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You may perform boolean searches by appending a plus (+) or minus (-) symbol to your search terms. This forces the search engine to return all records that must have the term(s) prepended with a plus and records that must not contain the term(s) prepended with a minus. If no search terms have these modifiers, the search engine will return any record that has at least one of the search terms provided. You may also search for exact phrases by enclosing your phrase in quotation marks. Searches are not case sensitive.

Example: +"goliath loves" +elisa -demona

This will search for all records that contain the phrase "goliath loves" and the word "elisa" but will not return records that also contain the word "demona". If you were to remove "-demona" you would find a few more records will be returned.

Search Types

Full-text utilizes the MySQL full-text boolean search engine. Results are sorted based on a score calculated by the database based on how well a given record matches your search terms. Full-text has a better chance of finding what you're looking for most of the time. However there are some restrictions to note. Search terms less than 3 characters long (not including any boolean modifiers), common words (and, the, or, etc..), and terms found in more than 50% of all the nodes in the database are ignored. There is no way to determine which search terms fall into the latter category so you may find this search type lacking.

Generic will ignore common words used as a search and will return results based on the date the record was last updated. You will typically get a larger result from your search terms over full-text but finding the exact information you want may require you to dig deeper through the results.

Play around with the different search types and see what you like.

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