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korina writes...

How did you get the idea? It's a wonderful story, the best I've ever seen. The travel between our time and the past, the different stories, the magic and goth. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. How come it's not on the air anymore? Is it possible to get it back? Sailor Moon was taken off the air and so many people responded that a few years later it was brought back. Is there a place I can write to to voice my opinion?

Greg responds...

Doesn't hurt to write to Disney.

I'm gonna refer you to the FAQ and the archives for most of your age-old "Why is it off the air and how do we get it back?" questions. Same for "How did you get the idea?"


DVD is coming next year.

Toon Disney still airs reruns now.

Supporting both those are great, but the key -- I firmly believe is to support the Gathering -- the fandom's annual convention. Coming to Montreal in August of '04.

Response recorded on October 31, 2003

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Xanadu writes...

Was the fact that Fox was the only heir to one of Xanatos's biggest competitors have anything to do with his marrying her or does he actually love her?

Greg responds...

As it turns out, as demonstrated in "Eye of the Beholder", BOTH.

Certainly Fox's "compatibility" included her coming inheritence. But Xanatos soon discovered that he actually loved her. Remember?

Response recorded on October 31, 2003

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RAMpage writes...

In Avalon Part 3(I think) after the, shall we say, "newer" Archmage uses the Phoenix Gate to travel back in time to get... well, himself, the "older" Archmage says something along the lines of " I thought he would never leave" then promptly goes off to face Goliath and the others alone only to fail. If the whole point of getting his doppelganger was to attack en force to take over Avalon, why did he do the final battle alone? Also, when the Archmage returned with himself, did he ever wonder where his older self had gone to?

Greg responds...

The point was NOT to get a doppleganger to attack "en force". The point was to get himself up to his level of power. To complete the time loop.

I don't understand your second question. But I'm guessing you don't understand the loop.

Response recorded on October 30, 2003

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Turbo writes...

Everyone is asking questions as if these Gargoyles spnoffs were on the air,(especially when they refer to specific characters and events) so is there some website that you are posting these spinoffs on, or am I just missing something here?
Also,are you really working on bringing those Garg spinoffs on the air or were they just ideas that you came up with while working on the show?

Greg responds...

Check the FAQ and archives here for more info on the proposed. (He says AGAIN.) It's the only place I've posted anything about them.

As to your second question, the answer is both. These were, largely, ideas that I came up with back in the day. But I'm still trying, periodically, to convince Disney to do one or more of these. I pick my times and my development executives, and so far I've met with no success, but I keep trying.

Response recorded on October 30, 2003

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julio writes...

sorry to bother you again greg but i wanted to know is there any chance gargoyles could come back on the air

Greg responds...

I like to think so.

Response recorded on October 30, 2003

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Quasi writes...

I don't know if you've answered this cuz I can't seem to find it, but what are Fang's and Claw's real names?

Greg responds...

I haven't revealed Fang's real name yet. And in fact, I don't know Claw's real name. I've got it in my head that that is something we never learn.

Response recorded on October 30, 2003

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Lexy writes...

*peeks in* Hope you had fun in Europe Greg:)

1)Do you already have a name picked out for Lexington's mate?

2) If so, what is the name, that you have picked out thus far, for Lexington's mate.

Greg responds...

I did have a great time in Scotland. (Although I'm guessing you're referring to my Denmark trip in 2002, which was also fun.)

1. Yes.
2. Not telling.

Response recorded on October 28, 2003

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Annick writes...

Dear Greg,

Hi my name's Annick, I have longed been a Gargoyle fan. Ever since the series went off the air I have always had a couple of questions that I've always wondered about. I'm so happy I found this site! My first question is in the show Goliath blames Demona for the destruction of their clan, I quote,"Don't you see, none of this would have happened if it weren't for you!" And also I think most of the others do too. From watching the show it also reveals that she can't face her own guilt as well. But in reality from the episode "City of Stone," I get the idea that it wasn't her fault. I mean, she thought she was doing something good for her clan. She didn't know that the captain wouldn't have been able to save them. Also I don't think it was the captains fault because he tried to stop Hakon. You see? So why is everyone blaming her? She was trying to do something good wasn't she? Well good in her sense. She didn't want to hurt her clan. My other question is in the FAQ's you explain that it isn't the gargoyle way to kiss. That's a human custom. Yet in the episode,"City of Stone," when Demona returns to Wyvern Castle she sees everyone is dead, and Goliath and the other's are stone at night. Out of grief she climbs to the top tower and looks at Goliath. Takes her finger kisses it and places it on Goliath's lips. Then kisses his forehead. So how can this be if it isn't a gargoyle custom? (Don't get me wrong I really liked that part. So touching... I always cry everytime I think of that part.) I'm just wondering. And my last questions comes from the episode,"The Mirror." I think everyone deep inside knows that Demona does still care for Goliath. I believe you mentioned it in the FAQ's. Do you think Demona would have ever revealed this to Goliath? And what kind of situation do you think they would have to be in? Thank you very much Greg for reading my questions. I really wish I could meet you one day. I'm studying at my college in animation. I hope some day, I'll be just as good as you!

Sincerely Annick

Greg responds...

She didn't want to hurt the clan, certainly. But she also wanted the clan to conform to her vision of what it should be and she took a horrendous chance with their lives -- right down to the moment when she might have warned Othello and Desdemona and DID NOT.

No, the massacre of the clan wasn't ALL her fault, but only her participation (and crucial inaction) made it possible. So she IS partially to blame. That's what Goliath meant.

As to the kissing, it's a human custom, but it's an addictive one, in my opinion. Demona, having been around humans for decades, would have seen it, and may have adapted it long before events in CITY OF STONE.

Demona still has Feelings for Goliath, but that's not necessarily the same thing. Those feelings are twisted, confused, etc.

If you want to meet me, I'd recommend attending the GATHERING in Montreal this summer. Check out...


for more information.

Response recorded on October 28, 2003

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matt writes...

1. in "The Edge" the city first begins to really think about gargoyles living in Manhatten, but they are reassured that the gargoyles were just robots. so why is it that when "Hunters Moon" takes place and the gargoyles are exposed (again) the public largely believes the media?

2. could their belief have alot to do with many people seeing (or having a friend, cousin or dentist who has seen) gargoyles and their consistent coverage in "The Daily Tattler" and police reports, etc?

3. was the film the Canmore's taped of the Clan leaving the destroyed Clocktower so obviously a film of living creatures that the idea of robots was absurd?

4. after "Hunters Moon" were there still many people who doubted the existence of gargoyles?

Greg responds...

1. It was the seemingly irrefutable nature of Jon's footage, something that (as you may recall) Travis Marshall was unable to get in "The Edge".

2. It certainly helps.

3. Pretty much. Though I dare say that there were many people out there who still thought it was a hoax. Though ironically, they were incorrect.

4. Uh... I gotta start reading all the questions before I answer.

Response recorded on October 24, 2003

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The Cat writes...

Replying to Sep 12/Feb 14 Q&A.

Hey Greg,

As usual I'm stressed about college, since it is my first semester and all. Otherwise I'm well.

I'm glad Thom is okay. I haven't heard from Jeff in a while either. The last time was after Christmas, he sent me a card.

I'm not sure if ya'll be seeing me at the Gathering. It might happen it might not.

It is that whole question of: Can I kidnap my best friend, throw her into the trunk of the car and race head long to Virginia, while avoiding getting into a wreck and the cops? My answer to this question: I don't think so. Puck(don't ask me why she calls herself Puck, I haven't a clue.) is bigger than me and weighs more. Also, I don't trust myself behind the wheel of a car I just started learning how to drive.

It is also a question of: How well have I saved up money to go and whether or not I can sneak out of the house to go because much as I love my mom and tollerate my little brother, I'd like to go by myself or with just a friend.

So, I'll see what I can do. You'll know if I'm there I'll probably bug you the first day I get there.

Bye, The Cat

P.S. I know that you've said that we should make different posts for different topics and I guess this would be a multiple topic thing, but I'm replying to your reply so I figured just to post them all in the same area.


Greg responds...

Hey Cat,

This was all so long ago...

I can't remember what my reply was or whether I saw you in Virginia or not.


Maybe Montreal?

Response recorded on October 24, 2003

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