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Vic writes...

This skirst the line of suggestion, what the hell.
You seem to be getting a lot of posts of this nature:

"Why was Gargoyles cancled?"
"Can you bring Gargoyles back?"
"What's a gargoyle?"
"Sometimes when i stop breathing things go black and I fall asleep. Why?"
... and so on. Why not ignore such clueless posts? Really, these people need to check the FAQ< don't coddle them. Regular readers don't want to look at such idiotic blather, and it seems to be frustrating you, if anything can be taken from the tone of your posts sometimes.

Greg responds...


With all due respect, what makes you think that YOUR post isn't equally annoying. Did you have a question? A comment? No. You just want to tell me how to run ASK GREG. Do you HONESTLY think that your suggestion hasn't occured to me? That it's a novel idea?

We have a plan for fixing this site. But the plan is dependent on Gorebash getting enough real world time to make it happen. Until then, I don't WANT to change the rules. I don't want to alienate potential newcomers. That's IMPORTANT to me.

So, yeah, from my tone, you can get that some questions are less... appreciated than others. But that's life.

And despite the above attitude-from-me, thanks for trying.


Response recorded on June 22, 2005

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