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Nick writes...

Hi Greg, hope you’re well.

Any behind-the-scenes reason you decided to have Guy Gardner be in a coma for so many years?

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Nick writes...

How old is Batwoman?
How old is Halo?
How old is Geo-Force?
How old is Forager?
How old is Metamorpho?

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Derek writes...

1. Has Zatanna given up on freeing her father from Doctor Fate
2. How much of a time skip will there be between season 2 and 3. Is impulse gay, as he was chosen to accompany an all-female team to deal with Queen Bee?

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Anonymous writes...

If you had to give Young Justice season 1 a subtitle like Outsiders or Invasion, what would it be?

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Veronica writes...

Was it a conscious choice for you to put Whisper D’aire with the inter gang instead of joining the League of Assassins? Is she going to join later? Will she ever get Kobra venom powers or are you just not going in that direction for her?

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Jacob Levy writes...

Hello Greg,

Congrats on your amazing work on Spectacular Spider-Man, Garoyles, and upcoming season of YJ.

In Spectacular Spider-Man, Uncle Ben dies in the late spring/early summer. Since Season 3 would have taken place during that time period, were there plans either to acknowledge or have an episode centered around the one-year anniversary of Uncle Ben's death.

Thanks again for creating a fantastic series that will hopefully return someday and best of luck with Young Justice.


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Jan Rott writes...

The Director knew exactly about Yama's situation and Hunter was able to blackmail him.
a) How did the Director of Yama learn?
b) How did the Director learn about Yamas exile and its reasons?
c) Does the Director really know where Yama's clan is or was it a bluff?

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Hello :) writes...

Hi Greg. Want to keep this short and simply but I do have to congratulate you and your team for season 3 of Young Justice.

1) And will we, the fans, are going to see all of the team member's origins similar to the comic, Campfire Secrets and Rabbit Holes? I would love to see Batgirl, Troia, Robin II, Beast Boy, Bumblebee....basically the members that join after 2011 but before 2016 (Wonder Girl and Blue Beetle are the exception of course).

2) And this one is just a random question but, does Barbara Gordon have a close relationship with her mom?

Thank you for your time.

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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg, Do you know if the new young justice season is going to be dubbed in any other language than english?

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Anonymous writes...

Did Superboy and Miss Martian get back together in Endgame or on their way to do so?

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