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ANSWERS 2002-01 (Jan)

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FanForLife writes...

Hi, Greg, me again. I want to ask specifically WHY you won't tell us what Titania whispered to Fox...that's all. I'm not asking what she said (I know you won't say) but WHY won't you say? Thanks a lot and keep up your fantastic work!

Greg responds...

Multiple Choice:
a. I think some things are more fun if they are left mysterious.

b. Some of you might like the one true answer, but invariably some of you would be left disappointed. And my fragile ego couldn't handle that.

c. I have to keep some secrets.

d. Nobody's asked the question in such a clever way that made me want to give it up.

e. I keep thinking of halfway decent smart-ass responses.

f. All of the Above.

g. None of the Above.

Response recorded on January 15, 2002

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