into a single character?

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Zachary Marquez writes...

I have a major question for you. Greg, what do you think of the infamous animation critic Mr. Enter.

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Lo writes...

Hello Greg! Long time fan, first time asking a question. My ask is about W.I.T.C.H. I know it's been a long time, and you've said there's things you can't remember and I completely understand that - but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I was always so invested in Cornelia and Caleb's relationship and thought it was so wonderfully well written and engaging. My questions are these:

1. Can you recall if you had a plan for them going forward into season three?

2. If so, what kind of things were going to happen to them?

Much appreciated!

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