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Alex Marcy (Aldrius) writes...

So Greg, today I was privileged enough to get to see the Star Wars Rebels premier at Fan Expo in Toronto. This was actually a pleasant surprise for me as just before I left for the convention I checked the website and saw that they were advertising the premier. Obviously, as a fan of pretty much every show you've ever done I was excited.

So at 1:30 today I got lined up for the premier. Fan Expo is actually fairly well organized so I managed to get in the theater in a timely manner. Immediately I noticed Steve Blum chatting with some people in the front. I knew I was in the right place right away. The way they were seating people, I got a nice seat in the third row very close to the front.

After about 10-20 minutes Mary Franklin came up and introduced herself, handed out some prizes to some people in the audience and then Steve Blum came up. He told us about going to see the first Star Wars film in 1977 and despite how he'd been involved in a lot of Star Wars projects, this was the first one that really struck him in the same way Star Wars did back in the 70's. Afterwards there was a quick pre-recorded message from Dave Filoni, which was cool.

As the premier began I was pretty struck myself. There was no opening and the show jumped straight into the action. I actually knew nothing about the show prior to this except that Vanessa Marshall was in it (due more to lack of time, not lack of interest).

Everything just felt so fresh really. The show's focus on a good ensemble cast was nice, and I liked that pretty much all of them were... well, rogues. None of the characters are exceptionally soft or generous or kind. They have good ends, but the means they achieve those ends at this point at least seems to be a little shady.

I also enjoyed the action. The empire felt very threatening and callous (calus? not sure on the spelling) was a cool bad guy. And the main cast were a good unit. The audience FREAKED THE HELL OUT when Kanan pulled out his lightsaber. And laughed really hard at the 'hairless wookie' bit. (So much so I couldn't hear any of the dialogue for about 30 seconds afterward)

Voice acting was really cool. I liked Ezra a lot. I thought Vanessa Marshall was great. Steve Blum was great. Everyone really fit their characters, it was awesome. Looking forward to seeing more.

Had a lot of fun at the convention and seeing such a great premier was just the cherry on top.

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Matt writes...

Hi Greg, I'm a Young Justice fan and had a few questions about it's further development.
1. I've recently seen that there was going to be a TTG and YJ crossover which i saw you tweet at someone that that was happening, but do you have any news on if it is anymore?
2. Hoping this crossover does happen and that it goes well, do you think this could open doors for a YJ season 3?
Sorry if I wasted your time with these questions but I've just been wanting to know, I've been so desperate to find out of there's going to be another season or even the crossover and finding a way to communicate with you makes it a lot easier.

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kyle writes...

can a kid or a teeneger come the the gathering of the gargoyles?

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kyle writes...

hi greg,

I know i did a question last week but this is my most important one. why did the gargoyles got canclled?

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Smift writes...

The meta gene turns on when truma happens to a person. So why did it take years for Garfield to get his power after his mother Marie died by Queen Bee?

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Anonymous writes...

Can you play a musical instrument? What instrument would you love to master (in addition)?
Thanks for your time and patience

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MichaelG writes...

Just like to say congratulations on your win at the Online Film & Television Association Awards recently>

And getting Young Justice its much deserved title as ''Best Animated series 2014''

Since there seems to be be quite a lot of buzz for the series even after a year. (this award and the shows other nominations plus teen titans cross over) are you still looking into ways to bring back the show? and how are they progressing if you are?

thank you for your time and once again congratulations.

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Shusuke writes...

Did Garfield Logan and Wendy Harrie ever meet?

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Caswin writes...

In the Spectacular Spider-Man episode "The Invisible Hand", when Tombstone makes his offer to Spider-Man... did he have a prior engagement with that briefcase full of money, or do you think he just likes to have a briefcase full of money handy?

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Matt writes...

Will there be a third season of young justice?

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