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Todd Jensen writes...

I'd like to congratulate you on finding a publisher for "Rain of the Ghosts" and getting a publishing date established. I'll be looking out for it in the bookstores come early December.

I remember hearing that that story was a radio play at one of the past Gatherings; presumably it was something you conceived of on your own rather than something you were put in charge of, like "Gargoyles" by Disney, since you're able to submit it to publication.

I wish you all the better since I've written a fantasy story that I'm hoping to find a publisher for (I found once a few years ago, but it didn't work out); alas, I can't recommend it to you when I do get it published, since the Arthurian legend (and other legends, such as Norse mythology) plays a major role in it, and I remember you said that you're keeping away from modern treatments of that so that they won't contaminate your vision. But it definitely makes me appreciate your joy in getting your story published all the more.

Greg responds...

Thanks, Todd.

Rain of the Ghosts was originally created (by me) when I was in development at DreamWorks Televsion Animation. The series was developed with a team of great individuals, including John Skeel, Lydia Marano and Jon Weisman. We sold it to Nick, and I wrote an hour pilot. (And it was that pilot that we did as a radio play at the second Gathering.) Then the deal with Nick fell through, and Rain sat on the shelf for a while.

But I couldn't get it out of my head, so I went to Jeffrey Katzenberg, and he agreed to let me have the publishing rights. And I wrote a novel. And I tried to sell it. And I failed.

About a decade plus passes, and I was done with Young Justice, and I decided to revisit Rain. So I did a rewrite and sent it out again to my managers and to an acquaintance who is an editor at St. Martin's Press. Three weeks later, they bought it, as well as the second book in the nine-book series. It's very exciting. And I'm just having a blast writing the second book.

Response recorded on May 13, 2013

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Rain of the Ghosts

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And while you're at it, mark your calendars: December 3rd, 2013. That's the date when my first published novel hits bookstores, Amazon.com, etc.

The novel is called RAIN OF THE GHOSTS, and if you attended the second Gathering of the Gargoyles in 1998, you saw a version of the story as part of our very first Gathering Players' Radio Play.

I'm very excited about this. I've been working on this property for over ten years (obviously), and it's great to finally be getting it out there to people. I've already reviewed and approved the copy edited manuscript and the cover. Even got some great blurbs/recommendations from folks whose names you're going to recognize. Right now, I'm plotting the second book in the series. (LOTS OF INDEX CARDS!!) And I honestly believe that if you've enjoyed any of my previous work - and why would you be here at ASK GREG if you didn't -then you'll like this too.

More on this as the year progresses. In fact, I might just hold some kind of countdown to 12/03/13. Though of course, if you want to pre-order the book now, I won't try to stop you.

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RADIO PLAY: The History

I posted this in the comment room, but Todd suggested I repost it here...


Sometimes I just don't have anything Gargoyles for us to do. And I'm not sure if just doing old episodes is all that interesting. And the other things have been fun... at least it seemed that way to me.

Here's a history of the works of the GATHERING PLAYERS...

1998 - RAIN OF THE GHOSTS (an unproduced pilot I wrote)
1999 - THE ROSWELL CONSPIRACIES (a rejected pilot I wrote)
2000 - ROUGHNECKS: THE STARSHIP TROOPERS CHRONICLES (the last arc of the series, which I story edited, half of which was unproduced. Written by me, Jon Weisman Lydia Marano, Cary Bates and Michael Reaves.)
2001 - GARGOYLES: "Hunter's Moon, Part Three" (Note: this was the first time that we actually did something gargoyles related for the radio play. This included scenes that were cut for time from the original. Written by Michael Reaves.)
2002 - TEAM ATLANTIS: "The Last" (Unproduced episode featuring Demona and Fiona Canmore, written by me)
2003 - GARGOYLES: "The Reckoning" (Performed in honor of Gary Sperling, who co-wrote the script with Lydia.)
2004 - GARGOYLES: "The Journey" (my uncut version of the script)
2005 - DOC SHAKESPEARE (An unproduced pilot written by myself and Sam Bernstein)
2006 - GARGOYLES: "The Mirror" (written by Lydia Marano and Brynne Chandler Reaves)
2007 - GARGOYLES: "Clan Building, Chapters III, IV & V: Invitation Only, Masque & Bash" - (from the comic, premeiring chapter V before it was published. Written by me...)
2008 - Geez, I should probably figure this out soon...

Anyway, you can see that traditionally, we've only done something gargish about half the time. For me it's fun to get to see my unproduced work performed, and it does give the fans a little insight into the biz. In any case, I've never heard any complaints from the folks who attended.
Greg Weisman

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Zarok writes...

Hey Greg I hear your writing a novel, if so…

1) what's it called?
2) What's it about?
3) And most importantly where can I get it?

Greg responds...

1. Anyone who was at G1998 could probably guess.*
2. Ditto.
3. No where right now. I'm about halfway through the second draft. And it's not like I've got a publisher lined up. But believe me, when I'm ready I'll let all of you know.

*Note: that's a not-too-subtle hint that great and wonderful things happen every year at the Gathering. I reveal and show things there that I don't and won't at any other time. So check out...


and find a way to get to Montreal this August. You won't regret it!

Response recorded on January 15, 2004

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Jimmy_Q writes...

You know, one of these days I would actually like to attend a Gathering. However, I've found that the past Gatherings have been around the coasts, Virginia, Florida, and the next one is to take place in LA? Here's my problem: I live smack in the middle of the country (Nebraska). With college and a part-time job, not only do I lack the time for a lengthy trip, but I'm not exactly swimming in money, either. I may be a wee bit hopeful, but what are the chances of a Gathering taking place in or around Nebraska in the near-future (within the next 5 years or so)?

Greg responds...

Well, here's the (abridged) history of the Gathering...

1997 - Fans got together and organized the first New York Gathering. Most of the work was done by Mae Li, who should be hailed by fandom as the woman who gave birth to our cons.

1998 - Out of the fist Gathering, a group of fans got together and organized the second New York Gathering.

1999 - Having completely exhausted the New York fandom, another group of fans got together and organized the Dallas Gathering.

2000 - Still another group of fans got together and organized the Orlando Gathering.

2001 - Survivors of the Dallas Gathering got together (with some fresh fan blood) and organized the Los Angeles Gathering.

2002 - Survivors of the Orlando Gathering got together (with some fresh fan blood) and organized the Williamsburg Gathering.

2003 - A new group of fans got together (with a few familiar faces) to organize this year's new New York Gathering. For info, check out http://gathering.gargoyles-fans.org .

2004 - A group of Canadian fans have gotten together and are already organizing next year's Gathering in Montreal.

2005 - Is up for grabs. As you can see from this history, there's no magic to it. Dedicated fans just decide to make it happen. In fact, it's a lot of hard work. But if you want a Gathering in Nebraska, organize a group of fans and put together a bid. You've got at least six to eight months to get your act together before next year's bidding process begins. Go for it.

As for attending before then... it's not necessarily as expensive and time-consuming as you may think. Look into cheap fares or ride sharing and/or room sharing. Just LOOK into it, before deciding it isn't possible. Give it a try. I guarantee you won't be sorry.

Response recorded on May 13, 2003