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MATTHEW - I wouldn't worry about it too much; you indicated that the inaccuracies were due to the closed-captioning getting it wrong. (Which closed-captioning often does, I've noticed; I recall the closed-captioning for "Upgrade" mentioning "the Archmajor's sorcery", for example.) That's a big difference from analysis of the themes, characterization, etc.

A parallel between Demona and Jon Canmore I recently noticed, and thought I'd mention here. In "Re-Awakening", Demona tells Goliath that his clan was "smashed to pieces by the humans you trusted". Of course, her description is inaccurate; it was the Vikings, an outside enemy, who carried out the Wyvern Massacre, not the humans of Castle Wyvern, and Demona obviously knows that. In "Hunter's Moon Part Three", in the big confrontation in St. Damien's Cathedral, Jon Canmore, while arguing with Jason about the need to keep up the Hunt, says about Goliath and his clan "They killed dad". Of course, it wasn't the Manhattan clan who killed Charles Canmore (they were still trapped under the Magus's spell at the time), but Demona, and Jon knows that, since he was there and saw it.

Both Demona and Jon blame members of the species they hate for events which they know, elsewhere, those members were not responsible for, as part of their accusation of the entire species and justification of their war on it. I don't know if Jon's line was intended as an echo of Demona's line back in "Re-Awakening" or if it's just a coincidence that the production team hadn't thought of, but I think it's an effective touch.

Todd Jensen

So Greg popping in to correct me on the "Hello Megan!" theme song now has me wondering. Has he been reading the other episode reviews and just mutters, "That Matt kid has everything wrong. How embarrassing."

This is something that's given me pause.

Remember, young or old, rich or poor, friend or foe. We're all in this together.