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Todd> Thanks. Fun story. I've never heard of Dostoyevsky's story "The Double" until I tried to find the name of Kraven's lion from Spectacular Spider-Man (Golyadkin in the comics, Gulyadkin in the show).

It's something of a running gag that all of Kraven's relatives are named after characters from Dostoyevsky's stories (including Chameleon), I guess that also extends to his pets.

By the way, I snuck in a little shout out the film "So I Married an Axe Murderer" in one of Matt Bluestone's captions. It's a favorite in my family.

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Matt - [Saint Charles, Missouri, USA]
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MATTHEW - One thing I forgot to mention in your review of "The Edge" yesterday; I also enjoyed your treatment of the scene where Goliath's reading Dostoyevsky, and your suggestion (appropriate for this episode) of which Dostoyevsky story it was. (I think most of us automatically assumed it was "Crime and Punishment", of course, since that's the best-known of his works.)
Todd Jensen


Summer's been busy and I just only had the time to catch up with Young Justice: Outsiders (not to mention I wanted to rewatch the first half since they first aired on DCUniverse, which I didn't get to until the first batch of episodes dropped).

Won't go into crazy-lengthy details, given its been four episodes of the second half already out (five later today!), but I still [SPOILER] wanted to throw out some highlights that had me laughing or sitting up due to its Weisman-Easter-Egg-Bait-of-it-all.

Finally got to know why the other two Green Lanterns clearly didn't want Guy Gardner to join the Justice League. Good-thing-and-a-Shame they were eventually outvoted, lol.

In case you didn't know this was Earth-16, that Space Trek 3016, Episode 316, Scene 16, Take 16 was just what the doctor ordred, lol)

"Illusion of Control"
A Star Wars: Rebels reference of Karabast! Loved it.

SpecSpidey-Rhino's chuckle of "Tickles" is quickly reaching Beating-up-a-Beach! status, after hearing Devastation use that quip for two episodes now (and still waiting for that beach line to crop up too, obviously).

I love how Lian learned Artemis's take on the AB-Twinkling-Baa-Blacksheep-C's.

And speaking of nursery rhymes/songs, clearly Devastation and Tommy Tuppence are both fans, what with her complementing his "Snips and Tails and Puppy-Dog Tails" from last season with a "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice" XD

"First Impression"
I was laughing at how Aqualad looked seriously concerned how that one teen just wouldn't go find shelter/kept live-streaming everything.

So yeah, it's definitely great to have new YJ episodes, and I'll also ponder aloud that (among all the actual big mysteries playing out right now in the show), given the timestamps of the latest episodes and the sheer number of episodes remaining, I wonder if season three is going to end sometime after New Year's/January . . .


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Business as usual

So, who's ready for the FIFTH episode of Outsiders' back half tomorrow? In case you forgot, consider this your Early Warning.

<evil grin>

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Thanks for the review, Matthew.

Reading it made me realize, incidentally, how long it's been since I watched the series on DVD; it took me a little while to remember that Matt first met Elisa when she was hauling the gargoyles' television set in.

Todd Jensen


So this is MUCH later than I would've liked it, but here's my review of "The Edge" over at my blog. Feedback is always appreciated.

Incidentally, I know Greg called the sparring match between Xanatos and Owen judo but judo doesn't allow for striking in matches. Just a minor martial arts nitpick.

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Vinnie - [thomaspeano at yahoo dot com]
Deplorable and loving it!