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Zachary Jenkins writes...

Hi Greg, I'm a big fan of Gargoyles and Brooklyn has always been my favorite next to Goliath.My question is how would Season 3 be more different if you stayed to work on it ?

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Allan writes...

Dear Mr Weisman, regarding Spectacular Spiderman season 3.What were your plans for Peter and Gwen's relationship after what happend in season 2's finale. If it's not too much trouble can you please tell in general what was going to happen regarding this.Really appreciate you to take your time to answer this question. Thank You

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Andres writes...

I am trying to reference this from a strict no spoilers perspective but I preface I love the Atlantis mythos and Aquaman characters he is probably my favorite of the DC Universe and your YJ Aqualad is a part of that. I saw no representation of that world of what I have seen so far in this 3rd season so 1) can we expect representation of the Atlantis world like past seasons?2) Since this skips the timeline forward can we maybe see an Aqualad in JL a Lorena Marquez Aquagirl? Which in some ways more than as spoiler alert While I feel DC universe is every day more diverse I think DC could stand to have more Latino representation while I know Blue Beetle reps well could we may be see if not Lorena Marquez then Vibe or even a YJ version of Superman JL Gods and Monsters? In short can we get atleast one more Latino based superhero? In realization that this is a request masquerading as a question with potential spoilers I hope I can atleast get a wink and a nod thank you Greg long time supporter

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Marvelman writes...

Hi, Greg. I read this article today that some criticisms of Young Justice: https://comicsverse.com/young-justice-why-i-wont-watch/. While I didn't agree with most of what the writer said, he did make at least one criticism that I had never stopped to consider. He pointed out that the team's mission didn't make sense because the missions they undertake don't seem to be any less dangerous than the missions the league takes on. So, yeah, fighting space monsters is dangerous, but is being left alone in a foreign country, or fighting a cabal of the world`s greatest super-villains any less dangerous? How do you respond to that?

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Me writes...

1. The Scarab talked with Dan Garret like with Jaime?

2. Did the Blue Beetle of the future ever hurt Bart (hits, wounds with blades, plasma cannon o something else)?

3 Have Bart some scar from Future Blue Beetle?

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Lili writes...

Hello Greg, i'm From Mexico and i love Young Justice, i'm so Happy for the season 3!

I have some questions

1) why Bart went to live with the Garricks instead his biological grandparents the Allens? In the comics was because Barry was dead when Bart came to the present, but in Earth-16 he is alive, so why Bart not live with him and Iris?

2) When his father and aunt Dawn born, what thought Bart about them? (i´m hoping see the baby twins Allen en the new season)

3)since the season Invasion is over can you answer if the future Blue Beetle that we see in Before the Dawn was Jaime Reyes or another person in the armor?

3A) if Jaime was that future Blue Beetle, means he will be so big and muscular? or the Scarab gave him steroids o something else? because he was enormous compared with the actual Jaime...

4) since the baldness is hereditary, Conner could start to lose hair?

Thank you very much for your time

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Thomas Kroot writes...

1: How long was Dan active as a hero with the Blue Beetle suit. Did he semi-retire like Jay or did fully retire and avoid the Scarab?

2: What was Black Adam doing between his origin and the modern day? Was be banished like his comic self, sealed away, in Aruba, etc?

3: How long has the meta gene been a thing in humans? If someone cloned, say, a Neanderthal or similar proto-human, could they gain powers via meta gene activation?

4: Prior to his U.N fight, had Lobo ever dealt with any JL member or Earth Hero (Be it Superman, Green Lantern, or a drinking contest with Hawkman).

5: Can the Batplane in the Y.J verse enter space and dock with the Watchtower, or is that outside of what Batman can or will do.

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James writes...

Hey Greg!

I have some questions about Star Wars Rebels.

1. What was it like to work with Star Wars legends like Anthony Daniels, James Earl Jones, Frank Oz, and Billy Dee Williams?

2. Do remember any of the characters that you created the idea for? Which ones were they?

3. Did you read A New Dawn in preparation for either Rebels or the Kanan comic?

4.How did you get the job to work on Rebels? (My dream job is to work on Star Wars someday).

5. Did you work with Jason Fry on the Servants of the Empire book series since one of the books adapts "Breaking Ranks", one of the episodes you wrote.

Thanks for answering all these questions, I really appreciate that you make time like this for fans, it means a lot to me at least. The Force will be with you....Always.

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Anonymous writes...

1. Was Roy on Earth-16 raised on a Navajo reservation like in the comics?
2. If so, was his adopted father also named Brave Bow?

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Lea Teresa Sutherland writes...

First of all; I love the Gargoyle TV series. I was obsessed with it when I was a kid, and now I'm obsessed with it again.
1) Can a half human half gargoyle mate with a full-blooded gargoyle?
2) If so; can they have kids naturally or do they need help with Magic/Science
3) If they can, does the half-human lay eggs or does the half-human give birth to live young?

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