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Anonymous writes...

1. Would the continuation of Captain Adam's story have been in a Season 3 volume of the comics?

2. Would Talia have been in a Season 3 volume of the comics?

3. Does Dawn Allen, or her brother, have blond, red, light brown, dark brown, or black hair?

4. Do either of them have green, blue, or brown eyes?

5. In Season 3 (of the T.V. series) which Wildstorm characters would we have seen?

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Anonymous writes...

In Season 3 or a Season 3 volume of the comics would we have seen

1. Megan's siblings, parents, or grandparents?

2. Donna's introduction?

3. Cissie, Artur, Question or Gleek?

4. Vandal Savage's child?

5. Dawn Allen or her brother?

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Anonymous writes...

1. Would the Wonder Twins have joined the Team or the Runaways?

2. Is your version of the Wonder Twins two sisters, two brothers, or a sister and a brother?

3. Are the twins aliens, meta-humans, or humans?

4. What is their ethnicity?

5. Are their costumes purple?

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Abraham writes...

Greg how are you? I would like to know if you have any contact email? That you can give

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Andrea writes...

Was Garfield put in a orphanage afther his mother was kill by Queen Bee? If so how long was it before Miss Martian adopeded him?

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D. R. McLeod writes...

Hello, I'd just like to say that I absolutely love Young Justice, I think it's one of the most mature and thoughtful shows I've ever seen, of any genre, and I hope that you get to come back to it someday. Anyway, I have two questions... well, two with a lot of subquestions, all about Doctor Fate and the events of "Misplaced."

1: In an earlier question, you mentioned that putting on the helmet of fate ages the body of the host. Did that happen to Zatanna when she wore the helmet in Misplaced, and if so, how come she wasn't sent to the adult universe like Captain Marvel was when he transformed?

2: What would have happened if both Zatanna and Zatarra had each put on the Helmet of Fate in their own universe? Would that even be possible? Would there be a separate Nabu entity in each universe with its own host, or would he have awareness of both universes? Would the hosts have awareness of each other? What would happen to Nabu and the hosts when the universes merged?

I apologize for throwing so many metaphysical questions at you at once, this just seems to be one of those scenarios that's full of story hooks. Thank you!

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btgr writes...

In Star Wars Rebels, what other actors did you considered casting for the role of Kanan? Freddie Prinze Jr. recently claims that back in 2010 he almost gave up on acting because he had a bad experience working with Kiefer Sutherland on 24.

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Nate Elias writes...

1. Most of the time Batman Villains in general are shown being incarcerated at Arkham regardless of their mental state. Which Villains do you consider to not be criminally insane?

2. What drove the decision to use the Matt Hagen Clayface or Raymond Maxwell Jensen Parasite as opposed to the more Known & Widely used Basil Karloff and Rudy Jones Versions? This isn't a criticism by the way.

3. You've said that at the time of season 1 Batman & Bane hadn't encountered each other yet. Would you say that the events of Knightfall, or events similar to it, had taken place by The time of Season 2?

Anyways, hope you get around to Answering me. I'm a Lifelong fan of your work, especially Gargoyles! ;)

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Anonymous writes...

Is Little Orbit still interested in using their existing license to make a sequel to Young Justice Legacy set during Season 3?

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Anonymous writes...

It's stated in a previous post that direct to DVD Young Justice movies was pitched, but was turned down.

1. Why was the idea of direct to DVD Young Justice movies turned down?

2. Would the movies have been animated or live action?

3. What does "direct to DVD" mean?

4. What type of schooling is required to be a comic book writer?

5. Would the two-part Marvel origin story have taken place in 2010, 2016, or sometime during the 5 year gap?

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