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My name is Greg Weisman. I was one of the creators and producer of the Gargoyles television series (which is, as you all know, the 100% property of the Walt Disney Company). I've also been a producer on such shows as W.I.T.C.H., The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice and Young Justice: Invasion. Gorebash and I have set up a couple of pages here at Station Eight so that I might be able to answer your questions about the shows and/or ramble on about anything that strikes my fancy.

This page links to a page for posting your questions and comments. In order to protect myself legally, I won't ever be looking at each question asked, but our moderators will. They'll stop by and copy any and all "appropriate" questions from the unanswered questions page and send them on to me. The latest responses page is where my answers to your questions will be posted, along with my own ramblings. All my answers will be archived in our ASK GREG archives.

Now, I was brought up to believe that there's no such thing as an inappropriate question, and basically I still think that's true, but as a creator with hopes of someday doing Gargoyles again (or another show in this genre) I do have to take precautions to protect myself. Let me try to use an example to illustrate why this is necessary.

A fan once came up to me at a signing and said something like: "You should put Prospero from Shakespeare's TEMPEST into Gargoyles." My response was, "I plan to." The fan then gave me a look like I was ripping off his idea without giving him any credit. (Forget the fact that he was about the eighteenth person to make that suggestion to me.) I had created a show that had consciously included a huge majority of Shakespeare's magical characters: Macbeth, Puck, the Weird Sisters, Oberon and Titania to name a few. Logically, I'm sure you can all see that I'd eventually have gotten around to including Prospero, Caliban and Ariel as well. In fact, that was SUCH a logical next step that it independently occurred to a bunch of people. Now, I'm not saying that this particular fan would personally sue me. Heck, he may be reading this -- and I don't want to insult him -- but I can't take any chances.

When you think about it, all it takes is one viewer who believes that he or she sees something in my future work that resembles some notion or idea that he or she once waved before my eyes or ears in order for that person to have the ability to make my life quite miserable.

And that's just one example of the kind of question I will NOT be answering. A COMPLETE list of guidelines will be given when you go to ask your question.

I've asked our moderators not to edit your questions. If a moderator even suspects that a post violates ANY of our guidelines, I've asked the moderator to kick out the ENTIRE post. That means if you ask four legit questions and toss in one that breaks even one guideline, the whole message gets kicked.

I also reserve the right not to answer any questions that I don't feel like answering, even if it isn't problematic legally. For example, I'm categorically NOT going to give out SPOILERS of my own stuff. The best you'll get there is "SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT".

Gorebash will archive everything (questions and answers) that is posted on the response page. So I will often refer a previously ASKED AND ANSWERED question to the archives. I've also authorized the moderators, a.k.a. the "Ask Greg Helpers" to handle previously asked questions by quoting my previous response.

Finally, I will try to stop by Ask Greg on a regular basis. But I will not always have time to answer questions. I will do my best. But the question queue tends to pile up, creating a backlog that sometimes takes months - and occasionally has taken years - for me to get through.

As always, I really do appreciate your enthusiasm for the stuff I've worked on. I'm hoping that in some small measure, these question/answer/ramblings pages will help maintain that enthusiasm.

Thanks for stopping by,


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