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Fallenlegend writes...

Hey Greg, got some multiverse questions. Not going to ask about earth 17 as I know that:s a spoiler…but ignoring that:

1.- How open would you be to earth 16 interacting with other universes?
2.- How open would you be to the idea of Canon crossovers with other shows for earth 16 ? I know there are plays, but those aren’t canon. Say Teen titans and the team of Young justice meeting for real instead of that Beast boy nightmare.

2b Also how do you feel about the ides of canon crossovers between other shows with Gargoyles (not counting your planned spin-offs like Bad guys’’
3.- Do you view Earth 16 as being isolated from the multiverse? As in part of the multiverse, but more bound to interact with other universes?

Thanks Greg

Greg responds...

1. Not very. It all sounds like fun in any individual story, but I think it's extremely ripe for abuse. EXTREMELY RIPE FOR ABUSE.

2. Same answer.

2b. I don't much care for the idea on the surface. But we did have plans to cross over with the Team Atlantis Universe. Or rather a version of Gargoyles existed in the Team Atlantis Universe. And a version of Team Atlantis exists in the Gargoyles Universe.

3. I really am not sure I understand either way that you phrased the question.

Response recorded on September 27, 2022

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