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Spornwcer writes...

Do you think you can send us a full script of a cancelled episode in the cancelled third season of your spectacular spiderman show? Do you think the show could continue in comics after Final Curtain?

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Andrès writes...

dear greg i always have a question about spectacular spiderman, is spiderman only or are there other marvel superheroes

for example does daredevil exist in spectacular spiderman world.

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Elliot writes...

What can we do to have Disney marvel and Sony’s attention to bring back spectacular spider-man

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Marvelman writes...

Hi, Greg. By the time you get to this question, my guess is that Outsiders will have aired in its entirety. So, let me be the first to ask...

Was it always your plan to bring Wally back?

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Crummy writes...

Just want to say first I fell in love with spectacular spiderman when it aired on teletoon years ago, and recently I rewatched season 1 and 2. Now that I've rewatched it I've become more invested in the characters and I want to know why gwen and peter never had a true relationship, every episode I was wishing for it to happen and it never did. I just want to know if peter and gwen ever did have a relationship in this universe or not after season 3. Thank you for making my childhood great.

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fire-fira writes...

Hi Greg, just a couple quick questions (because I'm a language nerd):

1) Are there compiled 'dictionaries' of each of the conlangs used in Young Justice (Atlantean, Rannian, etc.)?

2)If so, are any of them available online?

(I ask this mostly as a fanfic writer who's a massive nerd and would like to have language references beyond what I've scraped together and expanded on.)

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CJ writes...

Elisa has dressed up as both Belle and Jasmine for Halloween. Does that mean their respective movies exist in the Gargoyles universe as we perceive them, and if so, does that mean they cannot be real in said universe?

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Jan Rott writes...

What is the full name of Taro?
On which Japanese island is Ishimura?

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John B writes...

In the season 3 of Young Justice trailer I noticed Static does not have a mask on. What happened to his secret identity? That's an important part of his character

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Jan Rott writes...

Why did the Space-Spawns kidnap the eggs of the Liberty clan? For what reasons did they want the eggs?

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