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InterestedFan46 writes...

I love watching Young Justice and Gargoyles, they're amazing shows! I can't wait for the 2nd half of YJ outsiders, but regarding your earlier work, what was your favorite part about producing Gargoyles?

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The Guy writes...

Why didn't Tim Curry return as G. Gordon?

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Anonymous writes...

Is Blue Devil an official member of the Justice League and if so what is his designation?

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Anonymous writes...

1). Who were the 2 meta humans in the episode “Away Mission” with Ma’alefa’ak?
2). Who was the meta human in the episode “Evolution” that Kalibak used as a bomb?

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Wade writes...

So we’re the members of the light in contact with one another or at least knew each other prior to Vandal Savage sending out the invitations?

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Pablo Castolo writes...

What day and month is Garfield Logans birthday?

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Rose writes...

Why does Garfield logan think he can rejoin the team at the age 16 when he thought he had no choice to leave m'gann's team at age 14 ?

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey, Greg just a question. We already know you gave Superman a son like in the comics (Jonathan). But I have to ask why you didn't also use his older sister Lara?


Not complaining just asking your thoughts on that character.

Thank you Greg!

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JDH writes...

1. Dick mentions that Geo-Force's suit was designed by Fire (of the Justice League). However, Fire wasn't in the League meeting in Outsiders episode 1, & if she is with the other half of the League in space, how can she design Brion's suit?

2. Does being an ambassador for Themyscira & Atlantis, prevent Troia or Garth from superheroics, as a potential conflict of interest?

3. Do you consider Spoiler & Orphan to be Batman's latest Proteges?

4. How long has Orphan been active as a crime fighter?

Kind regards,

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animal writes...

When Titania says in the episode 'I'll Met by Moonlight'..."even Puck may have mended his ways" what exactly does she mean by that? Was he always just extra?

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