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Kessalia writes...

Well, i didn't have much con stuff, but it's a report... :)

Friday, off to NYC. flight at 7 something in the morning. waking up at 4:30 am stinks, especially when you can't get to sleep the night before for anxiety and anticipation. :P
however, flight was uneventful, got to new york, took shuttle to hotel, met up with people, fought with idiot staff over rooms, got lunch, directed people around (have you seen so-and-so? Nope, sorry. Ok!), watched opening ceremony, hung out until wee hours, finally slept. :P

saturday. the walking day. left hotel in the morning to find the MOMA (museum of modern art) which the maps showed to be by rockafeller somewhere. we go the wrong way on the subway, argue a lot, waste a couple fares and end up walking most of th way anyway. but we saw SO MUCH! radio city music hall, rockafellar center... and guess what, the darn MOMA was moved to Queens during some reconstruction. erg, annoyed. i never DID get to see Starry Night. *sob* SO! we decided to walk towards central park until we found a subway station then take that the rest of way. ha ha, NOW we know there are no subway stations there. hey, we were tourists, give us a break. ;) but we saw SO much!!! St Patricks, F.A.O. Schwarz, and before we knew it we were in central park wandering around looking for Balto and eating hot dogs. and complaining our feet hurt. Central Park has rocks, this was a major revelation. took the subway back after kevin got a map and lead us out of the wilderness. back at hotel, we decided it's time for dinner. so we walk to time's Square, argue more, and end up splitting up for food. I ate at Olive Garden, it was very yummy. After that we went to teh hershey's store, i bought chocolate, and then Toys R Us, and i got si the pink unicorn she has been seen in many picture with. it's famous! I am famous vicariously through Si once again! huzzah! ;) anyway, saturday night... masquerade, i got there late and took no pics (well, ok, i took ONE of tempest. holding the pink unicorn. bwa ha ha) but i got a lance and bitnine of my very own and lots of hugs from si and after they left we went to beed's room and played games (well, i watched, doodled and ate chocolate) then, sleep again. :P

Sunday! got up too early again and took the subway back to central park, walked over to teh MET, walked through a small part of the MET, got to see the BARE minimum i would have been able to survive with (only because i dragged arno RUNNING through at the last second to find the van Goghs) and then we had to leave to get back in time for closing ceremonies, pre-registered for next year, whee!! other clanners went off to do more touristy things but i was lazy and rested in our room except for walking around the block several times with 4 computer guys as my harem loking in vain for a freaking real pizza hut. sunday night. oh yeah! that might have been Two Towers night? shinga, jess and the others in that room did the movies-on-demand for Two Towers and we all ended up down there watching it. well, i spent the first half in my room on the phone with mom, but was fun anyway if not particularly comfortable. i got there last, i can't complain.

Monday! trim and jason were gone before i got up. up way too darn early again to go to the Nat history museum. noticing a TREND here? saw lots of cool stuff, they have a good dino display. bought a t-shirt. headed back and goofed off with a big pillow fight. duncan and guan came over. shan and kevin left. more pillow fight. rob left. MORE pillow fight. girls drew on each other with henna. played insane card game. those hardy souls remaining went to teh the Empire State Building about 11 pm to see the lights. was fun, hour went WAY too fast, we walked back with cereal and water from teh walgreens on teh corner, and watched adult swim. finally slept.

Tuesday. almost slept in. ha, yeah right. :P met up with duncan & guan, bought tickets and walked all the way to the docks for the boat tour of the island. got there, realized ther ewas no way we coudl get Beed on the boat and off again in time for her flight. whoops. so i was all selfish and said good bye to beed and dragged arno onto teh boat alone. got over feeling bad as the ride was awesome and i took WAY to many pics that i will have to scan. ouch. But it was awesome and worth it. after that, arno and i took a bus to grand central, wandered around there for a bit, had dinner in a restaurant with no AC, nearly passed out from heat, then walked back to the hotel via fifth avenue, got some souveniers, it was nice. :) my favorite day of the weekend. even if it was in the middle of the week, techncially.

wednesday. got up, checked out, it was chaotic but at least we didn't have that idiot employee waiting on us. said our good byes and took the subway to queens where we hoped to get a cab teh rest of the way to teh airport. there wasn't a cab to be found but we had a contingency plan and ended up taking a bus. it worked out fine, we got there in plenty of time, flight back was also uneventful. back in michigan! dinner at mongolian BBQ, home, to BED. sleeeeeep.

Greg responds...

Sounds like you had fun -- on a semi-unrelated vacation to the Gathering. But whatever works!

Response recorded on February 14, 2005

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