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Connor writes...

1. I know you said to, I believe it was Darksuperboy, that Young Justice did not have the fan support to continue; but do you think that you will ever make another season of Young Justice?
2. (Before you read this next question I want to let you know that I am not in any way trying to insinuate something, I am only asking a question) Do you think that you will ever make a Nightwing TV Series?
3. I am just curious but which do you like better: Nightwing's New 52 suit or his Blue suit that you used in Young Justice?
Thank you

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

Have you read the DC Comics event "Convergence" yet? The final issue (#8) indirectly suggests that the "Young Justice" animated TV series, which is your version of the Earth-16 universe, can now come back and now your stories set in that universe can still continue...

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Brice Zubrin writes...

Was the Young Justice Beast Boy a member of the teen when he was twelve years old?

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Jorge suazo writes...

I am a big young justice fan and i want to now if there is going to be a season 3? Please answer i beg you

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Brice Kinkade writes...

Did Miss Martian and Beast Boy fight bad guys together after he got Garfield power before he become a member of the team? Do people think Beat Boy is Miss Martian's sidekick?

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Dan King writes...

Hi Greg, huge fan of Young Justice here (really missing that show), so here are my questions:

1. Before becoming Blockbuster, does Dr Desmond realise that the effect will be permanent or quite what effect the serum would have on his mind? He just seemed to take it as a means of preventing our heroes from escaping without giving any suggestion that he knew these things beforehand (though he was clearly terrified of being killed by his employers, it just seems odd to me that he would choose virtually mindless giant monster over death).

2. In Earth-16, during her tenure as warden of Belle Reve, did Amanda Waller run any kind of Suicide Squad-like operations, have any Argus of Cadmus connections, connections to Luthor and Lexcorp, or was this version of her simply a prison warden?

3. Has your version of the Joker ever used the Red Hood alias?

4. Was the YJ version of Jason Todd also killed by the Joker, and were there any plans to add Red Hood to the series?

5.Do your versions of Joker and Poison Ivy have a similar history as Batman adversaries to their comic counterparts?

6. Has Bane ever encountered Batman before the events of season 1. He just didn't seem to recognise Robin at all

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Garrett writes...

As a semi-aspiring semi-writer, I am currently trying to write a TV script for a superhero that I have very good ideas that will be ironed out in the long run, but I won't get too into it right now. I was wondering considering you're such a great person at making superheroes/heroines, I wonder, what were the essentials to making and getting the theme, atmosphere, and setting of characters?

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Totally Not Garrett writes...

Which heroes/villians didn't make the cut of Young Justice? I heard some rumors a while back that a few characters were cut from the storyline of the YJ universe. Or is this a bunch of baloney that proves my gullibility?

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Jerry writes...

Hi Greg,

Thank you so much for the most wonderful show ever, I'm a huge fan of Young Justice.
Maybe it's kind of weird to ask or even to answer but I'd like to know if Wally and Artemis were the first for each other?

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B writes...

I just realized that although Halcyon Renard calls Fox "Janine", Titania/Anastasia calls her Fox. Is that just because she has less of a nostalgic "our little girl" image of Fox, or is it easier for her because as a shapeshifter she's used to using multiple names herself?

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