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Krypto Knight writes...

What is the significance of 16? I mean, I know it's earth 16 and that the number showing up all over the place is either unimportant or yet to be explained, but is there a specific reason you and your group picked it specifically instead of making the show take place on earth 15 or 24 or any other number that you could have repeated all over the place?

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Family writes...

When did Eric Needham become Black Spider?
When did Leonard Snart become Captain Cold?
When did George Harkness become Captain Boomerang?
When did Albert Michaels become Atomic Skull?
When did Teth-Adam become Black Adam?

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Verdragon writes...

Is it just a crazy coincidence that your version of Phantom Stranger is so similar to Uatu The Watcher from What If? on Disney+?

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Steve Hockensmith writes...

In "Quiet Conversations," is the fact that Calvin Durham was born in San Diego a reference to the fact that in the comics, he became mayor of Sub Diego?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

With the Season 3 episode "Evolution," and the Season 4 episode, "Odnu!" showing us Vandal Savage's past, it seems almost as though he practically knows everybody on Earth and he's probably the direct ancestor of most (if not all) of Earth's heroes and villains in your version of the DC Universe; at least, that how it seems in my opinion.

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SuperFam Fan writes...

1. Is Martha Kent's maiden name Martha Clark, like in the comics?
2. Did Lois Lane keep her maiden name after marrying Clark, or is she known as Lois Lane-Kent? Given the credits, the former seems likely, but confirmation would be wonderful.
3. Did Clark Kent attend Metropolis University? If so, did he major or minor in English and/or Journalism?
4. Considering Clark, Lois, and Jonny were in Smallville, and Jonny mentioned how Uncle Conner and Wolf would always meet them there, is it safe to assume there is at least one zeta-tube in or nearby Smallville? Is this how Robin, Arsenal, Blue Beetle, and Impulse got to Smallville (to infiltrate LexCorp Farms) back in Season Two, or did they use the Bio-Ship?
5. Do Clark, Lois, and Jonny reside in Metropolis?

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Spellcaster writes...

Can you please post the spells from episode 409?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

Since the word "Marvel" can no longer be used in Earth-16, and Captain Marvel is now identified as Shazam, does that mean...

A. The Marvel Family is now addressed as the Shazam Family like in the New 52?

B. Lieutenant Marvel (Freddy Freeman) is now addressed as Shazam, Jr. like in the New 52?

C. Sergeant Marvel (Mary Bromfield) is now addressed as Lady Shazam like in the New 52?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

In "Odnu!" we see the Earth-16 debut of the Phantom Stranger. Now, despite the ethnicity change (from Caucasian to African-American), is his real name identified as Judas Iscariot; like his New 52 counterpart (as indicated in "Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger: Futures End #1")?

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Paul writes...

1) Why was Klarion wearing a suit (his trademark look) during his first encounter with Vandal Savage, when that fashion style had yet to be invented? Do the Lords of Chaos emulate styles from the past, present and future, since they themselves are "ageless" beings? If so, how is this possible? I hope there's a deeper explanation for this than "it's magic, anything goes"... but it isn't a big deal.

2) Klarion and Child wear suits (or at least, smart/formal clothing). Likewise, so does Phantom Stranger. Is this just a coincidence or is it significant in some way that they all select smart attire?

I doubt that clothing will be discussed in any depth in the next few episodes, so I feel that it's safe to submit these questions.

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