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Algernon writes...

I don't usually ask YJ questions but I just gotta know something...

What exactly is a Ma'alefa'ak?

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Peter writes...

1) Does Bruce Wayne fight crime? I mean economically and socially? Creating workplaces, factories etc? Fighting poverty? He has money after all, and it's a rational thing to do, it prevents people from becoming criminals. YJ!Batman is the most sensible Batman I've ever seen, it would fit his personality. Instead of spending all money on creating more ways to beat people
What is Gotham like? Dirty and rotten like in Batman Begins? Or more like Central City, because I imagine things are pretty good there? Though I think after 11/16 years of Batman things are much better than they were before
2) Love that Batman is a supporting character. No need for conflict for him, Gotham can be a safer place, criminals are locked up in Arkham and not escaping, his relationships with his partners are healthy, maybe he can even be happy. All of this is unlikely to happen when Bruce is a main character, and the last one is impossible. It irritates me sometimes, the guy just can't get a break, I don't care if he is Batman, everyone needs rest. And it's very irritating how he alienates his partners by being a jerk. Come on! It doesn't make sense!
3) Also I don't like when people say that Batman never got over his parents death and in his heart he is still a boy that lost his parents. Clearly not the case in Earth 16, where Bruce is a parental figure to Dick, especially when he says he doesn't want Robin to become Batman
4) Had adoption of Dick made Bruce more happy?
5) Would it be theoretically possible for YJ!Batman to be in a stable lasting relationship? Which is absolutely impossible when he's the main character. Like in the Mask of the Phantasm but without the need to break them up
6) Is he happy? On the one hand he doesn't want Dick to become him. Implies that Bruce doesn't see being Batman as a burden. But I can easily picture him being in a relationship. What do you think?

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RobinFan writes...

Hi, Mr. Weisman. I've got some questions about YJ.

1) How can Commissioner Gordon afford to have Barbara in a private academy?
2) Does Barbara have any siblings?
3) Are any of the 2 Roy Harpers the chick magnet he is in the comics?
4) Does Conner Kent have a second name?
5) Did Wally and Artemis stay together during the 5 year time jump, or did they ever "take a break"?

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probably overthinking writes...

1. In "The Mirror" was the decision to make Demona human during the day intended as symbolic, because she embodies all the qualities that she claims to despise in humans (bigotry, treachery, etc.). Or am I reading too much into it and it was just a way to make her a more powerful villain by freeing her of the limitations that hamper other gargoyles?

2. On that same note, was Demona's smashing of Titania's mirror upon seeing her new human form symbolic of her inability to face herself and admit that she possesses all of the above mentioned qualities? Or am I overthinking again and she just smashed the mirror because you didn't want to do any more stories involving that mirror and it was the only way to explain why Demona never again attempted to use it.

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Jake Winter writes...

Hello Greg,
I am a big fan of the Young Justice! Thank you for this great show! I was sad to see it be cancelled but is there any hope for it to come back and become a series again? Maybe on Netflix? Just wondering because there is a possibility of a huge roster of characters to explore from. Maybe some Titans? I don't know but the possibilities make me excited.

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Parker Smith writes...

Hello Greg Weisman,
I wanted to ask you a question about Young Justice. I see people shipping Blue Beetle and Impulse together (Bluepulse) and I was wondering if there was any connection initially for them to become a couple or will there be any in the future if we can see this get another season? I'm not sure if it was initially going to have them be a couple or if it was just a strong friendship. Also, what are your thoughts on the matter of this relationship? I think it's a great pairing and it can open up the public to the LGBT community and show them that superheroes can be LGBT as well. Just wanted to know your opinion.
Thank You :)

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The Half Blood Prince writes...

hey Greg! big fan of your work.

any updates on a season 3 of Young Justice? for either TV or Netflix?

Young Justice being cancelled was so unjustified. The internet says it was cancelled because the toys weren't being bought. But lets be honest, the most part of the demographic for Young Justice were teenagers and older. So the show being 86'd because the toys weren't being bought is ridiculous.

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Greg Weisman,

The following are things I feel that I need to get off my chest:

It's Definitely Time To Reboot - After about 3 years of waiting patiently, I feel that it's safe to say that I think "Young Justice" probably might not come back for Season 3. Maybe you should wait for at least a couple more years and then create a new incarnation of the show for a new generation of kids.

A New History - I think a reboot of "Young Justice" should be an amalgamated history comprising of bits and pieces from all other existing continuities (video games, film, TV, etc.) that we have grown accustomed to in recent times and then creating a personal twist on it all. At the same time, a rebooted "Young Justice" universe should be described as "not quite pre-Flashpoint, New 52, or DC Rebirth continuities, but 'something in the middle'-of-sorts between the three of them." The idea of an amalgamated history was because I once read something about how the latest Transformers continuity (which consisted of "Prime" and the 2015 "Robots in Disguise") was considered an "Aligned continuity" (http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Aligned_continuity_family; read the Creative Vision section).

More Teams - In "Young Justice," the only existing superhero teams were the Justice League and the Team. A reboot should explore the potential of other teams existing in other parts of the world or being creating when members of the Team leave for other heroic pursuits.

Expand the Universe: "Young Justice" was a single show, but it only focused on the "present" era. It would've been nice to consider spin-offs taking place in the past (the first incarnation of the Justice Society of America) and the future (Batman Beyond or the Legion of Super-Heroes) and then having crossovers between the shows set in the same universe.

The Seven Unknown Worlds - Within the multiverse of the New 52, there are seven unknown universes: Earth-14, Earth-24, Earth-25, Earth-27, Earth-28, Earth-46, and Earth-49. In "The Multiversity: Guidebook," these seven worlds were created by an Inner Chamber of 7 Monitor Magi. Other than this, nothing else has been revealed thus far about the group or the reason why they created them, but it also seems the level of mysteriousness of these Earths seemingly depends on their designation number (with Earth-49 and Earth-46 being the top two most mysterious universes of the seven). Also, because we know nothing about the types of settings that exists on these seven Earths and what makes them different from the other 45 Earths, what's to stop you from asking the higher-ups at DC Comics to lay claim to one of the seven unknown Earths to use for a new DC animated TV universe…?

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Jojohov writes...

Hello mr Wiesman

Which vilians did you plan for the spectacular spiderman spring bring movie?

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Fallenlegend writes...

Hey Greg in one of your questions you answered that you thought that in part of what made Superman great was truth, justice and "the American way" so my questions are:

What is the American way for you?
Do you think superman stands up for those that aren't American.

For example I'm Mexican.

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