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Forged with steel writes...

Can you tell me how many new episodes have already shown on W.I.T.C.H, cause i haev only seen the first 4. And wanted to ask if any have come on.

Greg responds...

They made 26 episodes for season one. And then I made 26 for season two. All 52 have aired (at least here in the U.S.).

Response recorded on February 12, 2007

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Anonymous writes...

Level 2
Sweat Hog
Posts: 2 35. Re: W.i.t.c.h. in the U.S.A. | 06/20/2006 7:32am
A hint I would love to give most corporations who are interested in markets by gender on the TV: Despite it being an action based series, with fighting and good verses evil, if it has female main characters, heroes, ect. It has a female audience. Period. There are girls out there who enjoy action, adventure, and seeing their heroines focusing their attention beyond cosmetics and boys. It is extremely biased to assume that all females love to see cartoons on the newest hair accessory. More over, it's biased to assume that only males enjoy action cartoons.

They can keep W.I.T.C.H. as it is, it doesn't need a "makeover" to appeal more to females for merchandising, nor does it need its more female relationship aspects toned down to keep it a male focused show. They tried to tone down the female aspects in Card Captor Sakura on Warner Brothers and look what happened.

Fans would appreciate it if the companies, who are broadcasting the cartoon/animation, would not mess with the original version more then absolutely necessary, and means of marketing are not such reasons.

Understandably this isn't marketed on the main stream Disney because it doesn't follow the same kind of animation produced for the main stream. Its more anime like, and thus gets anime status on a circuit that doesn't show random episodes, but the order of the episodes. Thus Jetix. Cartoon network did something similar with Toonami and the new Maguzi. The problem is they focus on action, and thus assume only male base audiences. The reason why they seem action like is they actually follow a somewhat coherent story, unlike other such shows, like Jake Long and Lilo and Stich, which although they have a story line and an order of episodes, they don't need to be played one right after the other to make sense, they work beautifully as individual episodes. As such they are easier to present to America as very few people have the dedication to actually track a series to find the next newest episode to continue the plot.

The only problem the Fundamentalists running America would have with this show is A: its name (Witches have been their enemies for ages. B: the Elemental basis on power (too earthy and pagan like for them) C: where that power comes from, they weren't exactly born with it, it comes with age, and was not granted to them by a single deistic power. Thus the show must be teaching immoral lessons on power and encouraging some kind of nature worship. In addition there is a female power focus. All the main high power characters in this show are female. The guardians, their mentor, the principal, while the King was bad, the Queen is good ect. A few exceptions, the rebel leader and the Oracle are both male, but you get the gist. Despite all this however they really shouldn't have much of a problem with the show. It's not like the fundamentalists to attack anything unless it shows a considerable threat to their cause (IE Harry Potter).

For fear of rambling I shall stop now. But keep WITCH on.

Greg responds...

It's not up to me. You know that, right?

Response recorded on February 09, 2007

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Ana writes...

hey greg i know this is the gargoylles site but i wandered if i could ask a question about WITCH i love y role as caleb it was fantastic but are u going to continue working in season3 REALLY HOPE SO

Greg responds...

Thanks. I really loved doing WITCH, but the PTB seem to have decided there will be no Season Three.

Response recorded on February 07, 2007

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O writes...

Is WITCH season 2 done already? and will there be a third season? When?

Greg responds...

WITCH Season Two is done and has aired. As far as I know there are sadly no plans for a Season Three.

Response recorded on February 07, 2007

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Aubrey writes...

I know this is mostly for Gargoyles but...will Season One of W.I.T.C.H. be coming out on DVD? Is it already available? I missed this first season and would like to get caught up...

Greg responds...

I'm afraid I don't know. I hope it does, because I'd like to see Season Two on DVD.

Response recorded on January 23, 2007

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mage_cat writes...

I have a W.I.T.C.H. question. You've often said the the one-word episode titles on Gargoyles were the ones you came up with. I was wondering if the current "A-B-C" episode naming scheme on W.I.T.C.H. was your idea as well.

Greg responds...

It was. Helps keep me amused.

Response recorded on January 19, 2007

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Phil writes...

Hey Greg,

In midst of all the Gathering and comic book excitement, I have a question about WITCH. The second season is just getting started, and I'm enjoying it so far. I appreciate that there aren't any huge jolting differences between seasons one and two, and that leads into my question.

I don't know anything about your predecessor on the first season, or why you were brought in to replace him or her for the second season. I'm curious about how you went about taking over an existing property like this and making it "your own" without alienating those who were involved with or were fans of the first season. And how did your experience with Gargoyles vs. The Goliath Chronicles affect the way you approached this task?

You've experienced this situation from both sides now, and I'm looking forward to (someday) reading your reflections on it.

Greg responds...


The first thing is RESPECT. I try to respect the work of those who come before me. The WITCH comics and the previous episodes.

The second thing is MARCHING ORDERS... what do my bosses want me to do. In this case, I was told (in so many words) that the first 26 episodes are canon for the second season. The comics are NOT canon, but there was a definite desire to bring the series closer to (at the very least) the spirit of the comic books and to the stories and characters told there.

The third thing is DETAILED RESEARCH w/lots of NOTE-TAKING... Read all the comics that were available to me at the time (in English). Watch all the episodes. Take loads of notes. Look for hooks in those stories. EMERSION.

The fourth thing is ESSENCE. I try to find the essence of what the series is about, who the characters are, etc. That's what I need to respect the most.

The final thing is WEAVING the tapestry, taking all of the above into account. This is actually the fun part of the job for me. All these characters, all with agendas of their own. All these stories to tell. WITCH season two is over now -- and it doesn't look like there will be a season three -- but when I finished, I easily had enough stories to keep it going for years.

Response recorded on January 19, 2007

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Chris Roman writes...

Greg, as a fellow Disney-ite (well, currently on 'hiatus' as Disney waits to see if American Dragon does well), I was disturbed by your recent complaint about heading up the writing staff of WITCH, but it being 'non-union'. How does that work? Didn't Disney hire you to write for the series, or did the French animation company officially hire you? Isn't this something you could bring up with Steve Heulett and the Union?

Just concerned about Disney's apparent disdain for following Union protocols of late...
-Chris Roman

Greg responds...

Hey, Chris.

I was hired by SIP Animation in Paris. They are my bosses. Thus the show is non-union... and there's nothing TAG can do about it.

Disney subcontracted production of the series to SIP (which they partially own). This, I'm sure, was done for financial reasons, in particular the subsidies that the French government provides for "European content". (WITCH was originally created as a comic book in Italy by Disney Publishing Italy.) The fact that the series would then be non-union was, I believe, a financial bonus for Disney.

Response recorded on October 25, 2006

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Martin Joustra writes...

I'm a fan of W.I.T.C.H. and I'm happy you will start to make the second season. The first one will be aired in April here in Europe.

My question is in how far the second season will resemble to the second arch of the comics. I find this very important to the viewers. The new chapter books in the States already have started this arch.

Greg responds...

Here in America, the second season is airing now. I am truly proud of this work. Best stuff I've done on television, frankly, since Gargoyles or maybe Roughnecks.

We did try to bring the t.v. series closer to the comic books in Season Two, without contradicting established Season One (which I wasn't involved in) continuity.

The thing to keep in mind is that year two of the comics series comprised only twelve comics... and we had 26 episodes. So you'll get the comics and much, much more. Check it out.

Response recorded on October 25, 2006

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ASK GREG will be open up again today (Thursday, June 22) so that questions and especially G2006 CON JOURNALS can be posted. We'll stay open at least until the end of July.

In addition, Gorebash has been working on the site to allow Todd to answer some frequently asked questions for me by searching the archives. We haven't totally got the new system up and running, but the long awaited upgrade to ASK GREG is on the verge of reality here. REJOICE!!!

This should help us get through the queue MUCH faster.

But another thing that would help is still a bit of common sense on the part of posters. Try to search the FAQ or the ARCHIVES first. Ask your question here in the comment room. (And, gang, be nice to the newbies, ignorant or not.) Keep the queue as clean of garbage as possible.

And POST THOSE CON JOURNALS. Cut and paste them! It's important!!!!!

Also, post comments and questions about the new comic book that hit stores YESTERDAY (Thursday, June 21)!!! Copies of the first issue ("Nightwatch") WILL be available at the Gathering this weekend, but as Marty said, anything that can be done to encourage sales at local stores is essential.

[I realize from VERY recent personal experience that this can be frustrating. A drone at MY local comic shop was very insistent yesterday that the comic wasn't out yet. Do NOT let them tell you that. It IS out! Be persistent, insistent, but unfailingly POLITE, as it won't help the cause to alienate the guy who orders books for the store.]

This isn't simply about you guys buying a bunch of copies yourself. If EVERYONE who normally checks out ASK GREG bought ten copies, our sales would still, frankly, suck. Yes, I hope you guys support the book with cold hard cash (though as always I'd never ask you to spend money you don't have and/or need for food, shelter, education, etc.), but what I'm really COUNTING on you guys to do is spread the word. EVERYWHERE. We need to bring in a much larger crowd than simply the hard core fans. Word of mouth to individuals is great, but try to brainstorm ways to reach a lot of people on the net, at conventions, etc. Look at other rabid fandoms that might like Gargoyles, and LET. THEM. KNOW what they're missing! (Let them know.) BRAINSTORM NEW WAYS. NEW. NEW WAYS.

DO NOT TAKE FOR GRANTED that the book will just be an ongoing thing. If sales on the first couple issues suck then don't assume that there will be an issue #3. (That's how we got into the dilemma we're facing with the DVDs.)


Finally, for those of you attending the Gathering this weekend in Valencia: please come up to me and say hello. Many of you know me already. Some of you have met me briefly. Some of you are strangers. I'll admit in advance that though I am fearless when I'm "On Stage," ironically I get very shy trying to conduct small talk. So be patient with me. It usually takes me two cons to remember names and three to really get to know a person. But keep trying. I have made so many great friends at these conventions, and you could be one of them. I really do want to know you all.

It's a very exciting con this year. We've got so many great guests and events planned. Panels with the creators of Kim Possible, Talespin, Darkwing Duck, Ben Ten. Jim Cummings, the voice of Dingo, Don Karnage, Darkwing Duck, Pete, Winnie-The-Pooh, Tigger, Bonkers, etc., etc., etc. will be there. Voice directors, background artists, character designers, film editors, music editors, sound effects editors, storyboard artists, and tons of VOICE ACTORS. Nearly the entire writing staff and Voice cast of WITCH will be there. (And I hope you've been watching the episodes of WITCH that I produced which have been airing on Toon Disney and ABC Family's Jetix blocks.) Frank Paur will talk about Spawn, Iron Man and Dr. Strange. Tad Stones will talk about Hellboy. Keith David, Thom Adcox and Crispin Freeman will all BE IN THIS YEAR'S RADIO PLAY!!! Brigitte Bako, the voice of Angela, is attending her first convention EVER!! (So be extra nice to her.) I'm even doing a seminar on time travel.

So stop by, have fun, enjoy... and SPREAD THE WORD. (Have I mentioned that yet? SPREAD THE WORD!!!!)

Gargoyles is BACK!!!!

Greg Weisman

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