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Roberto Strange writes...

Why did M'gann [Megan Morse ] become Garfield's guardian only years after Marie died and not soon after his mom death ?

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Horace writes...

Does young justice invasion Bumblebee know Clark Kent is Superman ?

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Danielle writes...

The series never continued to the point where Lexington ton would come to realize he was gay. If he had gotten the chance to come out to his clan what would their initial reactions be individually?

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Pete Richardson writes...

Miss Martian was the biological equivalent of a 16 year old wen she first met Garfield and Marie Logan . Was Miss Martian still biological 16 equivalent or was she 17 year old biological equivalent on the day when Garfield started living at MOUNT JUSTICE under her care ?

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Anonymous writes...

When the boy Garfield Logan used the washroom in Mount Justice for the first time, was it a number one or a number two?

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GreenArrxw writes...

These questions pertain to Dick and Zatanna, and were not asked, as far as I can see, having looked for these questions.

1. Because Dick and Wally, as well as Zee and Artemis were best friends, in addition to Dick and Artemis being good friends, is it safe to assume the four of them went on double dates when the former couple was still an item?

2. How do you think Zatara would view their relationship?

3. Now knowing that Dick both lied to her about her best friend's death and used her to further the faking of Artemis' aforementioned death (I'd like you to know, I'm NOT saying his actions weren't justified, they were), does Zatanna now look at Dick in a new light?

4. Is it safe to assume the breakup was one without conflict? I ask because they're on oddly good terms with each other(better than my friends, at least).

5. Finally, I've always wondered: did you ever notice the coincidence that both Zee and Dick are or have been performers at some point?

Thank you, have a nice day.

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LIO JUNIOR writes...

What was Lucas Carr's age then he begin homeschooling GARFILD ?

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Allie writes...

What was Wally West's age wen Megan Morse became the guardian of Garfield Logan ?

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Stern White writes...

Dick stop being robin sometime after November 2012 . Garfield had only had a picture of the original robin Dick not Jason Todd in his mount justice bedroom. With this information is it correct to say Garfield started living at mount justice sometime in month 2013?

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Kozue Abe writes...

Did Garfield fell abandon by M'gann during the years he was not living on under Megon Morse's guardianship at the cave following the murder of Marie Logan during the five year time skip ?

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