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hiiii madison ifyouevenseethiscuzyourpostisgonebutisawitacoupledaysago <3 <3 <3 <3

I need to remember to poke my head in here now and then.

I think by now this room qualifies as "lost place"...

*snaps a few photos*


Still kind of around... hmm...

Nobody up here in the rafters but me, sorry.

I do miss my fellow Mini-Clan gang. We scattered to the wind, but we still exist, in the rafters...somewhere...

.oO( Why do I have a feeling that Rob's actually aiming to start a *Doomsday* business? )

Robert> yes! My family is looking at moving to upstate/northern ny or Vermont by the end of the year. I was just wondering if you could share your thoughts on living there, and why you left. What's your business? Sounds exciting and scary!

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Cams> Yes! I still live! And yes, I did move about ten years ago... And amusingly enough, I am going to be moving again in the coming months.. To Tennessee!

I'm also going to be quitting my job and spending a year trying to start a doomed business.. But annyyway...

You had some moving related question I presume? :>


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Hey, Robert. I hope you see this. Didn't you move some years ago? I was wanting to ask you about the move.

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The box was fun spam. Miss those times.

*peeks in**
Tuxedo Kamen

Madison> I remember Minicla, alas I was never an active member.

Godzilla> Yeah, the infamous box. Those were the days!


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If only Madison had tempted people with pie...

Yell if you remember the Box that used to spam in here because I sure do!
The big girly lizard!

Aw snap, people were here!