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Mayuki Makiguchi writes...

QUSTION 1 Why did Super trust the Logans with his name Conner ? question 2 Why Miss Martian trust Garfield would not reveal MISS Martian secret identity to the person who was taking care Garfield when miss MARTIAN visit Garfield after Marie died before Garfield leave at the cave ?

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Lillard writes...

Why did Miss Martian trust Marie Logan and GARFIELD Logan with her real name as M'gann ?

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Raimonds Vejonis writes...

Did Miss Martian tell Garfield were she and conner live after his mom parish in truck crash in jungle waterfall before Garfield live were she live which was the mount justice cave which was right beside municipality could HAPPY HATBOR ? If so why did she tell him were she and conner live ? If M'GANN didn't TELL not tell Garfield were she and conner live then why didn't she not tell Garfield were she and conner live ?

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Jared Wilson writes...

Why did M'gann and Garfield Logan want to see each other or treat other as brother and sister after Marie died if neither of them expected Garfield would live with M'gann at or Garfield join part the team as a member someday ? This is before prier Garfield beginning at the MOUNT JUSTICE but after Marie Logan WAS KILL BY HER TRUCK CRASHING INTO THE WATERFALL .

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Alois Borges writes...

Did M'gann tell Garfield he does not belong with her or she was not his sister when she visit him in team year one after his mom died ?

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Saagar Enjeti writes...

After Garfield lost his mother to Queen Bee why did Garfield want Miss Martian to continue visiting him when he knew Miss Martian had no intension of taking Garfield to live her in 2011 after Queen Bee killed Marie Logan ?

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Atsushi writes...

Did Garfield Logan ask members of the team that did not have superpowers when he met them after his mom died to train him so he could join team and if he did ask why did members of the team that did not have superpowers or their league mentors refuse to train him and if he did not ask them why did he not ask ? This is before Garfield live at the cave ?

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Carlos writes...

How soon after Garfield started to shape shifting into animals did he start to shape shift into the human-monkey form he is in during young justice invasion ?

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Seria writes...

In episode Young Justice Invasion Earthlings why was Beast Boy able to forgive Miss Martian so easily for not stopping queen bee from killing his mom marie logan ?

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Sam writes...

Did Jason todd before he die in 2015 know that martians age three time slower than humans ? Did aquagirl know martians age three times slower than humans before she died in 2015 ?

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