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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg I wanna say congratulations on season 3 of YJ! It's my favorite show and i'm so excited it got renewed.

1. Is Barry Allen's mother dead?
2. Is Barry Allen's father in jail?
3. Is Plastic Man as ridiculously durable as he is in the comics? i.e. could he survive being scattered across the ocean floor for thousands of years?
4. What does the "G" in G. Gordon Godfrey stand for?
5. Did anyone ever figure out which Wildstorm character made a cameo in season 1? (If not, I swear I will trawl through every single episode until I find them)

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Loman writes...

Hey Greg, I love Young Justice and I am so hyped for season 3! I've read all the tie-in comics and the second season prompted me to start reading Blue Beetle, Zatanna and Teen Titans.

What comics would you recommend reading in advance of season 3?

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Malcolm writes...

What year did Miss Martian give Garfield the bio-suit in young justice universe ?

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Marvelman writes...

Hi Greg. You posted production updates for YJ seasons one and two. Why haven't you posted any for season 3?

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Taka Sato writes...

When Miss Martian visit Garfield after his mom died was he mad at her for not preventing Queen Bee from killing his mom ?

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Aneta Grewal writes...

Was Garfield happy or unhappy were he was living at after his mother died before living at mount justice ?

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Alice Asner writes...

Did Garfield Logan begin living in mount justice in 2012 or 2013 ?

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Simon Avella writes...

Why does YOUNG JUSTICE WIKI say Garfield was living at the cave soon after his mom died when fact he only start live at the mount justice one to two years after his mom died ?

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Vonda Fuhrman writes...

Why did Miss Martian keep visiting Garfield after he lost his mom ? How many times did M'gann visit Garfield after Marie died ?

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Cam Edwards writes...

Was Jason Todd still alive when Garfield Logan begin living at the cave ?

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