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Robert~Not to mention you'll also be living closer to ...BOURBON COUNTRY! Good luck with your entrepreneurial endeavor!

Chicago taxes, though not as terrible as NY's, are pretty crumtastic. After 31 years of living in the area, I'm thinking of getting out.


Cams> And I may be a tiiiiinnnyyy bit belated here, but...

I can't speak for Vermont, buy NY, even upstate NY, is WAY too expensive, overtaxed, and overregulated. I'm paying almost TWICE as much in taxes on a 1000 ft2 house and 1.5 acres in upstate NY (Schenectady) as I'm paying on 2600 ft2 house and 69 acres in Kingston, TN.

And it's not just property taxes. The sales tax is high as well. As is the state income tax. The rules and regulations are also stifling. (And often an excuse to nickel and dime you for a bit more cash to get permits and inspections and whatnot.) These things vary a bit from county to county, and upstate NY is nowhere near as bad as Long Island let alone NYC. But it's still a major pain.

Also Upstate is more or less the second class citizens of NY. NY is the Empire state, which means they should be playing the Imperial March when you enter it. NYC is so heavily populated that whatever the 5 boroughs want, they get. Upstate NY doesn't get the money, attention, development, or political pulls it wants/deserves. The capital is in Albany, but all the votes are in NYC, and the laws show it. Hell, there's a lot of places in NYS law/regulations where it literally says "In municipalities less than 1 million people." Which directly translates to "Everywhere by NYC."

All of the above is why I'm working to get the hell outta dodge in the very near future. Afraid I don't have much to say about Vermont... There's.. .A lot of tree hugging hippies there? I really dunno... O.o

Hope that helps a bit!

As for my business... I'm gonna see about making customized chocolates using a proprietary process! I'm going to spend a year trying to get it off the ground! And when it fails miserably, as it inevitably will, there should be plenty of job opportunities in my field around Knoxville. And if everything still goes wrong, at least the climate there is a BIT nicer than NY... so I'm less likely to freeze to death in the winter when I'm living in my cardboard box. ;>


Happy Turkey Day my fellow Americans!

And... Happy.. Thursday? To everyone else!


Something I have always wondered.
In the episode Metamorphesis before Anton supposedly dies, he appears to be in his 50s but when he makes his appearance again, he appears to be in his 30s.
Why is this?

James Breton - [Dragonsedge84 at gmail dot com]

hiiii madison ifyouevenseethiscuzyourpostisgonebutisawitacoupledaysago <3 <3 <3 <3

I need to remember to poke my head in here now and then.

I think by now this room qualifies as "lost place"...

*snaps a few photos*


Still kind of around... hmm...

Nobody up here in the rafters but me, sorry.

I do miss my fellow Mini-Clan gang. We scattered to the wind, but we still exist, in the rafters...somewhere...

.oO( Why do I have a feeling that Rob's actually aiming to start a *Doomsday* business? )

Robert> yes! My family is looking at moving to upstate/northern ny or Vermont by the end of the year. I was just wondering if you could share your thoughts on living there, and why you left. What's your business? Sounds exciting and scary!

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Konrad - [Km dot scienceguy_26 at hotmail dot com]

Cams> Yes! I still live! And yes, I did move about ten years ago... And amusingly enough, I am going to be moving again in the coming months.. To Tennessee!

I'm also going to be quitting my job and spending a year trying to start a doomed business.. But annyyway...

You had some moving related question I presume? :>


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The box was fun spam. Miss those times.

*peeks in**
Tuxedo Kamen

Madison> I remember Minicla, alas I was never an active member.

Godzilla> Yeah, the infamous box. Those were the days!