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Gia writes...

Hi Greg! It`s me again, Austrias biggest Gargoyles and Rain of the ghosts fan! I`m still hoping for more Comics and/or a continuation of the series.
I am deeply fascinated with the subplot about Demona and Macbeth. They are by far my favorites.
There is one thing I don`t understand. According to Gargoyles Timeline Gruoch was about 27-28 when she had to marry Gilcomghain. Judging by medieval standards she was a very old maid. Why wasn`t she married at "the right age" like 15 or so as it was the custom for a gentle woman?
Why didn`t Macbeth and Gruoch marry years before? They grew up in the same castle, were fond of each other, Macbeth was evidently wealthy and of noble birth so why did`t they just get engaged around the age of 18-22 or so when they were of age? What was the problem?

Best wishes for your current projects! Can`t wait to see "Masque of Bones" (P.S. Any news about its publication yet?)
Greetings, Gia

Greg responds...

Historically, what happened, happened. We were only able to guess at the reasons.

So, in universe, Macbeth was without a father and had his inheritance ripped away. (So he was no longer wealthy, and he was virtually homeless.) That gave Gruoch's father pause about allowing Gruoch & Macbeth to marry. Gruoch wouldn't marry anyone else, until Macbeth was convinced by Bodhe to reject her.

And they didn't grow up in the same castle. Bodhe and Gruoch were VISITING the night Findlaech was killed. And that was the first time Macbeth and Gruoch met. They fell in love then and thereafter, but by that time Macbeth was S.O.L.

As for Masque of Bones, I haven't written it yet, because I've been writing World of Warcraft: Traveler novels for Blizzard and Scholastic.

Response recorded on September 09, 2016

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Rory Gaff writes...

I have recently been very interested in following up a lot of the historical references that were shown to me from Gargoyles. Especially the stories of Macbeth, Gillecomgain and the rest of the Scottish history as well as the story in the SLG comics about the Stone of Destiny. Upon further research, I can see that all of these characters and all the historical references are based on true historical events. You must have spent a great deal of time researching all this information.

My question is: What made you go into so much detail about the history of Scotland and Britain and was it through mere interest or just following up from where you decided to initially place the Gargoyles at Castle Wyvern in Scotland?

I have learnt SO much about my own nation's (Scottish) history from following up references from Gargoyles. Information that I would have never been remotely interested in learning if it wasn't presented to me by Gargoyles. I think it is amazing what you did with Gargoyles. I only wish that you could do even more!!

Greg responds...

Initially, it was more the latter. Eventually, it became the former.

BTW, I had much help on the research. Back in the days of the original series, Monique Beatty and Tuppence Macintyre were both invaluable. When working on the comic, I couldn't have done it without Kathy Pogge.

Response recorded on May 16, 2012

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Phoenician writes...

So . . . earlier this week (1/19/2011) I picked up and read Young Justice #0. (sigh) I'm still waiting to hear the release dates for Mecha-Nation #2 or #3, so I was happy to pick a comic written by (well you, lol) Greg Weisman & (Spec Spidey's) Kevin Hopps :) Anyways, without further delay,

*** Young Justice #0 SPOILERS BELOW!***

My continuing caveat with these Young Justice reviews is that I barely know a lick of DC lore. Frankly, it was Spectacular Spider-Man that most effectively introduced me to the Marvel Universe, despite me watching/reading other Marvel properties years earlier.

So if there's any inside jokes/easter eggs/homages here, I'm not likely to notice them.

Nevertheless, from the moment I read the first page, I was immediately pulled into the story. Maybe it was because I saw the two-part premiere, but even if that's the case, I don't think accessibility will be an issue for this DC newbie.

Anyways, this comic takes place between the last two scenes of "Independence Day" Part II . . . July 5th to July 8th. It really is perfect timing this issue came out this week, just days after Part II re-aired, and a couple of days before the new episode goes on the air.

The first couple and last few pages transition between television-to-comic and comic-to-television with such ease, I'm kinda wondering if both were written at the same time. ;)

Anyways, onto the story . . . this one mostly focuses on Kid Flash and him taking in the stray . . . you know, Superboy.

I am definitely reminded of the awkward moments Superman realized he has a clone, and that abandonment feeling lurks everywhere Supey goes, starting at Kid Flas-, er, Wally's home in Central City.

After a day of vegging in front of television (I'm gonna guess that Wally was giving Superboy a crash-course on pop culture), Kid Flash gets a letter from Batman (without crushing Superman's hope that it might have been Superman looking out for him) with a cash card dedicated to Superboy's "expenses." They make their way to the mall and 'Forever Sixteen' to get Superboy something to wear that isn't a solar suit . . . I smiled when Superboy only bought black shirts, justifying the classic cartoon trope of wearing the same thing every episode.

Unlike Aqualad or Robin (who are either patrolling in the ocean or stuck at the Wayne Mansion), it doesn't take long for Kid Flash and Superboy to find trouble, aka the Terror Twins, Tommy & Tuppence Terror. They seem the particularly physical sort for simply robbing a jewelery store, but it doesn't take long for Kid Flash and Superboy to get them away from their appointed hostages and well, the mall.

But before things really heat up, the Terror Twins get timid and make tracks (tee hee) . . . and not to Kid Flash and Supey's credit. We're treated to the Flash and Superman, who treat the duo with news that Batman has made his decision as well as another moment of silence (though not as awkward) from Superman.

Todd Jensen revealed to me that the names Tommy & Tuppence were also used for a husband & wife detective duo in a few Agatha Christie novels. As previously mentioned, I wouldn't know the level of coincidence/homage in this factoid, but I find it interesting enough to worth sharing :)

All in all, a fun issue, and I gotta say, I'm liking the friendship that's developing between Kid Flash and Superboy, which was short of getting hostile when the two originally met in the two-parter -- now, Kid Flash is giving Superboy a 'bro' punch on the shoulder . . . and immediately regretting it. d:

Can't wait for the -- (check issue number) -- um, first issue (as well as you and Kevin's return as writers later in the series)!

***Young Justice #0 SPOILERS ABOVE ***

Greg responds...

Thanks. Kevin and Brandon and I have been following the work on issues 1-6 very closely, and we think you'll be pleased. Kevin and I finished the script to issue 7 already, and are hard at work on 8.

Tommy and Tuppence Terror were indeed a nod to Christie's work, but also a nod to my buddy Tuppence Macintyre, who once upon a time helped out so much on the Scotish research for Gargoyles.

Response recorded on February 25, 2011

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Todd Jensen writes...

This is an oddball little notion that I've had for some time. I think it's more likely to remain a daydream than a serious project to be contemplated (except maybe for Gargoyles fans in the UK), but I thought I'd share it with you, just for the fun of it.


This hypothetical tour would visit various places in Scotland connected with "Gargoyles". Among these:

EDINBURGH: Duncan's home in "City of Stone", and also the present site of the Stone of Destiny (or at least, *a* Stone of Destiny). Edinburgh Castle would definitely be on the sights list there, including the Stone.

LOCH NESS: The stop would include a visit to the ruins of Urquart Castle (since it's most likely the real-world original of the ruined castle over Sevarius's base in "Monsters").

SCONE: The original home of the Stone of Destiny while it was in Scotland, of course - and we know from "Once Upon a Time There Were Three Brothers" that there was once a gargoyle clan here as well.

GLAMIS CASTLE: Castle Moray's probably fictional, but Glamis Castle, often linked to Macbeth and Duncan in the popular imagination, would make a good equivalent for it. While the castle itself post-dates Macbeth's reign, of course, Maol Chalvim (or Malcolm II) is said to have died here (it was a hunting lodge in his day), and - even better - there's a hill nearby called Hunter's Hill! (Glamis Castle also has a number of colorful tales associated with it, such as the rumors of a monster - actually a deformed member of the family that owned the castle - hidden in a secret chamber.)

ARBROATH ABBEY: On the list, because of its role in "Rock of Ages" (and being the site of the Declaration of Arbroath adds to its attractiveness).

STIRLING: I added Stirling to my list after I found out that "Sruighlea", after which the gargoyle cell slaughtered by Gillecomgain and Constantine was named, is Gaelic for "Stirling". Also, Bannockburn (whose battle in 1314 also featured in "Rock of Ages") was fought nearby, making it a good base from which to visit the battlefield. And Stirling has a few good sights, such as a couple of castles.

While I don't see this as being more than just a pleasant imagining for most American fans at present, I found the notion appealing, and thought you might enjoy reading about it as well.

Greg responds...

I think it would be great. Taking it step by step...

I've been to Edinburgh a few times -- and Edinburgh Castle is very impressive.

I have not been to Loch Ness, but would like to go.

Scone - My dad and I stopped by there, and I wish we had had more time to explore.

Glamis Castle - I'd like to see this.

Arbroath Abbey - Ditto.

Stirling - I've been here with my wife. The castle there is interesting. But the day we were there it was EXTREMELY hot and muggy, so I wouldn't mind going back on a day when we weren't dying to leave.

Of course, if you widened your scope a bit, I'd include Iona and Tintagel and a tour of Scotland's West Coast.

Response recorded on July 07, 2010

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Todd Jensen writes...

I recently bought a copy of Dan Rosa's "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck". The first chapter had the young Scrooge, as a boy in Scotland, learn about many of the deeds of his McDuck ancestors in Scottish history; one of them, Sir Quackly McDuck, fought for Macbeth in the "civil war of 1057" and was rewarded for his services with a large treasure chest (unfortunately, while walling it up in his castle to keep it safe, he accidentally walled himself in with it).

I thought you'd like to know that someone else at Disney's been working on early Scottish history (other MacDucks were connected to Hadrian's Wall, Kenneth mac Alpin, Malcolm II, and the Battle of Hastings).

Greg responds...

Very cool.

Response recorded on May 21, 2010

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

January 16th...

Though the travelers have spent only the hours between sunrise and sunset on Avalon, days have passed in the real world. Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela and Bronx depart Avalon and find themselves on Loch Ness, back in Scotland. Elisa attempts to leave a message with Matt Bluestone's answering machine, but his message tape is full and the message is not recorded. Later, their skiff is capsized by a Loch Ness Monster. In the confusion, Angela is captured by a monster-shaped submarine and brought back to Dr. Anton Sevarius, who runs DNA tests on her that prove she is the biological daughter of Goliath.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

November 28th...

Elisa Maza, Broadway and Lexington are lured to Long Island after midnight by a false tip. They are assaulted by a creature that appears to be Goliath. That morning, mercenaries hired by Anton Sevarius steal a stone Thailog from David Xanatos. After sunset, they deliver their prize to Sevarius on an oil rig just off the coast of Long Island. Not long after, Elisa, Goliath, Broadway and Lex return to Long Island to investigate Goliath's mysterious look-alike. They find a Gen-U-Tech Systems tracking device. Meanwhile, Xanatos receives a ransom call demanding twenty million dollars in exchange for the creature. He and Owen Burnett quickly deduce that Sevarius is behind the gargoyle-napping. At Gen-U-Tech, Lexington and Broadway discover the truth about Goliath's clone Thailog. Meanwhile, in Scotland, Xanatos' security team begins searching for the Loch Ness Monster.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

September 29th...

Arthur is crowned King of Britain.

Hakon the Viking lays siege to Castle Wyvern, but is driven away by the Wyvern Clan of gargoyles. The Captain of the Guard invites Goliath and Demona to the celebratory feast. Princess Katharine is most seriously displeased. She demotes the Captain, declaring that from now on he will report to the Magus, who later prepares a spell to deal with the gargoyle clan, should they get out of hand. Seeing that Goliath will continue to tolerate human prejudice, Demona and the Captain find an excuse to temporarily lure the gargoyles away, so that the castle can be sacked and the humans taken away by Hakon, leaving Castle Wyvern to the gargoyles once more.

Michaelmas. Constantine III is so furious he initiates a plan to destroy all the gargoyles in Scotland.

Macbeth is made High King of Scotland. He swears on the Stone of Destiny, to protect Scotland and serve her people. Macbeth names Demona and publicly rewards her and her gargoyles, welcoming them as his allies into his home and castle. Demona becomes his primary advisor. Thorfinn is rewarded with basic autonomy over Orkney, in practice if not in name.

Xanatos inspects his castle atop the Eyrie Building. He wants everything to be perfect before he attempts to wake the gargoyles.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

August 15th...

Macbeth's forces are defeated. Thorfinn is killed at Dunsinane, widowing his young wife Ingibjorg. Canmore destroys all of Demona's gargoyles, except her. Canmore pursues Macbeth to Lunfanan, and history will record that Macbeth was killed there. But Macbeth and Demona discover a side effect of the Weird Sisters' spell. They are immortal and forever linked, feeling each other's pain when near. For either to die, one must kill the other. Prince Luach is able to rally his father's forces temporarily. Canmore is driven back. Luach is made High King of Scotland. Macbeth and Demona vanish severally into myth.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

April 25th...

Canmore is crowned High King of Scotland as Malcolm III.

The Banshee informs Puck that the Gathering is at hand.

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