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RenegadeEXER writes...

Hey Greg,
What would you change and do if you were to start a new gargoyles project and what would it be?

Greg responds...

What would I change about what?

Whatever, I could sell.

Response recorded on September 09, 2003

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SCOTLAND TRIP: September 1st, 2003

Hey gang,

I'm back from Scotland. As some of you might know, my father (who without exageration has nearly a half-million frequent flyer miles from years and years of business travel) was going to Germany on business and decided to take advantage of the free trip to spend a week in Scotland. I offered to go with him (cuz I'm SO generous), and as my 40th birthday is coming up, he agreed to use some of his miles to take me along.

Thought you might like to hear about my trip. So I'll put together a little Scotland journal. Cover a day per day, that sort of thing. Mostly, I'll talk about what I ate.

And if you're not interested. Well. Then don't read it.

Wasn't going to work, so I got up late (10am). Very slowly showered and shaved. Wasn't even bringing a razor on the trip, so this would be my last shave until today. (For those who haven't seen me since the con, I've shaved off the beard.)

The only problem was that I shaved with a "dead" razor and really cut up my face.

12pm - Walked into Larchmont Village to get a haircut. As an experiment -- and since I wouldn't be seeing anyone but my dad for a week, I got a complete buzzcut. #1 Plastic clippered the whole thing. I think I looked damaged. But Beth and the barber liked it. Though my kids did not. It's still VERY short and takes some definite getting used to.

I went home and packed my duffle bag. And the zipper ripped. Not a good omen. So I repacked in Beth's duffle. Packed my briefcase. Checked the internet briefly.

3pm - The car arrived. I said goodbye to my wife and kids and left.

3:30pm - Arrived at the airport. Checked in. Grabbed some food at McDonalds. Quarter-pounder with cheese, fries, Coke, bake apple pie. Started eating at the gate.

My dad met me there. He saw my haircut and liked it. I was able to upgrade to Business Class at the gate, which was a GOOD omen. Then he and I sat and talked.

5:30pm - We boarded. He was in First Class (payed by the German company he works for). I was in the last row of Biz. The seats are almost too high tech to figure out, but man biz-class rules. Had a glass of water and we took off.

Immediately, I reset my watch to Scottish time. Which means that's it for Monday.

Read about Tuesday tomorrow... (Here's a preview: "sourdough..." "Route 60..." "No punch backs..." "Inverlochy Castle...")

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matt writes...

1. you said the London Clan has a library and thats how Griff knew Goliath looked like "scottish stock". does the London Clan know that there was/still is a Loch Ness Clan in 1996?

2. does the London Clan know about New Olympus?

3. does the London Clan know about the Wyvern Massacre before Goliath arrives during the World Tour?

4. does the London Clan know about Macbeth's alliance with Demona's clan 1000 years ago in 1996?

5. is the London Clan aware of Demona at all in 1996?

6. does the London Clan know that Avalon exists before Goliath arrives in London?

6b. before 1996, does the London Clan know that King Arthur is sleeping on Avalon?

ok ok ok, enough questions, sorry if i'm bugging you... see you at the Gathering cuz i'm gonna make it this year!!!! is the date when you read this June 4th, 2002? just a guess!

Greg responds...

1. I'd guess that they know there WAS. Not sure if they know there IS.

2. I doubt it.

3. I doubt it.

4. Possibly.

5. Possibly.

6. Yes.

6b. Yes. But didn't you?

Try September 8th, 2003.

Response recorded on September 08, 2003

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matt writes...

1. you've said that if Dark Ages is made the Wyvern Clan may have contact with the Loch Ness Clan and other clans (i'm guessing the Irish and English Clans are possible as well). my question is, does Goliath know that there was once a clan in Loch Ness (though he doesn't realize there still is)? do you think Hudson knows that there was once a gargoyle clan at Loch Ness?

2. you've said that the New Olympus was formed from gargoyle clans throughout the Mediterranean World. we can assume that gargoyles from Egypt and Greece colonized New Olympus in part, but what other clans have descendants in the New Olympus Clan?

3. care to reveal anywhere else in the world where there was at one time a gargoyle clan?

thanx alot Greg!

Greg responds...

1. It's a possibility, certainly.

2. I haven't done all the research necessary to answer this question, but Rome and Persia come to mind.

3. Everywhere or nearly.

Response recorded on September 08, 2003

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