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Anonymous writes...

I read "The Multiversity: The Just #1," and as far as I could tell, it does not appear to be any indication that anything from the "Young Justice" TV series is canon in Grant Morrison's Earth-16.

I recall there are multiple mentions that at least 7 of the 52 known worlds in the new DC Comics multiverse are intentionally left unidentified (though I don't know which numbers they are right now); meaning no one what takes place in those parallel Earths or who exactly lives there.

Would the "Young Justice" TV series have to be rebooted and have to take place in one of those 7 unidentified parallel Earths?

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Sulu writes...

Did Garfield's hair and skin turn all green in one day or did different parts of his body turn green at different points in times after the blood transfusion?

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Haazen writes...

I was wondering; is Anton Sevarious gay, or just incredibly hammy?

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Tyler Reznik writes...

Hello again, Mr. Weisman.

I just wanted to ask, are you a fan of John Carpenter's "The Thing"? Keith David and Charles Hallahan were both in it, and they were both on "Gargoyles". Could just be a coincidence, but I'm curious.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

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Wonderfulakari writes...

1. How are you doing? I hope you are doing well.
2. Okay so this isn't important what so ever to the plot of Gargoyles but before Oberon sentenced Puck to life as Owen did Puck's actions abolish his contract with Xanatos? Because Puck violated it twice. Once by running away as Owen who is supposed to serve for a life- and once by turning back into Puck to help David. It hardly matters since he was punished by Oberon immediately afterwards but I'm just curious.
3. Another non-work related question since I thought it might be refreshing. Embarrassing story about your children?

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Gabriel writes...

Hey, I just wanted to ask if you've seen the first two episodes of The Flash and what you thought of it? I really enjoyed Young Justice and just finished it and it's such a shame it was cancelled I hope you get to continue the story soon because I could see it being just as good or even better than The Justice league.

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Anonymous writes...

Has Tim ever met Troia, Lieutenant Marvel, or Sergeant Marvel?

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Anonymous writes...

Revision of a previous post

Ideas/Suggestions that should be made into pre-Star Wars Episode I comics/TV series/animated films:

- An origin story of the Jedi and the Sith before the formation of their respective orders, the development of the seven forms of lightsaber combat (which are unnamed in the new canon) and how the concepts of the Force was divided between light and dark sides.

- A story of the TRUE events that occurred in the time period of the Old Republic that was originally depicted in the Knights of the Old Republic video game series and The Old Republic MMORPG. I'm presuming that these games are no longer canon.

- A Yoda origin story that should explain the key moments of his rise from Padawan to Grand Master of the Jedi Order. This would work because Yoda's past has been a complete mystery and the species which he hails from have never been named. It is also worth noting that Yaddle (who was a member of the Jedi Council in Episode I) appears to also be from the same species as Yoda is; it would be interesting to see if she had any role in Yoda's 800+ year life.

- The TRUE origin of the Master/Padawan relationship between Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the years before the events of Episode I. This would work because the Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice is now no longer canon. Questions worth answering include how Obi-Wan was chosen as Qui-Gon's apprentice, Qui-Gon's relationship with his former master Dooku (even though Obi-Wan NEVER meets Dooku until Episode II), and how Qui-Gon was led into the quest to maintain consciousness after death and kept it secret (until the time was right for Yoda and Obi-Wan to learn it). Other questions also worth answering includes Darth Plagueis' possible role in the events before Episode I, whether or not he attempts the same quest that Qui-Gon did, if the failure of this quest led to the midi-chlorian manipulation that created Anakin Skywalker, how Sidious killed him, how Maul was chosen as Sidious' apprentice, and how the Trade Federation was manipulated by Sidious.

- The origin of Darth Bane and the creation of the Rule of Two. Since the old canon is no longer valid, I'm curious to wonder if his design in the sixth season of Star Wars: the Clone Wars led to creation of Darth Vader's armor (which looks eerily similar mask-wise). Also, I wonder if Darth Bane had actually planned to establish the Rule of Two even before the Sith wiped themselves out, and if such plan was based on some possiblity that he thinks and views things differently than his Sith predecessors.

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

Have you read "The Multiversity: The Just" yet? If so, then what are your thoughts about this issue, considering it uses the same designation (Earth-16) as the setting of the "Young Justice" TV series? Do you feel this could create any problems for you if you ever decide to go back to "Young Justice" someday?

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Jamey Dean writes...

Out of curiosity, what did Hudson's mate look like?

And, you visit TV Tropes much?

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