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Justin writes...

Greg here are some more questions
1) In 2198 do the gargoyles of the Manhattan clan and Labyrinth do anything other than protect the city? Like take in a play, go to the mall, or watch the Knicks?
2) If yes to 1, then can they do this without being gawked at?
3) Would relations with humans be good enough to do this? Could a garg take a cab, ride the subway, or take a plane out of La Guardia?


Greg responds...

1. Well, since the gargs in the present did other things too, I don't imagine the future gargs would not.

2. Probably not.

3. Well, a lot depends on size, I guess, but the short answer is yes, they could. Doesn't mean they do. None of the above sounds likely.

Response recorded on March 17, 2003

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matt writes...

1. can a clone (like Thailog) be cloned? i see no reason why not, but i thought i'd ask...

2. if a clone was cloned would their coloring return to usual (i.e. Thailog's clone has Goliaths coloring) or would the coloring be entirely new (Goliath, Thailog and his clone all have different skin tones)?

Greg responds...

I'm going to be out of town next week, so this week I'm going to try to answer two questions a day to make up for it. You can splurge now or ration them out to your heart's content to get you through the gap.

1. I see no reason why not, however Dolly the sheep has demonstrated that cloning is not a tremendously effective way to reproduce. Even assuming that Sevarius' methods are more effective, a clone of a clone starts to sound a bit like a xerox of a xerox. Eventually, the copies are too weak to be useful.

2. Well, the change in coloring wasn't a result of the cloning but of the rapid forced aging. But assuming the clone of the clone was also rapid forced aged, than I assume the coloring would alter. A rapid aged clone of Thailog, might not look exactly like Goliath, but he might be close.

Response recorded on March 17, 2003

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Justin writes...


Now the Labyrinth clan is composed of the mutates, the clones, and the homeless humans that live there right?

Ok so my question is:
1a) How does a clan so small reproduce until 2198?
1b) Do they get outside help from other clans? Manhattan?
1c) If the answer to 1b is true then how is this done?

2)Will there be more mutates? I have heard that said there would be, and I have also heard that there wouldn't be.

3) Does the labyrinth clan have any gargbeasts at anytime between 1996 and 2198?

4)Did the Lab. Clan have any eggs in the 2198 rookery at QFI?

Thank you for answering any or all of the questions. I think this service has done a remarkable job ( at least for me) of keeping the show alive. So I applaud what you do.

Greg responds...

1a. I'm not saying now. But they do.
1b. They don't manage it with only one female.
1c. I'm not saying now.

2. I'm not saying now.

3. I haven't thought about that. But it's possible.

4. Yes.

You're welcome. Sorry I wasn't more forthcoming.

Response recorded on March 14, 2003

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Galvatron writes...

Since we're discussing comic books, what other comics have you written besides Captain Atom and that JLA/JLE/JLI issue?

Was it DC that ordered you to reinovate Captain Atom?

Was Dr. Manhattan suppose to be Captain Atom? Why didn't DC allow the Charlton characters to appear in Watchman?

Greg responds...

Let me handle your questions in reverse order.

When Alan Moore first suggested Watchmen, he was indeed planning to use the Charlton Characters. My memory is hazy, but I think it broke down as follows...

Dr. Manhattan = Captain Atom
Rorshach = The Question
Night Owl = Blue Beetle
Comedian = Peacemaker
Ozymandias = Peter Cannon?
Silk Spectre? = Nightshade?

Dick Giordano, who was executive editor at the time, was fond of the Charlton characters (having worked at Charlton way back when) and didn't want Alan to decimate the line-up that he had worked to get DC to acquire. He suggested that Alan create new heroes for the story, and I think everything turned out for the best.

Meanwhile, DC was reinventing all those old Charlton characters, and the job to revamp Captain Atom fell to Cary Bates and Pat Broderick. Cary brought me in to help.

As for other comics I worked on, well, there were many entries in Who's Who. Many letter columns for Tales of the Teen Titans, JLA and others. An issue of DC Challenge that I ghosted (the only time I've ever ghosted). Some Secret Origins stuff. And a bunch of stories that never got published. My one and only consistent comics writing gig was Captain Atom.

Response recorded on March 13, 2003

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Todd Jensen writes...

You mentioned having seen one episode of "X-Men: Evolution". Just out of curiosity, which one was it, and what did you think of it?

Greg responds...

That was a while ago now. It's very vague in my memory. There was a lot of back and forth with Quicksilver -- who winds up in charge of the bad guys, I believe.

There was an attempt by the bad guys to break into a prison transport truck. Rogue and Sprite (Shadowcat?), I believe, try to stop it. The humans have an opportunity at the end to attack the heroines, but one of the humans recognizes the fact that Rogue and Sprite were trying to help.

Or something like that.

It didn't really stick in my head too well.

I'm also a bit vague on the set-up. The kids go to normal school and mutant school?

Anyway, there's a lot to recommend, but the truth is I burnt out on X-titles a long time ago.

Response recorded on March 12, 2003

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The Cat writes...

Ok, this question might get a few nasty comments written about it and all but I'm going to post it even if I get rotten vegetables thrown at me. In fact I'm apologizing a head of time for this question.

Ok, Why was Angela such a (there is no nice way to put this or at least I do not know of one) flake?
I'm sorry to write that but out of all the main characters that were female she acted the most like head was in the clouds.

Greg responds...

Well, the question doesn't anger me, but I don't buy the premise. What makes you say that?

She's certainly a touch more innocent -- not a surprise, given her upbringing -- than most of the rest of our characters, but I don't see any evidence at all of flakiness.

Response recorded on March 11, 2003

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T'ran writes...

Does Puck have a special someone?

Greg responds...

He ultimately will.

Response recorded on March 10, 2003

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dan writes...

hey greg,
since halloween is coming soon, i've decided to make a grimorum for my costume and put some of the spells in it. But besides that, i'm curios. were and how exactly did you come up with the latin spells and poems? did you bring a latin team in to make all the spells? Who thought up the poems? Did they actually get some of the latin spells actually from old spell books that you might have heard about?

Greg responds...

It's been a long time, and I know I've answered this question before, so you may want to check the archives for a response that was made when events were fresher in my memory.

But briefly -- no, of course, we didn't take the spells from real spell books. We made up the spells in English and then my story editors went to various sources for a translation. From what I've been told since, our sources were not that great, and there are mistakes in the Latin for almost every spell ripped from the Grimorum. Deslagrate for Deflagrate, I think was one example of an error.

(As far as I know, the Hebrew spells from "GOLEM" were correct. Not in a magic sense, but in a translation sense. Hebrew, being an ancient but still living language, was easier going for an accurate translation.)

We had better luck with the spells of the Children of Oberon, which could be in English, as long as they rhymed. Some of the rhymes are pathetic -- but even that adds to the fun, I think. As for who came up with them, it was either the writer on the individual episode, the story editor or me. (Or some combination.)

Speaking of magic spells, let me cast one on all of you...


That's right, we're bearing down on the Seventh Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles. This year's convention dedicated to the GARGOYLES series is taking place where it all began -- in MANHATTAN -- home of Goliath's Clan. The con staff is planning a fantastic event... and announced guests include Thom Adcox, the voice of Lexington, Character Designer Greg Guler and yours truly.

If you've been to the Gathering before, you know just what a blast it can be. And if you've never been -- here's your shot. I've mentioned this before, but if you'd like to see Gargoyles return in some way, shape or form, the single best thing you can do is to attend this con. Tell your friends. Bring your family. Come to Manhattan and glide along with us...

Check out the info at


Register NOW!!

Response recorded on March 07, 2003

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Corrie "Cormak" McDermott writes...

Hi Greg,

A friend and I were talking about how wonderful it would be if there were Gargoyles novels (sort of like the Star Trek ones) A whole series. I know you've said before that you would be interested in doing something like that but you need a publisher. I was wondering, since Disney owns the characters and they have lots of books made for different shows and movies, would it be possible to get a publisher through Disney? They must have some contacts. I remember they had some small novels about the pilot episode of gargoyles. They could always try one novel and see how it does. It seems like you have a great deal of ideas ready and it's such a shame that nothing is happening with them right now. ie. new episodes, novels etc.

Greg responds...

It is a shame, isn't it?

To my knowledge, Disney has shown no interest in publishing any garg-related novels, either through their own company, Hyperion, or through another publishing concern. I no longer have any contacts there, however.

But for the record, I'd love to write one or more garg novels. I even have multiple plots in mind. I'm dying to do it.

Response recorded on March 06, 2003

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Galvatron writes...

Did gargoyles have the capabilities to make the monolith? What about the Lost Race?

Greg responds...

Okay, again, I'm not clear what we're talking about here when you say "the monolith". Maybe my memory is faulty, but I just don't recall a single monolith in the cave.

Response recorded on March 05, 2003

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