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MASTERDRAMON - Thanks. I googled the phrase "into the mystic" last evening, and found a mention of that song, so it's most likely it.
Todd Jensen

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Todd: Likely both are referencing the Van Morrison song:


Although given the age of the shop, in-universe it's likely Morrison was referencing it.

Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
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I was rereading yesterday a magazine about British history and landmarks; one of the articles in it, about Somerset and its links to myth and legend (such as King Arthur through Glastonbury) was titled "Into the mystic". I remembered that that was the name of Leo and Una's shop in London. While it's just possible that whoever named the article was a "Gargoyles" fan, the series still wasn't famous enough for most of the magazine's readers to get that allusion. So I wondered whether "Into the Mystic" in "Gargoyles" was itself an allusion and that the term had appeared before "Gargoyles" came out, in which case the magazine was presumably referring to a common source. I really ought to research that.

MATTHEW - Looking forward to your final pieces on "The Spectacular Spider-Man".

Todd Jensen



Last review of Spectacular Spider-Man will come Tuesday or Wednesday. After that I'll cover season 2 as a whole, the series as a whole and then speculation about what the future might've been.
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