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Taylor writes...

Hi Greg, would it be possible for you to do Young Justice comics in which you explain everything that happens between the seasons?

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Clark Cradic writes...

Does Demona routinely ruin her outfits as a result of each transformation or does she try to limit that as much as possible? I ask cause her transformation to a Gargoyle tends to be the one that wrecks her close the most.

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Jacob the Great writes...

Hey Greg, how are ya? First off, I wanna say that I'm a huge fan of your work, especially Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice. YJ is my favorite animated series. Thanks for being a big part of my childhood. Anyway, on to my questions:

1. If the opportunity ever presented itself, would you consider doing any Young Justice spin-offs, or would you just stick to Young Justice only?

2. At what age did Dick and Wally meet?

3. At what age did Dick and Barbara meet?

Thank you for your time and I'll be starting season 4 tonight! Stay safe!

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Anonymous writes...

Since hindsight is 20/20, if you could change ANYTHING about Young Justice, what would that be?

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Jake writes...

I have a question about Martian eyes. In earlier seasons, Martians seemed to have blank red eyes, with no iris or pupils. M'gann's martian form had these in S1. In S4, however, they seem to have pupils and iris, and appear to be different colors based on race. M'gann's, for example, are now amber. Is this their natural form? If so, what prompted the change?

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Bob writes...

Has Conner considered changing his name to something other than Superboy? I understand he perpetually looks like a 16 year old, but now that he's about to be married and has established himself as his own hero, has he thought about taking on a new name?

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Taylor writes...

You've said there is a character you in YJ you see as gay, but are not allowed to show as such by the powers that be. I think you know there are many people who are pretty sure of who this character is.

Why is it still so hard to get stuff like this approved? What is the reasoning behind not showing this in the year 2021? I don't get it.

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Hafiz writes...

Is Orphan Lady Shiva's Daughter on Earth 16?

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Impetuous_77 writes...

Aight so I'm back again and I got a few questions about the hawk folk

1. Will HawkWoman and HawkMan ever have kids?
2. Does Kragger (Hro talak's adviser) exist in this universe?
3. Is Hro talak gay
4. Who knows Shayera's secret identity
5. Who knows Katar's secret identity?

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Josh writes...

1. Do you consider yourself a fan of the horror genre?
2. I read on here that you watched the pilot of Penny Dreadful. What did you think of the show in its entirety, assuming you continued to watch it? Personally I thought it was one of the best shows of the 2010's.
3. Did you enjoy the FX show Legion?

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