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About Gargoyles

Gargoyles is Disney's first dramatic animated television series. The show debuted in October 1994 on Disney's syndicated programming block The Disney Afternoon and ran for two seasons totalling 64 episodes. The series was revived a year later with a new production crew and retitled The Goliath Chronicles. The Goliath Chronicles aired during ABC's Saturday morning cartoons and lasted for one season.

Since it's first episode Gargoyles has attracted a diverse audience of all ages. Kids get monsters, explosions, and lots of action. Adults get complex stories filled with emotion, rich and diverse cultures, great mythology, and a show with deep Shakespearean roots. And all of it centered around a budding romance between an unlikely couple: a New York detective and a gargoyle from tenth century Scotland struggling to find a new life for himself and his clan in twentieth century Manhattan.

What Are Gargoyles?

Gargoyles are a race of beings that turn to stone during the day and come alive at night. They have a strong instinct to protect their home; "A gargoyle can no more stop protecting the castle than breathing the air". Gargoyles live together in communities called "clans". The television series begins with the Wyvern Clan who live at Wyvern Castle in Scotland. They're feared and reviled as monsters by many of the humans who share the castle. Despite their harsh treatment the gargoyles faithfully continue to guard the castle, although some in the clan resent the arrangement.

The Story Of Gargoyles

One morning in 994 CE, while the gargoyles are in their stone sleep, the clan is betrayed and an attacking group of vikings are let inside the castle walls. Once inside the vikings smash all but a handful of the stone gargoyles before the sun sets. The remaining gargoyles chase the vikings away.

In the ensuing battle the Magus, a human trained in sorcery, believes the princess of the castle has been killed and blames the gargoyles for her demise. In a fit of rage he casts a spell upon the remaining members of the clan that turns them to stone. The conditions of the spell are that they will remain this way until the castle rises above the clouds.

One thousand years pass before a rich businessman, David Xanatos, learns of the gargoyles and purchases the remains of Castle Wyvern lock, stock, and gargoyle. He brings the castle to Manhattan where it is rebuilt, stone by stone, on top of his skyscraper. With the castle now above the clouds the Magus' spell is broken and the gargoyles live again.

Who Are The Gargoyles?

Now in Manhattan the gargoyles must learn about and adapt to their new home. They find a friend in Elisa Maza, a New York City police detective. She helps guide the clan as they embark on their new life in the twentieth century.

There is Goliath, the leader of the clan, a strong and powerful gargoyle with strong and powerful convictions; Hudson, an old warrior who led the clan before Goliath; Bronx, a garg-beast who you might think of as a dog, a very big dog; and the trio, Brooklyn (the cool one), Broadway (the fat one) and Lexington (the nerd); three brothers who are eager to learn everything they can about this new world.

In time they discover they are not, as they had originaly thought, the only gargoyles left in the world, but that's another story.

The Fans

Soon after the show began to air, a strong online community of fans formed around Gargoyles. They would discuss the latest episode, attempt to trace the many threads within the Gargoyles universe and talk about anything everything that is Gargoyles.

In 1997 fans organized the first Gathering of the Gargoyles in Manhattan. The convention was attended by series co-creator Greg Weisman and the actor who voiced Goliath, Keith David. Every year since, through 2009, has seen another convention with a growing number of attendees. The convention has been held all over the United States and once made it to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The convention is covered in a documentary that appears in the Gargoyles season one DVD.

This unique fandom has continued to put energy into the show and has helped to spur new stories from the universe in the form of comic books written by Greg Weisman with some issues drawn by fan-turned-pro artists. There are countless tales left to tell and, if the fans get their way, they'll get to read each and every one.

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Gargoyles Comic from Dynamite

The story of Gargoyles continues in the comic book series Gargoyles and Gargoyles: Dark Ages published by Dynamite. Available online or at your local comic book shop.

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NECA has produced a line of Gargoyles figures which continues to grow. Available through online and department store retailers.

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All seasons of Gargoyles are available for streaming through Disney+.

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Includes episode commentaries by co-creator Greg Weisman, interviews with the cast, and a documentary on the fan convention.

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