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Matrha writes...

Did people in charge in the Team and League not want Garfield Logan after he got his power? Garfield should have his super power before team year four.

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Doug writes...

Was Queen Bee's order for Garfield to hurt himself remove from Garfield's brain by Miss Martian and her uncle?

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Andrew writes...

First of all i'd like to say i love your work on some of my favorite series and characters.But i bet you've heard all that before so...

Recently (Well not so much but you get my idea) it was announced there would be a crossover between Young Justice and Teen Titans Go!,i suppose they even considering this crossover means good things for the future of the franchise right?

If they episode gets high ratings,you think they would considering bring back the show or is it a blind hope?

Thanks for your attention

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Donald writes...

Was Monkey still living with Garfield when Marie died?

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Dorphise Jean writes...

Hello how are you doing.I have been brainstorming on my comic book idea.I was wondering as a novice what were you suggest for me to do a webcomic or a regular comic book.I found a animator who use to work with marvel is willing to create my characters.Just wondering where do I start

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Feldman writes...

Did Garfield Logan go to Happy Harbor School after Marie Logan died ?

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Daniel writes...

How does Uncle John feel about Miss Martian and Garfield treating each other as brother and sister? Has Garfield been to Uncle John's apartment?

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b_bee430 writes...

1. Robin uses a domino mask to conceal his identity in Young Justice. How exactly does it stay in place and is able to be pulled off easily without the use of strings?

2.It seems at everyone's costumes are tight-fit and that it provides protection. What material are the suits made of of? Of course, Miss M's is basically a Bio-suit and Conner got his shirts from Forever Sixteen( guessing it's a reference to him always being 16) but the others aren't really explained or where they got their suits. Alfred probably made Dick's suit, right? Does Robin have any Kevlar in his costume and does KF have padding?

3.Did Dick ever return to Haly's circus after "Performance"? I mean visit.

4.What clubs are all the team members in, if any? I guessing Rob is in the most.

5. What are the chances of Young Justice coming back in the future? How long? Would buying the comics + the blue-rays + the soundtrack increase chances of it being revived even sooner? What is one thing YOU wish you could have had in Young Justice?

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Zimmern writes...

Why was Garfield not permitted to join the team when lagoon boy join the team? Garfield should have his power before 2014.

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Srebak writes...

1. Why Does Talon disapprove of Goliath and Elisa's relationship? All things considered, it doesn't make sense.

2. Why does Talon still have issues with the Gargoyles?

3. If Ra's Al Ghul is a member of the Light, does that mean the others know Batman's secret?

4. Were any of the Light council members planning on double-crossing each other?

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