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Gia writes...

Hi! Just want to say that I still look forward to read Masque of Bones. I keep my fingers crossed for you to find some time to write it. Any luck yet?

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Margarida Fonseca writes...

Hi, im from Portugal and i want to know why wasn´t released the 3 season of w.i.t.c.h, that serie in my opinion was a huge sucess.
I saw in a petition site that is having a petition to have the 3 season but i don´t know if is true or not.
Here is the link http://www.thepetitionsite.com/219/094/466/witch-season-3/
I hope you can answer my doubts.

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John Doe writes...

Hey Greg. I have a few questions.
1) I've read somewhere that you stopped reading comics all together in the mid 90s. Not asking why as you've already abetted that but rather did that ever stop. The abstaining from comics that is for lack of a better word. I assume that you've picked up a read a comic every now and then since you quit obviously but was there a time where you went back consistently?
2) How do you determine when you will answer questions. I tend to check this site maybe once a month and sometimes I'll be back and you've answered dozens of questions, a lot of the times in one day. Other times you'll haven't answered a question in weeks. Is it just as simple as whenever you have free time and want to our is there some uniquely complicated schedule that you follow. (The question sounded more silly as I continued.)
3) Do you consider yourself to have a dry sense of humor. I've been told I do and I find some of your replies downright hilarious that to others might seem to come off as blunt. Or on the contrary are you just more of very blunt person.
4) Can you explain the little joke you do every time someone asks you who would win what fight and you reply with that quote about the hulk and the thing.

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Anonymous writes...

Can you tell us the meaning of the colors of the index cards you use to plan your shows?

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Aaron writes...

Is Vandal Savage smarter than the brain? And also can you still use the name captain marvel on the show or will billy go by shazam in season 3?

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Anonymous writes...

Theory: The idea of the human race being weaponized in "Young Justice: Outsiders" could potentially explain why the future didn't seemingly change much after Bart Allen went back in time. The new reason for the current state of the world in 2056 is because a superhuman world war (something akin to Kingdom Come) occurred and it is what ultimately left the world in ruins...

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Anonymous writes...

1. In what order were the members of the Injustice League recruited by the Light from first to seventh?

2. If the Injustice League is meant to be an evil counterpart to the Justice League, which villain is a counterpart to which hero?

3. At the end of the comic book storyline, "Darkseid War," it was established that there were three Jokers. Could something similar happen in Young Justice?

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Anonymous writes...

Please describe the fight between the Justice League and the Appellaxians in detail?

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Anonymous writes...

Young Justice Questions:

1. Where exactly in the universe did the Appellaxians come from, how did they get to Earth, and why did they come to Earth in the first place?

2. Where exactly on Earth did the fight between the Justice League and the Appellaxians take place?

3. Did Martian Manhunter had to use his telepathy to discover what the Appellaxians' motives were for coming to Earth?

4. Before ultimately finding out what the Appellaxians' weaknesses actually were, how did each member of the Justice League initially attempt to combat them?

5. What were the Appellaxians' weaknesses, which members of the Justice League figured it out, and how were they able to figure it out?

6. How were three of Appellaxians' host bodies destroyed and which members of the Justice League destroyed those three host bodies?

7. Overall, how long did the fight between the Justice League and the Appellaxians lasted?

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Anonymous writes...

In every mission in Young Justice Legacy, each character who leads a three-member group is canon while the other two that follows the group leader are technically not because they are determined by the player. If the game had instead been an animated movie, which two characters would have canonically went with each group leader during each mission...?

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