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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,
Young Justice has done a rather excellent job of converting ambiguous/C-list villains to credible threats (Sportsmaster, Black Spider, various assassins, etc.) Have you considered adding more such characters (assassins in particular) to the show?
1. Deadshot
2. Merlyn
3. KG Beast
4. David Cain
5. Copperhead
6. The Suicide Squad
7. The Rogues

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Jake writes...

Did Garfield Logan meet Karen Beecher for the first time before or after Megan Morse became Garfield Legal guardian ?

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Casanova writes...

Did Garfield meet Lucas Carr for the first time before or after Garfield Logan started living at mount justice ?

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Mike writes...

Are the Maza children half Faye?

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Mellberg writes...

Why did Miss Martian become Garfield Logan's legal guardian before he was allowed to become a member of the team in young justice timeline ?

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Tamamo writes...

Hello Greg, I deeply enjoyed the Traveler Warcraft novels that you worked on. I am a roleplayer who enjoys writing stories about the Warcraft universe, but Blizzard has a tendency to be inconsistent with explaining things about their universe and leaving a lot of blank spots. Your novel has added so much to the world so far. One thing eludes me though...

We know very little about how Dryads reproduce or how they age and about their life cycles. Book 2 had some hints, but there's still many questions left to answer. What about Frost Nymphs from Northrend? What about Lunara who predates the Kaldorei civilization? There's many questions to ask, but my main one is the following:

Will we learn more about Dryads in book 3?

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Lara writes...

How did Garfield feel about people asking him for his autograph after he became the superhero Beast Boy in the young justice universe ?

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Mike writes...

Was MISS Martian ever ask by people that like superheroes for her autograph during the time skip between young justice and young justice invasion ?

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Sunshine writes...

1. Mr Weisman, will you be attending any conventions this year or next?

2. If so, will any of them be near Arkansas?

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Marvelman writes...

In the comics, Shimmer's power is to transmute matter but on YJ her power seems to be to melt or disintegrate stuff. I'm just wondering what the motive was for the change. Did you think her original power was too powerful? Was it just to switch things up? Or, was it for some other reason I haven't thought of?

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