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btgr writes...

1. Favourite Simon Pegg movie besides JJ Abrams' Star Trek movies? My favourite is Hot Fuzz.

2. Favourite Karl Urban movie besides JJ Abrams' Star Trek movies? My favourite is Out Of The Blue. Out Of The Blue is a 2006 New Zealand movie that was based on the terrible 1990 Aramoana Massacre. If you do watch the movie on youtube, keep an eye out for a police officer named "Nick Harvey", that is in fact Karl playing that officer. Plus in 2008 Karl won a New Zealand Film and TV Award for his role in that movie.

Greg responds...

1. Um. Well, I haven't seen Hot Fuzz. I'm going to have to probably say Narnia, because I haven't seen a lot of Simon Pegg films.

2. Haven't seen Out of the Blue. I guess The Two Towers.

Clearly, I don't get to the movies very much.

Response recorded on March 20, 2013

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Props to GLTAS

I just want to extend my congratulations to a great season of Green Lantern The Animated Series.

I had no involvement in it, other than as a fan. I watched it every week on DC Nation, and really enjoyed it. And I think their last episode was just killer. I've been really impressed with the work that Jim, Giancarlo, Bruce and the rest of the crew has done all year, and with a core voice cast of Josh Keaton, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jason Spisak and Grey Delisle, it just doesn't get any better.

Obviously, I wish they were making more, but that doesn't change the fact that what they already accomplished was stellar!

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Rob In Chicago writes...

Hey Greg,

Once again, you and your team are incredible. Each new episode of YJ is better than the last. I'm sure that you are bummed about the unscheduled hiatus, but I (and I'm sure everybody else who has followed you since Gargoyles) will be there Jan 5th, feeling like it is Christmas morning. Perhaps absence will make the heart grow fonder. But enough of the propers, as I've had a question that I've been wanting to ask you for months.

1) Have you seen Looper? If not I STRONGLY suggest that you do. I would imagine it is right up your ally.

2) If so, I wanted to hear your take on the time travel aspects. How does its interpretation of multi-verse/multiple timelines mesh with your working theory on Gargoyles. You have talked at length about working vs non-working paradoxes. As the movie suggests, "I don't want to talk about time travel because if we start talking about it then we're going to be here all day talking about it, making diagrams with straws." So, let's face it, it isn't an exact science.

2)Obviously, it doesn't hold true to your interpretation, based on the ending (I'm not going to spoil it for anyone here), but do you think that it implies a working or non working paradox? If you see it and are like "WTF?", there is a great piece online, where they actually lay it out with straws that I would suggest.

Just wanted to see if you had checked it out and get your spin.

Thanks once more to you and your team (and The Team) for Young Justice. I have a feeling that it is going to come back to serious fanfare and you'll be answering questions about Bibbo's blood type for years to come. At least I hope so.

Happy New Year! I know this next one will be a big one for you!

P.S. You teased something about Gargoyles a few weeks ago... anything? Just a tiny taste? A morsal for a long time fan?

Greg responds...

1. I have not.

2. (You had two question twos.) But since I haven't seen the movie, I can't respond to either.

P.S. I did? I seriously don't recall. What did I say?

Response recorded on March 12, 2013

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Jakon writes...

Hi greg,

As you worked on spectacular spiderman, i assume that you're a fan of spiderman comics and how do you feel about peter parker's death in the ultimate comics and miles morales taking up the mantle as the new spiderman?

Greg responds...

I haven't read it, so I have no opinion.

Response recorded on March 07, 2013

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Clark Cradic writes...

Do you remember what the first superhero comic you ever read was?

Greg responds...

Nope. It'd be cool if I could though.

Response recorded on February 28, 2013

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Anthony Tini writes...

*** Dexter Season 7 spoilers ***

Hey Greg,

After two lack luster seasons of Dexter, I thought Season 7 had some great writing and I really enjoyed all the call backs to previous events. Most of the episodes had me on the edge of my seat especially during the Dexter/Deb scenes and during the later Dexter/Hannah scenes. I was fairly certain that Deb took a page out of Dexter's book of deception and poisoned herself to frame Hannah. I felt that the writers were building toward the complete corruption of Deb, but I never realized that it would be in the way that it would happen in the finale. I loved how Dexter used Hannah's words on Deb which felt like honesty with a hint of manipulation. The overall theme of the latest season laid the groundwork for the final season while still providing great satisfaction with each plot element. Sadly, the season was not without flaw as while the main characters shined, the minor ones did not get that same opportunity. I really have no idea how the show is going to end and I like that. I want to be surprised. I don't want to see it coming. What did you think?

Thanks for taking the time to respond and good luck with the second half of season 2 of Young Justice: Invasion. Take care.

- Tony

Greg responds...

Well, for starters, I wouldn't agree that the last two seasons of Dexter were lackluster. I enjoyed both thoroughly. But I also thought this season was great. I thought it was structurally VERY odd - with characters building to less (and even more) than you'd expect - and like you, I thought Deb had poisoned herself, but I think that was a red herring that they wanted us to think.

I do wish that in the very last scene, both Dexter and Deb had been wearing a change of clothes, but...

Response recorded on February 21, 2013

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Arthur Lias writes...

This will be risking DELETION huh?S
Spectacular spider-man ended...but it was an awesome show that adapted the great elements about spider-man.I don't have a problem with Ultimate spider-man but your show was amazing,SPECTACULAR even. Also love Young Justice!The five year time skip was surprising but the writing is great.Hope superboy doesn't punch reality;)That would be really surprising.Anyway, in a vain attempt to not get DELETED I will ask a question:
1)How do you feel about 52 joker
2)How about him,um,uh,losing face
Yours questioningly,

Greg responds...

1. Haven't seen it.

2. I don't know what you're referring to.

Response recorded on February 21, 2013

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Pimping John Wells

John Wells, as many of you may have noticed on the credit lists I've posted for Young Justice, has provided invaluable research on the DC Universe for those of us working on the YOUNG JUSTICE comic and television series.

He's written a book: American Comic Book Chronicles: 1960-1964, and he's recently been interviewed by KC Carlson about the book, his secret origins and the work he's done in and for the industry. (Coincidentally, KC was - once upon a time - my associate editor on CAPTAIN ATOM.)

Anyway, here are links to the three-part interview:


Check 'em out! And congratulations, John!

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YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: EPISODE: 212: "True Colors": Premieres!

YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: EPISODE: 212: "True Colors": Premieres!

A new mission! A new Teammate! And a new player in the game!! You won't want to miss our newest episode of Young Justice, premiering on DC NATION this Saturday (and Sunday), January 19th (and 20th) along with a new GREEN LANTERN and more new DC NATION super-hero shorts! Check local listings for times.

And also Saturday night on the SyFy Channel, check out this new original movie: TASMANIAN DEVILS, starring our own Miss Martian, Danica McKellar. That's right, the live-action Danica is kicking some Tasmanian ass and taking some Tasmanian names!!

Meanwhile, for those who have been wondering why I haven't answered many questions recently, here at ASK GREG, it's because I've (a) been out of town on a much needed vacation and (b) been swamped since I got back. I'll try to get back on the horse next week.

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the greenman writes...

1) Reading the Stargate bible, have ever considered a Star Trek animated series? I know Paramount is very strict on that property.

2) Will you ever do another series of your own creation?

Thank you very much. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Greg responds...

1. I'd love to do one, but no one's asked me. (Keep in mind, I was asked to develop Stargate. I don't just go out and independently develop series based on properties that somebody else owns.)

2. Again, I'd love to, but no one's bought anything original that I've pitched in a VERY long time.

Response recorded on December 28, 2012

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