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A Flash Fan writes...

First of all awesome series. I've been meaning to post for some time and really wanted to thank you for your work and your communication/support with fans. It is much appreciated. I didn't like Season 2 originally but I've been growing used to it and it is awesome. Also "Failsafe" was perhaps the most interesting episode (for me) of Season 1. Ever since I saw it, my mind kept saying FORESHADOWING! and here it's coming with Season 2. Season 2's Invasion and the Team virtually taking over for the League just go to show how these guys and girls are really filling some big shoes.
1. Any chance of getting Khary Payton to say "BOOYAH!" in the series? Just for old times' sake...
2. I thought your spin-off Celebrity Hot Tub was a great idea, and am disappointed it didn't go through, but thanks a lot for sharing it! Did the people at DC Nation/MAD give a reason they didn't want to use it? I don't think it was your intention at all, but do you think it was because every celebrity had black in their name and they would consider it racist? Again I don't think it was and I am not saying you were.
3. Maybe when it airs on TV I'll see it, but in "Before the Dawn" how did Superboy get inside the Reach's underwater fortress disguised as a guard? Did it happen off camera and if so what happened?
4. Something similar with "Beneath" when Psimon says Batman was away or out of the picture when he and the others caught Batgirl; wasn't Bumblebee within earshot? It sure seemed like she saw Batgirl get caught and could have heard so did she and never informed or was it mistake in the episode's production?
5. This last part is a ramble...sort of...I don't expect an answer. Isn't it interesting that the Green Lanterns are away from earth, Superman, Martian Manhunter, the Hawks, and Icon are aliens, Wonder Woman is an Amazon, and Batman has no superpowers. In short no superhero with a Meta-Gene seems to have left Earth to stand trial at Rimbor (I think that's the planet) and the majority who left are aliens. The Green Lanterns possess the most powerful weapons on the planet and are away from there home planet. Perhaps the strongest woman on earth is no longer present. The smartest and richest superhero is MIA. No League Members who are Aliens are currently on Earth. Seems risky...Good luck YJ

PS I do have Flash questions which I'll save for later. Barry Allen is my favorite superhero, but I don't quite agree with your portrayal of him, but for that another post. I really wanted to get these asked before I forget. Thanks again Greg! Keep up the great work.

Greg responds...


2. I wasn't given much in the way of specifics. But in case it wasn't obvious, Khary and I intended it to be - on one level, at least - a parody of Blaxsploitationism.

3. He switched in at the docks.

4. Why is it a problem if Bumblebee heard?

Response recorded on February 22, 2013