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Jack Carpenter writes...

What's the smartest observation that you've ever seen a fan make about one of your shows?

Greg responds...

Geez, there have been so many... and yet of course nothing comes to mind at the moment. That's not a comment on the fans, who are fantastic, but on my crap memory.

My guess is it was something at one of the GARGOYLES BIOLOGY & CUSTOMS panels at the old GATHERING OF THE GARGOYLES conventions. Those rocked! Check out some of the Gathering diaries in the archives and you might find some cool stuff recorded.

Response recorded on September 18, 2020

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Ashley D writes...

I was wondering can Gargoyles with Feathered wings fly, like Zafiro from the Mayan clan or Staghart of the London clan.

Greg responds...

No. Just glide.

Response recorded on October 21, 2019

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Juan M writes...

Are they any bisexual and trans gendered gargoyles in the gargoyle universe?Have we seen them without mentioning who they are. the tv show and comic were theyre closeted for now?

Thank you and the crww for a great cartoon ahead of time.

Greg responds...

Bisexual for sure, and yes you've seen some, though keep in mind that most gargoyles mate once and for life, so you're less likely to get proof. I'd think there would be trans-gendered ones, as well, but I'll admit I haven't yet written any.

Back in the day, we weren't allowed to objectively present LGBTQ characters. That doesn't mean the characters were in the closet. We tried to write with consistency - even to the things we weren't allowed to do.

Response recorded on December 14, 2017

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Chip writes...

Please bear with me...My question involves math. I will try to bullet-point and simplify it as best I can, if I can. I was thinking about gargoyle-beasts and their breeding cycles in relation to the cycles of the winged-gargoyle species.

1) You have stated in the past that beasts have four heats, and are capable of contributing an egg to the rookery following their own hatching, is this correct?

2) Assuming that question 1 is correct, a beast who hatched in '58 would be able to lay an egg in '68, whereas a winged-gargoyle from '58 would not be able to lay an egg until '08. Afterwards, that same female can lay an egg in '28, and '48. The beast from the same generation, however, can lay eggs in '68, '88, '08, and '28. At which point, they become too old to lay eggs. You have stated that beasts get the additional heat because they can mature faster. The question I ask is...Why is it not two additional heats? A female gargoyle from '58 can't lay until '08, but a female beast can lay after just 10 years. Why does the beast not get a final heat in the same year that a winged gargoyle from the same clutch does?

3) I'm sorry if my math or question is confusing. I was just hoping for clarity on this matter. If you don't feel like figuring out the math on this subject, I'll just default to my final, and most frequently asked question...

4) When did the London Clan's beast population go extinct?

Thank you for taking the time and effort to answer these questions. We really appreciate it, and you. #WeLiveAgain

Greg responds...

1. I think so, but it's been a LONG time since I've thought about this.

2. I think BECAUSE they mature faster, they move through and past their breeding years faster as well.


4. No spoilers.

Response recorded on March 01, 2017

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RobertDev writes...

Hello Greg,

I have been a big fan of yours for a very long time. In fact Gargoyles was my favorite show as a child. Now I am 29, and in addition to being a teacher, I am trying to make it as a novelist in NYC. Gargoyles, and you/your writing in general, inspired me a long time ago to pursue telling stories for kids or young adults that are complex and diverse in lieu of "talking" down to them. Since then I have had many more influences, but you really were one of the first. I think I may have been 6 or 7 when Gargoyles first came out and I certainly had my parents add to Disney's coffers with Gargoyle merch.

I have a few questions. I know you are not into hypotheticals or spoilers, so I will try to phrase my questions as proper as possible. Also, as these questions may not exactly fall under the same subject, I will submit multiple questions, as per the instructions.

Long ago I wrote to you about the biology of the Avalon clan. Specifically I asked whether or not it was possible for a mature Avalon couple to travel to the outside world, for say 9 months or a year (1 week or less on Avalon), sync with the natural state of the planet and produce an egg. That was met with an affirmative.

When further questioned as to whether or not they could do this multiple times over the course of their lifetime, producing many more eggs than the standard 3, you wrote that it would be a good topic of discussion during the biology panel (I think it was specifically called something else) at convergence. Unfortunately another Convergence has not occurred for some time and I still, all these years later, wonder about the biology of it all.

Could a gargoyle couple from Avalon come to the outside world every other, or every third, cycle (or whatever) and produce many more eggs than the usual three? Could they produce five or ten eggs? And would there be a detriment to the gargoyle's body in producing that many eggs if they could do all that?

I know this question is long and possibly overwritten but I recently re-watched my DVD sets (and reread the comics) and it got me thinking. I'd appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

I made a promise to myself, many years ago that if I ever became a successful writer I would find a way to work with you one day and/or help you bring Gargoyles back in some form. I still hope to do so. Best of luck to you sir and thank you for your influence and inspiration. Should I one day meet you in a professional capacity I will point out this entry.

Greg responds...

I don't think so. Three max. I'm sticking with that.

Response recorded on January 18, 2017

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John Harmon writes...

I have read that outside of the mating season, it was incredibly rare for a couple to conceive a gargoyle child, my question is this, is there any stigma that the clans put on such a unlikely birth? Or would the clan accept such an occurrence?

Greg responds...

I'm sorry, WHERE did you read this? Cuz I don't think I EVER said rare. Never is the word I'd use. Or as close to never as you can get.

Response recorded on January 10, 2017

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Anonymous writes...

You have said there were homosexual Gargoyles, are there also transgender Gargoyles that could transition? Also, how does surgery for Gargoyles work? Is that even a possibility for them, like something as easy as adding stone or shaping stone while they were in stone sleep, or operating on them while they were flesh or would it be impossible?

Greg responds...

There has been no such thing as gender reassignment surgery for gargoyles. Frankly, there's been no such thing - for the most part - as SURGERY for gargoyles, period.

You definitely cannot operate on a sleeping gargoyle. But you could, in theory, operate on a gargoyle at night. I suppose you'd use an epidural or something. (I'm not a doctor.)

But, yes, I imagine there have been transgender gargoyles over the centuries.

Response recorded on July 11, 2016

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Emily writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman,
I have a question about Gargoyles for you that just popped in my mind about five minutes ago.
"If a gargoyle was to sleep at all during the night would he be able to stay awake longer during the day?"

Greg responds...

Why would a gargoyle sleep at night?

But - basically - no. His or her cycle is tied into the planet's cycle.

Response recorded on February 10, 2016

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Allison writes...

Hi, Greg, hope the tour's going well. Hope you have fun!

I've got a question about gargoyle eggs and customs. Does rookery parentage apply to every gargoyle in a generation of the right age to reproduce? For example, would Iago/Coldsteel be considered one of Angela's rookery fathers despite the fact that he never mated or had any involvement with producing eggs?

Greg responds...

To some extent, it's up to the individual. One doesn't have to be a biological parent within an appropriate generation to participate in the raising of hatchlings. (It takes a clan, afterall.) But if one in essence opts out of the responsibility, that's considered a bit odd, but allowed.

Response recorded on October 27, 2015

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Mara writes...

When I visited Puerto Rico last fall (October of 2013) we went on a tour of the cave system in Camuy- which is awesome. On the tour, our guide commented that normally, human settlements only exist in caves that have a clear entrance and exit that face east and west- so that there is light in the cave during the day. For that reason, caves with north/south facings would be avoided.

Anyway, my question is- did pre-bronze age gargoyles tend to have settlements in cave systems over other areas- since their eggs need thermal energy access anyway?

Greg responds...

Rookeries tended to be in underground caves.

Response recorded on July 31, 2015

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